Everything About My First 20 Weeks of Pregnancy! | Part 1 of 2 Pregnancy Journey

hey guys it's Danielle welcome back to my channel and if you're new here welcome I'm like I said my name is Danielle Walton and on this channel I talk about motherhood lifestyle fashion and beauty things so welcome thank you so much this video I'm going to be talking all about my first 20 weeks of pregnancy I am six months postpartum right now I did not really get into filming while I was pregnant I just I was a little girl so um I figured I'll just wrap it up into two videos my first 20 weeks in my last 20 weeks my pregnancy was not that even in full but I do have some things that I want to talk about so I figured I could just wrap them up into two videos instead of doing like week by week so we're gonna jump right in as you can see I have a baby girl strapped to me um you'll see her hand bouncing around she was taking a map but now she's up so we'll see how this goes um but yeah we're going to jump right in I found out I was pregnant pretty much oh and I have notes here so if I'm looking down that's what I'm doing but I found that I was pregnant pretty much right away I was five weeks pregnant when I found out so I've never been pregnant never had a pregnancy scare or anything so I didn't know too much about what happens but I had some implantation bleeding which I thought was my cycle starting yeah I pretty much knew like right away I was pregnant and the symptoms that I had before that I thought they were like symptoms for my cycle but my boobs were really sore and I had a lot of bloating and I was super super SuperDuper tired that was the only main difference that was different from just having a cycle was that I was really really tired like homegirl can only just go to work and go to sleep like it was it was real I kind of struggled with that because I'm a little bit of busy writing I mean don't get me wrong like I can sit around and lay around all day and watch YouTube and Netflix and all that but I just felt so unproductive because I was so tired and all I wanted to do was sleep but um you know after figuring out that I was pregnant all that everyone was saying like get your sleep you need to sleep so it kind of took the guilt away a bit but um yeah I was super tired so oh it will not lose me sort of funny story so um I was at church one day and this lady was like talking about breast cancer like beating breast cancer or something about breast cancer and so on my boobs that's for I was like double you alive like no you're not gonna cook that you drew in my mind like no I'm not we find the breast cancer in the name of Jesus but um actually it was just I was pregnant so as far as morning sickness goes I had no morning sickness my entire pregnancy which I am so grateful for I know that that can be so difficult for a lot of women during that pregnancy but I unfortunately did not have any which I really wasn't expecting to have because I'm just not the type of person that throws up like like I can count on one hand how many times I've thrown up in my entire life so um I just wasn't really expecting to have that kind of symptom so luckily I had no morning sickness my entire pregnancy although I found out pretty early that I was pregnant I didn't have my first appointment until I was 14 weeks which was pretty late most people have their first appointment at like 8 weeks or 7 weeks I had my first at 14 weeks which is I'm already into your second trimester thirteen weeks in the first trimester yeah I was already into my second trimester and so they went ahead and did the ultrasound and my first women the first day and I had to wait that long because I knew the doctor that I wanted to go to but he sees people at two different places and the place that I went to initially was like a clinic that had residents who were still in school they had a pretty long waiting list because they only see new patients on Mondays and so I had to wait like three or four weeks before I can get my first appointment that wasn't the place I was supposed to be in the first place so I ended up going to my doctor's like private office which is in the same Medical Center that's why I was so confused didn't say medical center so I ended up switching there but they use all the same system so everything was fine but yeah so my first appointment was pretty late and that was a little nerve-racking because during that time like I mean that's 14 weeks like ten weeks of and just not knowing anything like you don't know what's happening you don't know if everything is okay I wasn't having any bleeding or any like problematic symptoms but you just want to make sure everything is fine so that was a little nerve-wracking but luckily when I went from my first appointment my blood work was fine and my ultrasound was fine she was fine she was like kicking up a storm yes she was kicking up a storm she was kicking up a storm she was waving I mean she was such a busybody on that first ultrasound so I was crying on my boyfriend's mom when she was crying my mom was crying like it was very emotional and I put in a picture here we of course we took picture that just about every appointment so I put a picture here for my first appointment with the first ultrasound and I had a little bump so I'm I was happy about that like finally showing sounds science of pregnancy I was feeling a little bit of fluttering during that time it wasn't like full-on kick she was so tiny you're not gonna feel kicking but um I was feeling some movement which was hard to decipher if it was gas or if it was her but I knew that you know it was happening a little often so I definitely knew baby girl was doing fine and at that time I didn't know if it was a girl a boy but I knew it was a girl so I wouldn't say the entire pregnancy but initially like my first trimester yeah I would say my first trimester because nothing a trimester was pretty cool my first trimester I was really emotional and just really in my head about things sorry she's scratching on this carrier you press the other hand I was really emotional and just you know you're thinking about everything you want to make sure the baby's okay and you just think about their future you're thinking about your future you think about what people think and you know just everything so I'm and then you're just I mean your body's changing you're dealing with insecurities and now you're dealing with like joining your life with someone else's life and just the responsibility of being a mom it was just a lot so I just tried to journal and pray to kind of combat those negative thoughts and just emotional rollercoaster just understand that it's normal and and to know that that really wasn't me and that's something that I struggle with a lot with my pregnancy even with PMS like I struggle with the thought of knowing that something is altering my state of mind you don't mean it's just I don't know it's hard for me because I'm like I I know better than this and I know not to think this way but like you just go there uncontrollably almost so um but I made it through and my second trimester was really good so yeah I got through it I didn't have any cravings my entire pregnancy really I didn't have any pregnant like the only thing that would happen is I would think of something like if someone would say tacos I'm like boom yeah oh my god I gotta tacos today like there's somebody Segway lasagna is like oh my god I'm going straight to Olive Garden I gotta get someone thought you liked it it was it was like that like I didn't heard like I had to have pickles with whatever it but um it was basically like whatever somebody's suggested or said or whatever it came to mind like I wanted that in that day so I really didn't have any cravings but I was eating a lot um and I know like people say you know a typical healthy pregnancy you gained about 30 to 40 pounds but like homegirl gained so much weight um 20 weeks I was like in my 160s yeah that was a lot of weight cuz I might so when I first took the test at home I went to an urgent care and I'm also trying to take a test and I say try because they were doing a blood test and she missed my vein and I just had to break down I can't do this so I didn't take the test authority care because I just knew how Brittany anyway but when I weighed in there I was 139 and so that was like right around five weeks at my at 20 weeks I was like in the 160s so I gained quite a bit away and then I'm on my second video of the last 20 weeks of my pregnancy I'll tell you how much she weighed at the end oh my face my face and my skin changed a lot pretty much right away like my nose spread and my face got really puffy and swollen I would say like swollen like it didn't I didn't look like something was wrong but my face definitely changed we didn't announce my pregnancy until I was twenty weeks but my cousin like messaged me on Facebook like Oh congratulations girl I could see it all the other face and I was like girl calm down yeah and I'm not like like that you could definitely see it in my face my skin changed so much and I'll insert some pictures my neck was so dark like the perimeter of my face was really dark and just the texture of my skin change like I just know I can stantly had to like exfoliate around my nose my skin was very like rough and I had like some dry patches it was it was bad like my skin was going through some things so that also like helped contribute to the emotional leg ups and downs like everything is changing so we just happen to deal that was something that I was like okay I can't really not that I was trying to hide it but you know we just wanted to wait until we know everything was fine and I didn't want to announce until we knew the gender so that's that I will tell you all about the time probably when I was like 12 weeks or so I remember coming home and laying down on the couch and I sneezed and it just felt like it felt like my uterus shredded like I was just like I think I started crying because I just felt like oh no what just happened like I just knew something was wrong like check to make sure I wasn't bleeding like it was intense like y'all probably laughed my girls on the sneeze but it was like what just happened obviously like that happens often like sneezing and coughing so like that hurts your uterus because it's you know expanding things are changing your muscles and everything is just different so um stuff like that happens which I found out after I Google it's a million different things so I was getting some pelvis and tailbone pain because obviously your joints and bones and everything is shifting preparing you for labor so I was getting a lot of pain especially because I I was up and down and my job I'm sitting that's getting up I worked at a dealership at this time so getting up you know running around parking lot and just doing a bunch of stuff I was getting a lot of pain like in my pelvic area and then my nighttime telephone area and I also was getting I can't the good word round ligament pain come on yes memory round ligament pain I was getting that which is like just sharp shooting pains on each side of your stomach and I was getting that throughout the day during this time I really wasn't hungry too much pain like sleeping or anything but throughout the day my choice my choice in my hip area where hurting anybody me I didn't really have any health risk I'm during this pregnancy so that I was thankful for nothing nothing was going wrong up until this point and so I was really thankful for that my doctor said I was pretty boring which I'll take a hum but yeah so that is pretty much everything with my first 20 weeks if you have any questions I would love to just continue the conversation in the comments I would love to hear about your experience during your first 20 weeks like did you get morning sickness did you not did you get any heartburn I don't know if I mentioned that but I didn't have any heartburn oh yeah my friends happy that many I can't remember but yeah let's continue this conversation I would love to you know hear about your experiences also if you are on Facebook we have a really awesome mine group called anomalous ladies I'll put the link in the description as well – slave is a group from and we just help each other you know go through motherhood together but I also like trying to keep it together and slay at the same time I know that was something that I struggled with in the beginning that is why that group was created so make sure you join that group and join the conversations there as well but yeah let's continue in the car in the comments like I don't want to be pregnant again but I would love to like talk about your opinion to see like what's going on and like you know I don't want to offer any advice because I am no expert I've had one child nobody is expert can we just like like that – Oh everybody want to be expert but I'm I'm not an expert in motherhood but I could just you know share my experiences and what I've learned and point you to some resources if that's what you want yeah I'm like a Rambo but thank you so much for watching this video and I will see you guys in the next one bye

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