*groans in pain* Oh no! What day is it? *dramatic music*
Oh no no no, not my period! *groans in pain* *popping* *gasps* Granny panties?! *groans* *sobs* Why am I crying right now? Aww, chocolate! *sobs* Why am I crying?! I love chocolate! Every Period Ever. Sometimes Ultra Share for women; with patented leak
guard technology for even your heaviest flow days. *groans in pain* Cramps! *groans in pain* My uterus! At least I’m not pregnant though. Sometimes Ultra Sure;
at least you’re not pregnant though. It feels like Edward Scissorhands
is in my uterus. Uuuh, I wish sick days also
included period days. Pfft, don’t be so dramatic! Okay, what? Do you want us to
show you what it’s really like to have a period? Yeah, try me. *groans in pain* Your body is disgusting and
you’re undeserving of love! And if you mention it to anyone,
everybody’s gonna shame you! *water gun squirts* Where’d you get this blood? It’s from inside you! Oh man, this sucks. Stop being so dramatic! Well at least childbirth is easy. I think I’ll just keep this
underwear for next month. Hm, just started my period. You’re probably gonna
start yours soon, too. Actually, mine just ended. Wait… We’ve been synced since we’re 13. Really? Huh, weird. I mean, you have been
hanging out with that Brittany girl lately. Not — not really. You synced with her, didn’t you? Wha-what?! No! Yes, you did. You period cheater! Okay, fine I synced with her,
but you know what? I can promise you that it’s not nearly
as heavy with her as it is with you, okay? Get out. Come on, don’t do this– Get the f**k out! Have you ever used a diva cup? Oh, hey darling, what’s wrong? Uhm… I think just I started my period. *dramatic music*
Oh no! Okay, just stay calm. I am calm. Okay, just stay that way! All right, this is all perfectly natural! I know. Okay, don’t move, and
don’t breathe too hard. Okay, look, everything’s gonna fall out
and we’re gonna deal with this, okay? Oh god, why did this have
to happen on my weekend? Here’s some band-aids, okay. And hold this. Hold it, hold it! Hey, mom already got me pads and
I’m just letting you know because I’m proud. Oh. Whew! Crisis averted, dad.
Time to reward yourself; the funny pages! Oh ho ho, Marmaduke, you sick son of a bitch! I can’t believe you just put bleach Khan inside ourselves. Hey Constance, can you make
a copy of these for me? Thanks. Sorry, I don’t have time. *scoffs* Wow, looks like
someone’s on her period. *dramatic music* You know what, Kirby? I just don’t like you. You’re incompetent, you take off your wedding ring
every time you’re in a meeting with Charlotte and… Oh, you smell like onions. So no, I’m not gonna go make
those copies for you. And yes, I am on my period,
but that’s not why I hate you. Well, looks like someone sees
me for who I really am… How do the ancient people do this? Just uh, just this. Woah! Are those tampons?! Do you think you can keep
it down a little bit? Hey everyone, this guy’s
getting tampons! Look, my girlfriend asked
me to do it for her. Ooooh. girlfriend huh?
Hey everyone, this guy’s got a girlfriend. Yeah, so what? How embarrassing.
He receives love and support. I bet he loves getting little kisses
from his lovely girlfriend. I do. Yeah, I bet she’s super appreciates
you doing nice stuff for like buying her tampons. God, I’m so lonely! Look, just keep the change. Okay. Whoa! Is that gum?! Wish my butt would get bigger on my period. And as we all know class, Mulan dressed
up as a man to stop the invasion of the nuns. All right, open up your
books to chapter eight. *whispers* Do you have a tampon? Tampon? *tense music* I must sharpen my pencil. Okay. *tense music* Oooh, Lea, I love your backpack! Thank you so much!
Do you want to trade? Uh-huh! Mr. Grotch, I need to use the
bathroom with Marisa’s backpack. All right. *dramatic music* Whoa, it’s that a tampon?! There are no loyal bitches
around here. My insides are angry! Congress. Ugh, Pelosi. Politics. That’s a tampon, right? That’s what it looks like, right? Okay, I got to get back to work. Woah! Is that gum?! Woah! Is that gum?!
Yeeeaahhh! It’s gum! Woah! Is that gum?!
Yeeeaahhh! It’s gum!
Siiiiccckk! Yeeeaahhh! It’s gum!
Oooh mmyyyy goddd! Hey everyone! Hey everyone!
*inaudible* this guy get a gum?! k i’m done here. go subscribe to Smosh!

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  1. Me: mom my tolit papers red
    Mom: you probably got your period
    Me: noooo I’m fine
    Mom: put a pad on just Incase
    Me(checks 1hour later) sees red/ brown stuff
    Me: walks into the living room pissed
    Mom: well?
    Me: ahhhhh
    ( actually way I found out I got my period)🤣🤣

  2. Idk her name:Uhh Mr I need to use the bathroom with Marisa’s backpack


    Me:He’s legit so calm about everything XD

  3. I was at the market and I saw a guy and his girlfriend walking around and the guy had tampons in his hand and I was literally about to yell “WOAH ARE THOSE TAMPONS!?”

  4. Haha i love some girls think some girls are so sneaky and afraid of people seeing their tampons its not that bad

  5. My period started today and I told my friend….She told all the guys and now they are laughing at me and we have to run 1 or 2 miles for P.E 😖 help me!

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