Exercises That Work : Cardio Exercise During Pregnancy

hi my name is Tanya and I'm an instructor gold's gym when is she a few cardio exercises you can do if you're pregnant you absolutely want to get clearance from the doctor before you go starting up some cardio okay make sure you get clearance from him okay so simple stuff I mean simple cornea what you got to do is you got to lift the knees that is what's gonna have to happen here I'm even going to walk and maybe take that walk on an incline but when you get the knees up things start to happen you can have a little kick I don't want you going too hard but of course you can do cardio I mean you're pregnant so I mean you can do what you got to do just got to be real careful that you just don't go too hard so you just want to kick you can even do this where you got the arms I really want the heart rate to come up a little so you can take like a hand weight little medicine ball if you want to back and forth so all I'm doing I got the legs moving now I'm going to add this kick the butt and you could do the arms with it like a step class in it all I want you to do is get the arms swinging when the arms go buff the heart the heart goes up cardio is rising so you want to make sure you drink plenty of water start with the feet I mean do this if you can will jog a little kick this is a modification running you got to get clearance for that but this is a little light job where you just kind of kicking and out to the side good stuff heart rate is up so you can go to the side to the front to the side to the front there's too much walk in place walk around the block I don't want you to stop and seal the count I do want you to get out there and do something so my heart rate is up cardio your heart rates beat is up enough the Bloods going to that baby just take care yourself but stay healthy

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