Exclusive: Hilaria Baldwin Opens Up About Suffering A Possible Miscarriage | TODAY

Ilario Baldwin shares a lot of her life on social media one small thing that can change your day everything from fitness to family and now the wife of actor Alec Baldwin and mom of four is showing her strength during a challenging time baldwin last week posted this emotional Instagram message saying I want to share with you that I am most likely experiencing a miscarriage I always promised myself that if I were to get pregnant again I would share the news with you guys pretty early even if that means suffering a public loss she said the embryos heartbeat isn't strong and the baby isn't growing much adding I want to be part of the effort to normalize miscarriage and remove the stigma from it her husband Alec posted to writing my wife is kind and generous in her support of other women reaction was Swift one user commenting nothing is private anymore another writing this post is incredibly self-serving and frankly offensive but most comments were overwhelmingly positive many even sharing their own stories of loss one writing I had my miscarriage 17 years ago before my sons were born thank you for helping banish shame surrounding miscarriage responding to critics ilaria said I would suggest that you go through and read even just a handful of comments from people who have experienced the same thing and maybe your heart and compassion will grow well ilaria is with us now good morning good morning guys how are you feeling I'm feeling I'm feeling okay I mean this is something that has not been easy I understand it and I wanted to come out and speak about it because it's something that so many people deal with and as women were trained to deal with it violently you're not do definitely not supposed to say anything before 12 weeks and and some of that is because people are superstitious or that's how they feel that they're going to be stronger and a lot of it for other people is from fear and I don't think that we have to live with such fear there was a moment when you became concerned you said that you went for an ultrasound and the technician was somebody you've known she's taken care of all of your other children just speak about that moment so I mean anybody who has had children or multiple children you know that you have you know your scans and your your different appointments and there's the the good news there was very chipper and they say wonderful things and then there's the silence and the silence makes you very nervous and so this technician she just kept on being quiet and kept on trying to find the heartbeat and trying to find she could find it and then she listened to and you hear chicken chicken chicken and very spread apart kind of slow and I'm looking at her because I mean I don't know even though I've had four kids I don't know and she said to me that the heartbeat is not very very fast and so then I went in again and in the life of an embryo you know days a week it's completely different and it was the same so today as I understand it you have another scan and do you feel you'll have the answer one way or the other think I'm gonna have the answer one way or the other I'm I'm pretty sure that it's this is not gonna stick and and you know when we agree to be parents we have to we have to accept the good and the bad you know whether our child gets a scraped knee or gets their heart broken when they're a teenager or gets really sick or you know god forbid something worse we have to realize that it's not just all you know diapers and blankets and and hair bows it's we have to open our hearts and realize that there's gonna be hard moments to when some women go through this I've had friends who've gone through it they oh there's always some weird kind of self blame yeah I'm like oh my gosh did I do something should I have not eaten that or exercise or done that did you go through that's on the wrong so many different things and as a yoga teacher people come to me and they're like I didn't know I was pregnant and I did a twist I think I've destroyed my baby you can you know where of course everybody is different but you know if if if you're having a strong healthy pregnancy there's not a lot you can do to hurt it that being said we should you know do as right as we can by our children but we just need to a little bit more forgiving of ourselves and not such perfectionist because it's hard enough as it is and being able to be open and speak to other people and hey I got great advice this is something I've never gone through before and women came on my Instagram or stopped me on the street and gave me such wisdom you know this isn't about me this is about all of us what made you I mean you have said I live a public life and I've made a decision to share and be open and open my heart and you are walking the walk because here you are in this painful moment and you are sharing it did you think about saying well let me just see what happens here and then I'll open up one way or the other because this is I mean we're talking to you and this is very much something that is going on yes right this minute that's a lot to ask of yourself it's a lot to ask of me but for me personally it would be harder to do it silently to come in here say I was doing a fitness segment I'd be wearing something different that we would not see that my belly is a little bit bigger than it typically is and I would pretend I wasn't nauseous and I'd pretend I wasn't tired and that's really tired and it's then you put the emotion on top of that of hey this isn't going in a great direction and that's a lot of stuff to bear sorry my kids always make I was up all night with my baby but you know I mean that being open for me just allowed me to relief it a little bit also for people secrets are only scary when they're secrets once you let the secret out it's not so scary anymore how do you look you got tons of awesome feedback you said you got wisdom from strangers on the street but there are trolls out there there are people who go on Instagram and say why is she posting that why was she wearing that when she posted that like what do you say so the photo the photo I am known for taking pregnancy photos like this there's nothing more than you know say these people are looking at a magazine as they're getting their nails done and they see a picture of me for the paparazzi took on a beach this is what it was yeah so I'm comfortable with what I'm showing at the same time this is also my baby this is my baby mother babies are my baby and I take these belly photos and this baby deserves the same kind of love and attention and acceptance as the other ones even if it's not to stick around for very long have you processed what happened well what is happening you know I think that's what you guys are seeing right now and that was I said to all of my girlfriend's if I ever get pregnant again I'm just gonna say it right away because you know especially with my life it's so public and everybody's trying to figure out what's going on all the time you know with my first pregnancy paparazzi climbed up and took pictures of me when I was sunbathing I mean and I had no idea and just feels so invasive said again just say something and it's not so scary anymore well you are in your opening a conversation and maybe making it easier for women to talk about when they've had miscarriages and so many women have whether they talk about it or not giving advice or people a friend who hears that news from someone or a colleague how to help them through it you know there's always that feeling of like you don't want to overstate but at the same time you don't want to understate because it is a loss it's a genuine loss that many women feel the genuine loss I think you have to figure out both the person who's experiencing and the people who are supporting around have to understand how that person needs to be supported you know I I am somebody that even though I'm feeling it and it's hard and it's not what I want I understand it this is nature this is how you know this is there's something probably off chromosomally there's there was something probably off and I have to accept that then there are other people who are going to feel in a different way I have four children I get to go home and I get to hug them that's not everything there's plenty of stories on my Instagram that that's not there people's other people's stories and those people for me are so strong people are telling me they had 11 miscarriages and no children and they're still there they're showing up they're bringing love onto my Instagram and that is so inspiring I've so much respect for them yeah Lauria thank you for coming to see us and for sharing we really thank you for having me and continuing the conversation I really appreciate it thank you you

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  1. Sh*t happens what’s the point of talking about something you don’t have control of? Let’s talk about why she has a flat butt lol she doing the wrong work out in the gym

  2. Alec is 60 years old. I just don’t see him with the patience needed to raise all these kids. Remember that phone conversation with his oldest child , he called her a pig .
    Hilaria seems to have this need to be pregnant all the time.
    And to pose in her skimpy underwear is a bit much. She obviously wants the attention.

  3. I wish her nothing but the best and pray she can come through the process and be a role model for other women. 🙏

  4. This woman is perfectly matched to her disturbed Husband, they are both off their rockers. Fàke and phoney Hillary as she was known until she manufactured a new social media identity. Is nothing private, personal, and sacred anymore? In her case obviously not.


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