Eva’s Story: IVF & Me Episode 1

take three hello I am Eva and I have decided to share this video and my journey with you and whoever really wants to listen to it or it's kind of just don't know fucking again I'm going to write myself off right seriously now hello I'm Eva and I would like to share with you my journey into IVF and before I get into my journey and where I am and you know what's ahead of me I would like to tell you a little bit about me and how I've come to this school and get I need to find the picture to be fair right let me just find the picture first and then we can get into it because I like to be prepared and I'm not really that prepared right now oh no cool so and 2016 I started going for like investigations because I was experiencing some abdominal pain and I didn't know what it was but secretly in my mind I was thinking is it related to my womb my ovaries it felt reproductive and so I went with to the nos field which is a private health care and well originally I actually went to my innate my doctor and my doctor had said to me am I trying for children and I said I'm not trying for children but you know I'm in a lot of pain can you do some investigations and they said if you're not actually trying for children that they wouldn't take you know take put me on the NHS and do like tests and whatnot so I thought forget you so I then put myself on to privately no field and I privately funded all of my tests and investigations and stuff so the first test that I had I actually don't remember the name of it which is really about but it was where they squirt dye into your womb via the cervix to say that to see if there's like a comment if there's a continuous flow and what should have happened is that the dye should have gone straight into my room into my fallopian tubes and down into my ovaries and it would have the dye would have been absorbed by my body through that path I was on the operating table it's not an operating table I was on the the bed and as soon as the doctor put the dye inside I would just like in excruciating pain and he could see on the monitor what was happening and and you know straight away they knew he asked me did he want me to stop and I said no carry on so he carried on square in the dye and cut a long story short I was diagnosed with terminal hydrosol hinges which is basically a blockage of scar tissue at the end of your fallopian tube where it meets the ovaries on both sides now the pain that I was experiencing and was really sharp abdominal pain and then hi babe yeah yeah yeah well I don't know it's up to you I'm actually in the middle of my vlog no that's okay I'll just like edit it out and it's up to you I don't know I really like pets Ward but whatever you want to do let's look at it yeah yeah okay cool okay love you bye yeah no where was I so oh god train of thought terminal had terminal high just happened so and I was experiencing really sharp abdominal pains and then every so often this is gonna sound really disgusting but it's true so ever I'd have like this gush of water exactly that and what was happening was that the cushion of water and you can't no I'm trying to say so and what was happening inside me was your womb as an organ your reproductive system as an organ self cleans and it produces it's agree it secretes this fluid now what was happening was this fluid that my reproductive organ was secreting was actually getting trapped because again I had scar tissue at my end of my over ISM of floating tube so my body couldn't absorb the fluid so your old your your fallopian tubes alike as thin as a grain of rice I wish I had a grain of rice as thin as a grain of rice but my fallopian tubes what when were the size of small sausage like all right maybe an egg it was probably about the size of an egg right and that was because it had expanded so much over the over years of being full of this fluid so it would get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and that's where the pain would cause until they became so full of fluid that the wall that the fluid would wash out of me anyway skating over the rest of that so and I had two options option a well it's like yeah two options so bottom line is I can't have children naturally and you know that was actually really hard for me to deal with but we'll talk about that under the time if anybody has any questions you know feel free to I'll write my email at the at the end of this on each of my vlogs and each week if any of you guys have got any questions that I'm more than happy to talk about you stuff in detail so until then our discoverer um so you know obviously I can't have children naturally so I was then given two options a you don't have the operation and the operation was to remove both of my fallopian tubes if I didn't have the operation I would continue it continue to have these abdomen pains you know water surges and I would you know could try for IVF but the fluid it is actually toxic to an embryo so there was a zero chance of me ever becoming pregnant naturally well naturally and the other option was to have the operation and then have a 50% chance of conceiving through IVF so for me it was a no-brainer you know it was in 2016 I was 29 just about to turn 30 so I decided to definitely to that I was 100% gonna do it I then decided to go back to the NHS and told my doctor my GP what had happened and I showed him my scans and bar on everything and they said right okay amazing will now cover you on the NHS offer okay sweet I then went for you know all of like the follow up meetings with like their gynecologist and all of that stuff so you know just like paperwork and admin to make sure that you know it was my scan and all of that stuff so they did a lot of the same things apart from the tests apart from the dye they didn't do the dye so we've you know proceeded on to now go through these tests and they said right okay we're now gonna put will will perform the surgery and I remember I went into the hospital to sign my consent form like your waiver and the doctor there had said to me when I get onto the operating table the x-rays that I've had are only indication of damaged sign when they get in there they could find more damage and he said that they would then perform a hysterectomy now I was 29 almost there I have no children a hysterectomy was a no-no for me because I you know I really want to have kids and so given that information I chose took all private for my operation and and I had a wonderful gynecologist a wonderful woman that I found called Sarah Murphy's and she practices out of the Great Portland Street in London so that's who I and where so I had my operation in Great Portland Street Hospital for women and it was an actually it was a really quick easy smooth process I was in for the day I don't remember the name of the operation I think it's called like a salpingitis me something like that summat like that and that was it so snip bye bye fallopian tubes anyway Eva it's you know so I then discharged myself I didn't stay in I could have but I chose not to and that was that and you know then that was a another roller coaster of emotions for me after it happened and and again I'm not gonna go into it because I'll be here forever but if you want to know more than just ask me the question and I'll talk about it and so that was that you know so that was 2016 and I just continued with lies covered on ba bla and then a couple of years ago maybe a year after the operation I started to get more abdominal pains which I thought was quite weird although it well it now can't be that so maybe I've got IBS or yeah I put it down to anything so I just by covered on for so long I've covered on for so many years and and then I again you know after I had my first operation in 2016 I got private health care and I've been using that ever since so um I've just recently had another operation again around my older days no reproductive system because I had and it was an effect it was caused after my first operation I had endometriosis Oh sis that's what the pain was and I had fibrous adhesions and the fibrous adhesion was behind my ovary webbing out – like my uterus and my bowel so I so I had after my operation in 2016 I had really really bad periods really heavy periods to the point where and I wouldn't be able to leave the house on the first day I'd being cramps I'd have to take like medication like naproxen which is quite strong and yeah so I lived like that for a long long time and you know as the years go on I then got intermittent bleeding so I'd wake up and I'd be like God like blood and so it was really it was women it was really worrying and and that's what led me to go back to my gynecologist and he said look Eva the only way that we'll be able to find out is if we perform a laparoscopy and the laparoscopy is where they go in through your stomach through I think two or three incisions and then they have a look around so yeah I said okay let's do that and we did that in April this year April 2019 and when he was in there again he found undue meat Rios's and he found the fabric the fibrous adhesions and I've got a picture for you so if you can see you probably can't that's really bad that oh my god let me just get my tongue oh no I need to put my charge right so that is my fallopian tube it's so bad it's literally terrible that's my fallopian tube and that there is actually a fibrous adhesion I'm just going to pause it so I can get my charger bless me so it'd be four weeks to recover and then I decided to begin my IVF journey so the consultant that I chose to go with what is called mr. true and he online I did my research about the best consultants in the UK and he's rated one of the top five somewhere in that and don't know what he is in top five please don't five and he practices out of Harley Street for Boston place fertility so they have a consultation unit in Harley Street and then they have like the IVF clinic in Marylebone so we first went to see my husband and I went to see mr. true and I told him my situation no brainer you know you've got to go for IVF but there's another thing called XE which is where they sew IVF is where they take the sperm put the sperm in a petri dish petri dish and they let the sperm make its way to the egg XE is where they take the best sperm take the best egg and inseminate and I think it ICSI XE and that's what we've gone for now usually they use XE for men that have fertility problems well that's what it's recommended for in Australia many people actually go for XE because it's just a high rate of success rather than let the sperm try to do its job and find its way to that you might as well just put in but that comes at a higher higher price band so because we just you know want to do anything that we can to make it work we've chosen to go for it see now the total cost of our treatment I think it was six thousand three hundred pounds and that's for one cycle that includes all of the scans it includes all of the advice that they give you obviously because you have to have consultation appointments it includes the cultivation is even a word like where does it's like the cultivation of eggs it includes the obviously the procedure the exit procedure and it also includes a includes one more time incubated so they incubate the embryo for five days and then they do the insemination so harvest so they also confuse your eggs as part of that 6,300 but then if you want to continuously keep your eggs frozen for you know year on year I think it's like an extra 250 pounds ear which is minor really it's not it's well worth it if you go through the process you're spending six out six thousand pounds to harvest eggs you know you might get six good eggs only one of them is gonna be you know put inside you know word only one of them is going to be they're only gonna put one in you basically so they freeze the other embryos and you can try again you know year on you with your healthy eggs so that's what it includes we obviously had we were not obviously but we had to pay for other tests so before mr. true decided what our course of treatment was we had a AMH test and the AMH test tests the health of your eggs now I had a test in 2016 before my original operation and I think I was 23 points something which is in the good bracket and then three years later today you know we then had the one with mr. true and I was 18 point something which put me just below the good bracket in the satisfactory category but for a woman of my age I'm 33 34 this year that is natural its natural degradation it's the natural decline of the health of your eggs so that's fine just for a woman of my age so yeah so 6300 for the EXCI treatment and then separately two that I paid and I'm looking at stuff here so I paid we 67 pounds on drugs that you would need for your procedure so I want to talk to you a little bit more now about what my procedure entangles and the drugs that i will have to use so where i am now in my cycle i have had all of my had my drugs had my pre nurse consultation and that consultation the last consultation I had was it the nurse and they talked about and all of the things that you're going to go through obviously you're gonna take hormones to stimulate growth so you can be overcome with you know multitude of emotions so they talk to you about how to deal with that they also give you advice on what really to do so you know don't drink lots of alcohol I've chosen to not drink alcohol I did have a glass of wine last week and that's okay but if you that's it now so I've now stopped drinking I wasn't master drinker anyway obviously you know you shouldn't smoke and really just be quite relaxed about it I have chose to take time off work so I'm not actively I am I'm not a long story but I've chose to work from home because it's a more of a relaxing environment I don't have to travel out after commute but I have the option to do that so you know everybody has the option to work from home but if you do have the option to not work whilst you're going through this process especially into the the week running up to you begin in your period I would we'll certainly take that time off so basically now that I've got on my drugs and I'm gonna go through the drugs shortly I have to wait for my period to start before you begin your IVF cycle so and now going to read you off my schedule so they've given me a two-page schedule and it's day by day and each day it tells me what I need to do so unday one of your period now if your period is before 12:00 noon then that counts as day one if it's after 12:00 noon that doesn't count as day one so it's got to be like heavy blood flow now there's 1 2 3 4 5 6 so there's seven types different types of medication that they've given me the first one is called gonal-f which is that and that has to be refrigerated and that's the self that's the cell filled pen so on my second day of my period i inject this 150 is it milligrams milliliters 150 milliliters so I inject that into my stomach and that has to be refrigerated but once you open it you don't have to refrigerate it you can take our fridge basically and put it next to your bed the most important thing that they said about that was that I just need to adjust this the most important thing that they said was that I should inject this at the same time every day and that's really important for me to do that so and I do that on day 2 of my period I continue to do that on day three on day 1 and day 3 so day 1 day 2 day 3 on day 3 of my period I should attend a scan so through your I think it's like a 12 day cycle when you inject these this gonna f you have scans every other day and maybe every two days and that's just to check your how your eggs are growing basically so then on day 5 of my process I then begin injecting this which is from adult can you see that which is also a needle okay so I inject so now on day five of my cycle I inject that and that together and now femme Adele is a liquid obviously so ephemeral stops you from prematurely ovulating so that keeps you keeps your eggs where they're supposed to be while you're going through this process so then I continue to in to inject femme Adal yeah from it up and the godel basically could be for 12 days so from the first day of my period to 12 days I could be injecting those two but every two days I have a scan and the scan will tell me whether I'm ready or not so whether my eggs are ready whether I'm you know ready to be harvested on the day that I'm the day before they call it the day of the trigger the doctor will tell me to inject this which is a betrayal you see you just can't see that arbitral which is o VI T ar e Double L II and I basically inject all 250 mils of that now that's really what triggers me and gets me ready for my egg collection again this is the second medication that has to be kept in the fridge okay but then again this only has one to fifty and so once it's used it goes living so then that's in the evening I do that then on my day on the day of egg collection so that's the morning after I've done so I did my trigger let's say I do my trigger on a on a Wednesday night on the Thursday I'm gonna go in for my egg collection so on the day of my egg collection I take this and this is suppository and that's the posit tree is so this is dikhhla fed up and that goes either goes in the bull so that goes in your book or really and that is used the different phone app is used to help with the pain afterwards so I think it's kind of like a numbing agent because you're the harvest happens under anesthetic so I'm not going to be awake but I think afterwards it can be quite painful because they go in through the vagina and through the walls of your uterus into your ovaries and they take the exam so that's that I will take that in the morning the dictaphone ACK that's the suppository and then I'll have the procedure I'll go under anesthetic etc etc and then the eggs have been collected on the day that my entry collected my husband also has to go why'd I do that my husband also has to go come with me and he does his sample so it's fresh and they've basically got everything that they need them to do to create the embryos on the day after my operation I will then take it's not an operation whatever after the procedure I will take doxycycline and I will take that one capsule twice a day until they run out and then you know I go home you know they will then create the embryo and they will then incubate for five days and watch how the embryo grows once that has happened I then begin so on the following day after my egg collection I then begin to take progesterone which is a that's pretty good which is a hormone that women produce anyway so as you know we produce estrogen and progesterone essentially the progesterone is preparing me to be pregnant you know it supports healthy pregnancy so I am taking those in preparation for the insemination so I do that on the following day after mines are collected so I'll be doing that five days before they do the insemination and then day four they do the embryo transfer and then they do the blastocyst and the blastocyst I believe is where they then the rest of the ones the rest of the embryos that they're not going to use and then it's really a waiting game until they tell me to carry out a pregnancy test so yeah that's where I am the date is the 17th of June I also have polycystic ovaries so I don't usually have cycles every four weeks it could be like every four and a half weeks every five weeks so really I'm waiting it's just a waiting game now to see when I come on my period and as soon as I know you'll know so yeah I hope that you found this really informative I hope that you enjoyed and I would say enjoyed life I hope that you took something away from it I will try to do these every single week I would really like you to follow my journey so please subscribe why am i doing that please subscribe and I will post my email address and please ask me any questions that you've got because I just really want to be able to support or the women like me who you know it's not really easy to find information and a lot of people don't really talk about their journey and so many / so many others are going through it I just don't want anyone to feel alone and because it's a really hard thing to deal with yeah

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