11 Replies to “Examining the Horrific Abortion Practices at the Nation's Largest Abortion Provider (EventID=103920)”

  1. Everyone should see this. Basically even the third testimony does not deny that fetal tissue is being procured and sold.

  2. Primary female healthcare includes mammograms and ob/GYN services, which PP does NOT provide. That is a fact.

  3. imagine how big world population would be if there were no abortions! just how it should be! maybe people would think twice about getting pregnant, there would be less single mothers on benefits too saving more money

  4. Three hours of senseless jargon and nothing gets done to solve the real issues! Little wonder our Government is ineffective.

  5. The one group NOT invited to testify? Planned Parenthood. Obviously a hearing devoted to getting to the truth of the issue.

  6. thanks God — House voted today Sept 18 2015 to de-fund Plan Parenthood in his gruesome practices of killing innocents babies …. Republicans 239 YEA – 3 Nay — DEMOCRATS 2 Yea and 179 NAY that is a clear messages …..

  7. Amazing that the people who attack PP often don't have even a BASIC understanding of the situation. How can you criticize and judge something when you don't even know what's happening? PP was given govt funding in the 1970s with a REPUBLICAN president and 90% support from congress. These uninformed old white men need to step down. The 1950s are over, pops.

    Too many good Christian Conservatives are believing the lies Fox News and Talk Radio are feeding them. I grew up Christian Conservative. I know what it's like.

  8. PP says the babies are ok to kill because they are not viable. Actually, to pp babies are ok to kill because they are valuable, Dead that is!!! #ppsellsbabybodyparts #defundpp

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