Experience the Birth Canal: Tough Mudder Obstacles | Tough Mudder

[MUSIC PLAYING] Birth Canal– it is a low crawl
under a water-filled liner that presses you into the ground. It was like having a fat
man lay down on top of you and then being ordered to crawl. But it’ll definitely test mental grit,
and it’s a good physical challenge, as well. If the water gets all
bunched up, you get stuck.

5 Replies to “Experience the Birth Canal: Tough Mudder Obstacles | Tough Mudder”

  1. What are the dimensions of this? I am interested in building this for 10th mountain division mud run 

  2. That obstacle was the funniest I've conquered during my run in Florida! As soon as I got out of that tunnel, I yelled out, "It's a boy!"

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