Eve, Orignal Sin and Natural Childbirth

hey y'all so I want to attempt to articulate an idea and so let's see you know what happens and see where we end up so there's this very commonly held belief and it's very much a part of our culture that pain and childbirth is a result of original sin and I have some thoughts about that surprise surprise um you know it's through women and through women's wombs that God makes God self manifest on earth there's something very holy something very sacred about this and this is like the ultimate purposeful design you know women women were assigned the role of the holy vessel of divinity that just gave me chills saying that I mean that is that's wham bam thank you ma'am holy whoa awesome okay Wow what do we do with that you know and in the biblical story where Eve eats from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that it's you know it's not a sinful act that she did she she is elevating the consciousness of humanity and what do I mean by that I mean that in order for consciousness and humanity to exist humans need to have self reflection in free will and free thought and animals don't have this humans do and to in it has to exist in duality it can exist in unity in unity it's you know it just is it's the wholeness of what is so in order for us to exist for our Ito's to be here and for our our conscious structure to exist duality has to exist hence good and evil so when Eve eats of this tree eats of this apple this Apple because I don't think there are apples in the area where Adam and Eve lived but when she eats of this tree it's a symbol for taking in the divine knowledge and the separation that is intended this is the divinities intention for Humanity is to separate experience and come back so this is not sin this is this is fulfilling our purpose so Eve's elevation of humanity you know and it says it brings shame to her and to Adam it brings shame only because you you have to have shame and love or any of these dual natured emotions you you can't have self reflection without chain you can't have self reflection without anger or fear or disgust you know pick a quote-unquote negative emotion it can't exist without this self reflection so by elevating the consciousness of humanity it's it brings humanity an opportunity to come back into unity I mean that is that's freaking powerful that's awesome so the whole myth around eva is responsible for the pain of childbirth you know it's just part of the duality because the other part of childbirth is incredible love and incredible aww and yeah takes a little bit of pain to get there okay maybe a lot of pain okay maybe it takes a lot of pain to get there but that's the power of it you know this is this bypassing this with an epidural or a surgery willingly you know you're bypassing like this incredible opportunity to dig so deep into your humanity and to connect with the divine in the and be the vessel of divinity I mean come on like that's that is fulfilling your purpose so I just want to throw that out there that women are Linda vessel the vessel of the divine and this is an incredible gift bestowed on us one that should be celebrated and honored and wounds should be free to do what they do okay I hope you all have an awesome day

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