Exercises & Fitness for Pregnant Women : Rear Shoulder Pullback Exercise for Pregnant Women

Hi my name is Casey Neuwirth and I have a
business called Gateway Fitness. You can contact me at http://www.gateway-fitness.com. Carri’s
going to help me here show you how to do a rear shoulder pullback. And your hands will
be a little wider than shoulder width apart and you’re going to open those arms up to
a T position and right back to starting position. And with that she’s strengthening the back
of her shoulders which is important for posture when you’re pregnant. And working in-between
the shoulders getting the shoulders back as you gain weight in the front of your body.
As of right now she’s in perfect alignment and she’s ten weeks pregnant and once she
gets a little larger she can have a seat in a chair and have back support for her.

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