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  1. Can't lie on your back to avoid bad blood flow to the fetus…but yet women end up laying on their backs to deliver? I'm confused anyone to help clarify?

  2. Exercising During Pregnancy

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  3. Can I do pelvic bridge exercise and leg raises while lying down exercise during my first trimester? As I had been doing to strengthen core muscles as advised by doctor for weak bladder and incontinence.

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  6. My gf ran a marathon in the early days of her pregnancy. Few days later she found out she was pregnant and took an abortion pill.

  7. This helps especially with some of these work out Wandas moving way to fast for me, and doing Cann Cann kicks. Geeez.

  8. what r some easy workouts that is safe for me since I had two premature babies? I want to stay fit and not gain a lot. thank u

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