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  1. She did have a choice, if she was miscarriage. Is go to the hospital. Why didn't she change clothes if she was miscarriage and she felt a big gust. When you miscarriage it is a lot of blood and blood clots, follow by pain like you in labor. πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€₯πŸ€₯πŸ€₯πŸ€₯πŸ€₯

  2. When she tried to cry not a tear rolled down her cheeks!! Bad acting on your part Evelyn and you got your daughter following right in your gold digging footsteps

  3. It's her "KARMA" for getting with men & wanting kids from men with MONEY!!! She knows.. in her deepest moments.. she "KNOWS".. she's a "GOLD DIGGER"!!

  4. She was blessed to have her son and should have stopped after that. The chances of the baby coming out with health issues increase and no baby should go through that

  5. She should put that money to work and just pay someone to have her kid. If Carl is really about something he would help

  6. When I miscarried, the blood was gushing out like a New Orleans levy had just broken. It was no where near like a period. The fattest pads couldn’t even contain the blood on top of that it was very painful. I was having actual contractions, so I have no idea how she was walking around like normal.

  7. this aint right for her to overshare wit her daughter like this. shaniece looks so petrified n spooked.

  8. I missed this episode when it aired. My heart dropped! Evelyn is so strong. So sorry for your loss and to miscarry multiple times. Women are so strong.

  9. It feels like terrible cramps and the pain I didn't go to the hospital either my baby girl was just 1mth at the time

  10. You have to have peace of mind and peace in your life that is so sad thou I feel for her I've been there πŸ˜–

  11. This is heartbreaking I'm sure ppl are watching this wondering how she's having a miscarriage and is so calm well for starters it can have a lot to do with the time frame of her pregnancy if she's like 2 weeks 3 weeks the miscarriage will likely be similar to a woman's period with maybe a little heavier bleeding & cramping see some ppl don't know that when your pregnant from week 1 to week 8 your carrying a embryo after week 8 it's then considered a fetus an actual baby so anything after that may be much more painful you have some woman that miscarry and go to the doctors and they send you back home to pass it on your own simply because your not that far along and as stated it will be nothing short of a period type of moment however if your like myself I didn't have a period for a few months took a pregnancy test and it was negative I got sick went to the emergency room and they tested me and it was positive but coming out from having a ultrasound done and judging from the dates I gave them for my last cycle nothing added up I had a sack that had been sitting for weeks that wasn't growing I thought me not having a cycle was stress because of the home test i took that was negative however the doctors said well you haven't had a cycle in this long and the sack looks like your only a few short weeks that means it's not looking good they sent me to a OB she told me at that visit I'm so sorry to tell you this but you will miscarry the sack is not growing I felt so horrible 😒due to how long I went without a cycle vs what the sack look like not adding up she said to me you have 2 choices you can go home and you may start to bleed in a few days or so you can pass it at home she told me the signs to look for if it was too bad I should come to the hospital or I could make an appointment to have a D&C done I told her I just wanted to think on it for a day I went home started to miscarry the next day but it was extremely painful I called the OB she scheduled me for an emergency D&C the next morning and that was that I miscarried again recently but that one was like Evelyn I was only a few weeks like 3 weeks and it was like a period I passed it at home and after I went to see the doctor to make sure everything was ok and it was so it definitely has something to do with how far along you are

  12. that Just said 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  13. You are so stupid you had a miscarriage baby you should have been to the hospital you waited feeling all of this if you had a miscarriage you should have been went to the hospital girl please and bye-bye

  14. Her misabortion must have been very early that's why she could entertain and go on.
    I had one sooo early that it had no form at all , when I went to the hospital all what was left for me to do was have a d&c to finish the process. I thought something was wrong with me because I didn't break down nor did I feel sad.
    But I realized I was pregnant long enough to be pregnant. Evelyn wasn't strong, she wasn't pregnant
    Long enough to be pregnant.

  15. The only thing I don’t understand, & I’m not being judgmental, but if Eve didn’t want to tell Carl and β€œruin” his Thanksgiving, why did she feel it was more appropriate to tell Shaniece? Being Eve is her mom, I feel Sha would take it harder than Carl, especially everything her & Eve have been through over the years.

  16. They started this clip off with her saying she can't believe this is happening again I can a baby cannot exist in evil

  17. For people saying why she keeps having babies, its because she can. We are women. Its natural for us to reproduce. I really feel bad for her.

  18. wow !!!! I feel so bad for her. but she was bless with that beautiful little boy. looking like his dad.

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