12 Replies to “EXCLUSIVE! Dr. Bill Sears – the extended breastfeeding debate”

  1. My two daughters were breastfed for 3 and 3.5 years…they both only nursed at home after the age of 20 months. Near the last year of nursing, they only nursed upon waking, to go to bed, when sick and sometimes when I got home from work

    They are 19 and almost 16 now. My oldest is very independent and a lovely empathetic young lady…my youngest prefers to be around Mom, but is still independent, capable, empathetic and loving.

    I would do this again in a heartbeat….best experience of my life

  2. I like this pediatrician!!! Wish he was my babies Pedi I would get along with him!!! I'm doing the attached parenting, and extended nursing.

  3. Nope. No titty after a yr they need solid foods. The child is gonna be too attached. I don't get the bonding shit bond by doing shit with your kid not making it suck on the boob. Gross babies don't know the meaning of bond

  4. Ok fine give them the breast milk but in a cup the tit is just for the mother. I have just as healthy and intelligent KIDS.

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