Evil Bay (ebay) Scams

all right whoo okay I'm gonna give a moment to let people get in here this is a pretty important video we're gonna talk about how I was recently scammed on eBay and I'm the seller but it's okay it's okay I shared a facebook status on a Facebook and this lady was such this lady was so innocent that she just couldn't make it to the doll show to claim her tickets such an innocent lady so I'm you didn't show up because she was she was innocent so basically what I have here in this package is a return from eBay from a shady seller I mean a shady buyer never trust feedback on an eBay account because this lady has over 2,000 feedback first before we get started anybody that wants the eBay account or the instagrams to these people I will give you their names because I don't want you to change your username just the username just so you can be cautious of them and avoid any drama because I seriously thought this was a legit sell um they had the doll for over a week the dolls been well played with I don't know what to expect in the box but it is a basic art doll and when I make my basic art dolls to sell I always wonder how much dumber can I make my eBay auction sound so everybody will fully understand it right and so um I always dumbed down my eBay auction so there was no misunderstanding and I reword it and I repeat myself in many different ways so um nobody has a misunderstanding what I think here is pure jealousy the moms regular reborn work probably isn't as good as my basic work and I think that's what really probably set it off and then what else might have set it off is that I am a very very busy person as you guys know but I do love all my fans the daughter I had replied to the daughters message she told me how much she loves a baby it's her favorite baby she couldn't decide between which doll she was taking to Rose or not mind you guys I have screenshots for all of these I am a person who does have my receipts unfortunately I can't pop them up in my life so anybody who does not believe what I'm saying please feel free to email me and I will email you all the screenshots because I have nothing to hide so I'm that taught the tire the child had emailed me a couple times and I had forgot to provide of one of the messages and so I think that was another push I also think they might have been broke and needed some money for Rose which they didn't get to go to Rose because my security was on high alert for this person as she said she was going to come to Rose and sabotage me and once word got around this lady just never appeared she never collected her tickets that's how we know she didn't go so the dog came back to me and eBay immediately refunds them without me looking at it I've covered up our shipping address but we're setting goals here we're calling out scammers it's not okay we're gonna do it together and another one says make every day count so this lady made her everyday count when she decided to act like a fool and I guess you didn't really realize what she was getting herself into and now I'm making every day count I'm gonna save you guys from dealing with BS so I am open to the box of life for one because the doll was with this child on the floor of their house not even carpet it was on the floor there I have photos guys just disgusting on their dirty hardwood floor with all their animals just loving on this doll photos again and then all of a sudden mommy wants some money back because she thinks the daughter spent too much money on a basic art doll which is the base art of my work which is dumbed down so much in my eBay auction so that everybody every mentality can understand it smart to the uneducated this lady I guess you didn't hit any of those scales so we're opening it live that way in case this is screwed up it is all right here I haven't even cut any of this tape or anything so I can tell you the box the doll was not shipped in this box I don't know man what a freaking mess I'm not looking at comments or anything guys I'm just really trying to what's going on is I had an evil I had an ebay package return because the mom wasn't happy with a base art doll what's the daughter loved and there's plenty of comments screenshots from Instagram got left social media can save me all the time where the daughter loved it and it was her favorite doll and blah blah blah so um that is where we are now so I'm opening it here in case because his mom was like I'm gonna sabotage you at Rose so if there's anything been altered on the doll additional waiting being add to it I can actually go back to eBay and get my money back so to me that doll feels a little bit heavier I will know but yeah so she will go back for so if she is in the way that she left and these people are having feeling they probably jerked with my work oh my gosh so get out pretty that pink foot is they've rubbed some paint off right there guys so this right here lady you know you are if I go to ebay right now I'm gonna get my money back so watch how let's see if I do that let's see if I go to ebay this right here paintgun moneyback moneyback Zoe this is why I'm opening it here product did not arrive as left it is damaged officially again but you guys yeah our sellers who want to be careful because what as soon as this all arrived to her our door which we were still in Utah they got their money back like we don't get the chance to look at the doll yeah to even make sure we actually got the Davi could get some and Ike like a banner like a bag of beans or something I don't know what this crap is it's like goz but yeah um and that's why PayPal is not leaving eBay because even he's become a very shady place this lady did a very shady move I requested that she would sleep so basically she opened it in eBay here I'm gonna tell the tricks guys because I have to tell you how she got away with it to cover yourself dolls damaged here paints missing uh Kim I might be taking your money back honey paint is missing yes yes you were I'm going straight to PayPal when I'm done with this man straight to PayPal PayPal gonna have my back so anyways what I'm saying is she didn't go through PayPal she went through eBay because now eBay is separating from PayPal because PayPal is no longer wanting to pay for this stuff when people decide they don't want um they have buyer's remorse or they damage the product and so how long did it take for her to methods no it was like two weeks the doll had been well played with as I can tell paints missing so I have every right right now to screw this lady back over and take her money and I just mine and it's only because it's not and when I do it this way I get to keep the product and I get my money back because she damaged my product so it's not cool what she's done but so basically now because PayPal is leaving eBay completely I don't know how much longer we're gonna be able to use PayPal with eBay but they told me that they are separating because of this because of people doing stupid stuff like this and like I said anybody that wants this lady's eBay name feel free to message me I will give it to you because she has a lot of feedback and she's obviously a dirty player but the product is so should open the claim in eBay if it's open in eBay it never escalates to PayPal now that they're separated so even does everything on their own and it never goes through PayPal so we're using our website yeah even so shady yeah so basically let me tell you what this lady was sitting on this because I was not agreeing to the terms because she's a liar and a scammer and a horrible person every and if you guys are following me on Facebook you know exactly who she is her name is Kim so we're gonna keep calling her Kim Kim's a popular name but there's a lot of damage done I can't resell this so I'm gonna be in contact with PayPal actually as soon as I get off of here and unless I decide to fix it but I think right now I think I might just want to rock her world I think I gotta have my fun and get a little bit dirty so I'm not dirty but dirty in a professional way so yeah so the put so it was sitting in eBay and this lady's telling me she's gonna take doll to the doll showed to sabotage me yeah yeah it gets even better and I'm like you're gonna look really stupid because that doll is amazing so you're kind of like so dumb lady but um so I was like you know what I think she's doing this all behind her daughter's back because she wants to get some money back and and still keep the doll so I thought well you know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna escalate this to ebay because I have all everything that shows she's a freaking liar but eBay is so shady guys that as soon as I collect escalate to eBay within that same minute I got an email back saying it was approved and the buyers favor I was like wow nobody really Oh Brooke period if you can avoid so now I'm doing everything on my website because PayPal will have my back a hundred percent I've never had any issues at PayPal I've been using PayPal for almost 15 years selling and buying and I've never had any issues so if I take this to PayPal right now PayPal is gonna take it to evening and they're gonna get me my money back because the doll did not arrive in the condition that it left because like I said this girl was well playing with this doll it was dragged across the floor you can see it is just lying on this wood floor with these animals it's just so disgusting so I mean I have animals but come on I don't put my dolls on the floors with them and if I do it's like clean so this lady um she ruined her name it's all over Facebook she didn't even come to the doll show because she's embarrassed and mind you she left me feedback negative feedback saying I'm a horrible person but it's okay I think I left her some kind of feedback saying I have all the receipts or something and I don't care um but bottom line is it doesn't matter how many feedback they have they're still scammers this doll super pretty I will um you know what I need to share the messages with all you guys I don't know how I'm gonna do that I'd have to make a separate video but her feet there's even dirt it's like a like a brown color yeah this doll is damaged all right Kim I think her eBay name is traveler Kim actually traveler Kim I'm pretty sure that's your eBay name oh honey you know what I wouldn't even have to get my money back from you you're gonna have a hard time buying and selling in the reborn world because you've done up I am sorry you picked the wrong channel to do this to you picked the wrong well-known artist to do this to you don't play games with people at all especially when you have nothing to play with nothing to play with you just got jealous Oh baby doll you got jealous I saw your work I saw your work I'm sorry you got so jealous that this base art is better than your real art it is very beautiful this baby she told me this doll was ugly disgusting she was so ashamed of it blah blah blah no no bottom line is you got your panties in a bunch and you got jealous jealousy is the root of all evil it's not good to be jealous that we won't be various they altered the weight in the body because the head is super tight my normally move so she's altered the art like this lady could be screwed on she's already screwed in the reward world she just doesn't really realize it I actually think she does realize it cuz she couldn't bring her face to the doll show um what condition of the doll show with the body the body looks I mean there's dog hair on it like yeah it's got a little it needs to be probably just lent it but the body seems fine Hera says why did you go children when you know they're not going to treat it correct Yeah right I don't know man I don't know the daughter loved it all the messages I have the daughter loves it loved this doll but I'd like I said it comes down to jealousy and the mob and she wasn't even like looking for a refund or whatever I think she was looking for some money I don't know what she wanted she just sent this nasty message and I said open a claim through PayPal if that's how you feel I'm not giving you your money back so my attorney can take care of it but she is Shady so she knows if she didn't went through PayPal I would have won like no questions asked but she's a shady shady girl and lady and she's an older lady to god you think they would know by now I know the mom right the mom took her daughter's love away the mom actually made it where the daughter could not even come to the show and meet me she was super excited she didn't know which we were to take either her new reward the one that she just got or another one that she had and she was going through pros and cons okay yeah the daughter was very excited yeah this mom is a disturbed mom like her rights as a parent should be taken away because she emotionally effed with that child so yeah guys honestly I don't know what a mother would do that tambri has bought stuff that oh my god why did you spend money on that but I'm not like give me that we're taking it back the hair seems fine because the hair is painted so it seems fine so I I think I mean Mike my what I want to do is go back to PayPal and get my money back but I'm like it's a headache guys it's it could take almost a month through PayPal because she can act like a moron but it might not take that long because of everything that's gone with it but I don't know right now I'm thinking if I clean up her limbs like wash her down and then go over with some varnish and repaint where the paint has been removed like I think I could definitely resell her whatever you know because there's nothing wrong with her look at her eyes they're so cute so she was a budget baby basic art baby and they always get pasta guys and you see this tiny little space right there I put these glass eyes in there because it looked nice but I knew they had a little space but normally my basic art just has plastic and I was like oh they look so cute but she's a really Oh reburn understand damn speech yeah I think the daughters around 10 years old I want to say she's like 10 or 11 she's not very old so know what the mom did is is is a freaking mental game you know I know parents make mistakes and stuff but this was this was just abuse on her brain and on me and on everything and on all of my fans because it makes me not want to like do basic art dolls for those who can't afford you know full-on dolls yeah Brooke the daughter did buy it with her own money that's the other thing it's like mind your own business and let your daughter beat oh my god I can't I feel so sorry and the kid goes to college yeah she so the daughter sold American Girl dolls to buy this freaking doll and then the mom I'm telling you I've solved the moms work she just got jealous guys now they think about it she just got jealous you know the the daughter was in love with the doll it's got nothing to do with the daughter it was the mom the mom it was all the mom and yeah so I did this live it's not something I normally do live but I wasn't sure what to expect coming out of my box and I wanted to make sure that there was no way that when I take this video to PayPal or eBay I wanted to make sure that they had no way of saying oh you and edited the video so that's why I went live because yeah the little girl paid for it now I ended up paying for it because they got their money back but if I go to eBay right at PayPal like Tiffany says yeah I will I will get my money back and I actually I don't think so if I go to eBay right now and I say product received not as cent that's gonna start it well no technically by eBay sturms it's damaged goods now so I keep the product because she damaged my product but if the mom wasn't such an evil psychopath I would send it back but after all of this BS she even leaves me negative feedback on my eBay yes like seriously bitch I mean sorry scuse me for 20 minutes in that probably lost a child or two so but yeah like sorry god what just kind of came out of my mouth I mean I am a 37 year old woman now use those words but yeah I had to give you guys a good life right hey we got a lot of dholtze in here and I'm sure kids hair worse things at school because I know my daughter came home one time wondering what a certain website was and I was like what and she was in fifth grade and I was like what yeah all the friends are talking about it I'm like uh I get new friends so yeah yeah kids hear worse at school but yeah so I wanted to come on here life make this video with you guys thank you so much for being here with me I will let you know what happens from here out I think I'm I'm not sure what I want to do I don't know if I want to go through the headache of dealing with this lady anymore cuz she has a nasty mouth and I just don't think I need the extra stress right now it's probably just easier if I just you know fix the areas our daughter is 16 now if I just fix the areas and put her back up for so so yeah Leslie Bolger said I'm surprised I think you know Leslie I would I have been wanting to say a lot of things way stronger so yeah well alright guys do more lives yes we will do more lives I just wanted to get this thought open now that I got it open I am gonna go and then it will have to come back in a little while later yeah karma really is and it does exist karma got her good when she couldn't face going to the doll show I think I think that was the biggest karma of all you did this with the doll and you didn't get to go have fun you know I'm so sorry funs reborns anyone oh thank you so much for that 499 super chat you are so sweet oh yes oh yes patiently waiting is always key man especially with artists because it allows us to really give you dynamite work when it's all said and done so ya know Jen they did not show up at the show what this set of crazies didn't show up at the show my other set of crazy was at the show so my security guard was on work but yeah the mother and the daughter did not show up because the day before the show I put up a status because I had gotten the doll back and I wasn't home and they took the money so I put up a status and they did not attend the show after that so they got what they they got what they needed but yeah I definitely will make more Molly videos re so right I have some plans for lots of Molly videos I know Ares forever is super excited over Molly I am Molly wasn't the show but she was a she was hiding most of time and she was quiet nervous yeah he would be a sassy talking girl but yeah so quiet I'm going to make more Molly videos here soon so you guys can keep up for those alright guys well I don't want to keep this too long in case people want to watch alive I know if I see an hour-long life it kind of scares me but yeah Kathy korte is you mess at the wrong lady camp yeah she really did she really did so alright guys well thank you so much for watching thank you so much for hanging out with me and I will be back soon I promise and I'm glad Molly's your favorite guys she's a super cute doll she really is sorry she is alright guys bye until next time says Brooke

36 Replies to “Evil Bay (ebay) Scams”

  1. She is beautiful! I would be very interested in buying her😍😊!!! I’m so sorry this stuff happened to you also! Some people are terrible!

  2. I’m 100% behind calling out scammers!
    I’m still raw from what was done to me this year.
    Thanks for doing this ♥️🙏🏼

  3. Oh I remember. You talking about her before stef .. this is the tone it seams lately …. it’s why I decided not to sell my dolls on eBay or out of Canada . Mine will be local

  4. Why is there so much drama in the reborn world lately…this is supposed to be a happy place..so very sad

  5. I doubt like pay pal they never got my money back to me when I was scammed. I don't trust anyone. How do I find a nice silicone that doesn't cost over $10,000. Who do I buy one from that's trustworthy. People who know you are not going to believe what she put on eBay about you. I would buy a doll from you any day.

  6. So the little girl loved the baby and the mean mom just gave it back for money. I feel bad for the little girl .

  7. LOL you did lose me . I was thinking it.. Oh heck some of the things I hear from my 15 year old granddaughter . and the drama at high school nothing shocks me

  8. wow you go girl , what a bunch of crazy people. I just got done watching Diana Reeds video and now this. It is really upsetting what some of these people are trying to do to the doll community. You need to stick by it and notify pay pal she needs a lesson learned

  9. That doll is beautiful! If i had the money i would buy her the way it is! But what that lady did is wrong!

  10. I would buy her as is for my grand daughter. How dare you take a beautiful gift away when the daughter was attached and loved her

  11. Mauve e the daughter to,d the mom that he doll was prettier than the mom makes and it upset her

  12. That is the baby I was dying to have myself too but she sold right before I could get her myself I'm sad to see her so messed up when she was so beautiful before she left

  13. If you get your money back maybe you can ship the doll back to the little girl. She is also the victim as you are. It is always good to do good if possible, especially since she sold other dolls for this doll.

  14. I will buy her as is I need a baby. Please sell her to me, I don't have alot of money to buy a different doll I have wanted one forever she will be loved by me. Or could you make me a doll for a cheap price?

  15. I am so disgusted with that ladies behavior that is so sick that poor little girl how much is that baby I end it back to that little girl so her mom has to see it every day but then that's probably the angle they're working how sad the world has become.

  16. I would get my money back and send the little girl the doll screw the mom put it to the child when mailed

  17. Awww she is sooo cute! What an awful thing to do, I agree with the daughter! She is so adorable I would buy her if I could!

  18. I bought a used reborn that was listed as painted by Stephanie. I absolutely love the painting on the doll. It looks so real. People compliment the doll. But i have purchased a silicone off there by a different artist. The silicone looks like it has burns on the skin. But we still love the doll. Just have to make sure ya look close at the pictures and feedback. I could never return any of my babies boo boos or not.

  19. That’s a shame! I made this doll and she is cute, but to me, this doll isn’t for adults, not a child. I have glass eyes in mine and she has a space in her eyes too.
    Get your money back, screw the mother!

  20. I am not part of the reborn group so hope nobody minds my question. What is it that makes these dolls worth so much? The kit that came from an artist that sculpts or the painting of it? They are adorable and realistic looking

  21. The child did nothing wrong though get your money back and give the girl her doll back! I understand your 😡 but she is a innocent little girl! The mum is awful l agree 👍 ♥

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