Exercises for Pregnant Women : Front & Lateral Raise Exercises for Pregnant Women

The last upper body exercise we’re going
to perform today are front and lateral raises, I’ll first demonstrate sitting on the ball
for support. Go ahead and grab your dumbbells, navel to spine, abs really tight. If you need
to giver yourself a little bit more leverage, extend your arms straight out in front of
you, if this is too difficult, you can slightly bend your elbows, so pick your option. Exhale
as you lift, inhale as you lower. Exhale lift, inhale lower. And you’re only moving your
arms. And if you need to bend your elbows, just slightly bend and lift and lower. What
you don’t want to do is hyperextend, so you don’t want to bring those arms up above
the shoulders. And lower. If this is too difficult, drop one weight and just do one arm at a time.
Make sure you breathe, exhale and inhale. Same option with front raises. Only the arms
are moving, palms are facing you. Exhale and inhale, with straight arms inhale, with slightly
bent arms exhale. Exhale as you lift or you can do it with one weight, exhale and inhale.
Exhale, inhale. For the more advanced exerciser or if you just need to stand, same thing but
you’re just standing, feet hip width apart, everything facing forward, shoulder blades
back. Exhale as you lift with straight arms and lower. Good lift and lower. Exhale, inhale.
Same option front and lower. Good, exhale and inhale. You can also do this with one
arm, out to the straight or bent elbow. Exhale, inhale. Or right in front of you, exhale and
inhale. Good, exhale and inhale.

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