Ever hear of Saint Peter? Knowles takes pro-abortion Christians to (Sunday) school

Student: Next week, there's going
to be a pro-abortion speaker here talking about how abortion is a moral
good from a Christian perspective. [Audience laughter]
Student: How do you argue with someone who has such an
extreme position about abortion? Knowles: Well, I have an extreme
position about abortion, which is that it's bad to kill babies after they're born,
or as they're being born, or just before they're born, or really any time
before they're born. I think that extreme position is easy
to hold and easily defensible. The question you'll have to ask is
what that person's premises are because there are two points to that
topic. One, that abortion is moral good. And two, that it is Christian to kill
babies. I seem to recall some verses of scripture coming from… What's
the guy? A guy named Jesus Christ… [Audience laughter]
Knowles: …who talked about how he'll hold you accountable for whatever
you do to the least of these, you know, and tie a millstone around your neck,
and it'd be better for… Right, that guy. I'd be curious as to what he says.
I've never heard a coherent argument for abortion that did not also imply that
it would be perfectly fine to kill other various human demographics. One of
the arguments that cynical people make for abortion is that it's good
because "these kids, they'll all be on welfare and probably grow up and
commit crime." This is a very racist argument because everyone
who makes that argument is saying that it's good to kill the little black kids,
but you wouldn't want to kill the precious, little white kids who
grew up in the suburbs. And the question you have to ask him
is: which young, black man in an inner city would you be willing to
apply that logic to at the age of 24 and look him in the eye? Because they're
never called out on the absolute racial bigotry of it all. In New York City,
more black babies are killed in the womb than are born. That is
horrific, and future generations will look on that barbarity with great
moral opprobrium and will look on the people who advance that
with great moral opprobrium. And if this fellow is a Christian, then
when he gets to Saint Peter's gate someday, I have a feeling that the
Eternal Judge is not going to look very well on him spouting horrific
heresy that has led people, possibly, of good faith astray. He will meet the
millstone in the next world, and it would be better to correct
his views in the present. All of that is to say, you should always
take the level-headed approach. You'll notice I'm not yelling or
screaming about this man. I'm not yelling or screaming, even
about abortion, even as the liberal governor of Virginia says we
should kill babies after they're born, because the truth is on your side.
You don't need to pretend that this is some passionate interest
battle that is brutal and unreasoned. For him, it is. For you, it's not.
So I would calmly rip apart his arguments, and then I would advise
him to go have a quick confession and repent before the Judgement Day. Student: Thank you.

21 Replies to “Ever hear of Saint Peter? Knowles takes pro-abortion Christians to (Sunday) school”

  1. Go and read how God already knew Jeremiah before he formed him in womb!

    Abortion is murder and are against God's Will! Stop looking to justify the word of wickedness!

  2. Great way to avoid discussing doctrine, tradition or history. Just spout off that he’s going to Hell. That’s empty rhetoric carrying absolutely no argument.

  3. abortion kills a tiny human being. call it what you want, but it can never grow to be anything other than a bigger human being. abortion (except in very special cases) is nothing less than a big selfish person killing a small innocent person so as not to complicate or mess with her life

  4. Seems like little faith to just believe that God can't help you raise that child and it is doomed. I don't think that is God's plan for anyone. We choose not to help ourselves and to not trust God will provide a way.

  5. There is absolutely not one argument in Christianity that lets you accept abortion in any level, way or form. Please, stop reading personal interpretations of iluminated pastors on the Bible and read the first Christians writings, yes, the ones who formed and studied directly from the apostles.
    Please, read what the ones who drank from closer to the fountain knew from first and seconand hand as it was and, after that, think about it for a while.

  6. Hey CHRISTIANS!!!!
    The Bible tells us Christians exactly when life begins yet most never see it in plain site. Christian to Christian there is a way that we can show each other, to understand, to know when that life, that spirit that is the intellect our soul begins and it begins with The Christmas Story!

    It all begins with Elizabeth wife of Zacharias and cousin to Mary. (Luke, chapter 1) Zacharias is told by an angel of God appearing to him when he was in the Temple that his wife Elizabeth will bear him a son and to name him John. After Zacharias completed his time in service at the Temple he returned home to Judah and Elizabeth did conceive. She then hide herself for five months and in the sixth month of her pregnancy the angel Gabriel was sent by God to visit Mary in Nazareth and proclaimed she would give birth to a son and to name him Jesus. Within days Mary went without haste to Judah to the house of her cousin Elizabeth (From Nazareth to the Judah area is 100 to 150miles and walking would take about 8 days, less if she was traveling in a caravan)

    When Mary greeted Elizabeth, Elizabeth proclaimed as soon as the voice of your greeting sounded in my ears, the babe leaped in my womb for joy, and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit. Elizabeth spoke out with a loud voice and said, "Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb! 

    Elizabeth being 6 months pregnant with John and John while in her womb reacted to the presence of Jesus in the womb of Mary. We can conclude that Life does begin a conception just as at the instance of death our soul instantly returns to God. (Ecclesiastes 12:6-7)

  7. So Christian s believe in the bible? God of the bible practiced and condones abortions, read Hosea 9:16, 13:16,'Genesis38:24, Numbers 5:21, 31:17, Exodus 21:22-24, 2 Kings 15:16 etc. My most unfavorite is where god tells the Israelites to kill their neighbors men woman child sheep and goats then slit the bellies of the women and stab any child inside.
    If you are going to invoke the bible please be honest enough to tell the whole story not just cherry pick the parts you like!

  8. Ok so the argument is abortion is immoral therefore we should ban it(if I’m wrong feel free to elaborate) So why don’t we ban all immoral things? Cheating, sex out of wedlock, according to lots of bible nuts “men laying with men” is an immoral act…I’m on the fence on this one, I just don’t believe I have any moral authority to tell someone else what they can or can’t morally do considering all the sins we as humans commit on a daily basis. If there’s a legal argument that might sway me.

  9. Weird how YouTube is protecting the democratic governor by muting Democratic. Yet YouTube claims to have no biases

  10. I have been watching all these lecture videos and noticed how YouTube cut the word Democrat out of almost ALL of them….. That says way to much about YouTube and what side they are on !!!!!! Fuck YouTube and Twitter !!!!!!!!!!!!

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