Examination of the Pregnant Woman: Examination of the pregnant abdomen

For examination of the abdomen you begin by exposing the abdomen from
the [unintelligible] down to the upper part of the thigh then you go on to an inspection
looking for the contour of the abdomen any fetal movement in this class or
the presence of strap gravidarum and Linea nigra or any abnormality that
you will notice you then go on to our patient and at this time you start with
superficial palpation going through the nine segments of the abdomen as you
go on to do the actual superficial palpation you ask the patient to show
you whether any part of the abdomen is hurting so that you examine that place last in doing the superficial palpation you will be watching the face of
the woman to look for tenderness and also you will be noting any masses that you find you then move on to
deep palpation going first to palpation of the liver and you go on to palpation of
the spleen and you go on to palpate the left kidney and the right
kidney you then concentrate on the detailed
examination of the uterus to start by estimating the fundal heights having located the fundus you do your
tape measurement, measuring from the height of the fundus to the symphysis pubis your next step is the
fundal palpation which will get you to find out which part of the fetus
occupy the upper pole of the uterus then you do your lateral palpation.The lateral palpation is done with your two hands at once to stabilize one hand and move
the other hand and then you do your pelvic palpation to palpate which
part of the fetus is occupying the lower pole of the uterus and then you estimate the descent of the head in the case of a cephalic presentation. You will then auscultate the fetal heart tones using your fetal stethoscope you then cover up the abdomen and thank your patient

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