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  1. Have you thought about saving up your colostrum? It would be so awesome for JaJa to have such a rich source of nutrients available beyond the first few days!

  2. Reccomended book: woman heal thyself. You can read for free on open library. Com

    Accupressure points and incredible resource

  3. Hi Conor and Brittany! I have a question I've been curious about, I love how you use gender neutral pronouns for jaja and that you will let them explore and express gender however feels good to them. Will you continue to use gender neutral pronouns for them outside of the womb, or until they are able to choose? How do you intend to go about pronouns for jaja once they are born? So much love to your family!

  4. One of my favorite parts of videos are Brittany’s deep inhales and breaths when she seems to be intently attracted to Conor. So sexy.

  5. I was larger right away. I wasn't the type to eat everything either. I had morning sickness so bad so I could hardly eat so it's odd how big I got but I did have alot of fluid so maybe that's why?

  6. I have this overwhelming feeling baby Jaja is a boy. You have this inner glow, my sister had the same with my nephew and I had with my sons. You looks amazing and you can feel the love between you two. It’s so beautiful and such a breath of fresh air. ♥️ much love

  7. I don’t think I showed until I was like 5 months! Unfortunately it takes a lot longer to lose the belly than to gain it! Haha

  8. I'm just curious if you've taken a legit pregnancy test? I am not seeing a bump. There are such things as false pregnancies that can cause many symptoms of pregnancy. I had something similar, to the point where I was even lactating.

  9. SNAP Here Conor, just for you I will start my comment with a sassy snap of love 😉 – cuz HUMAN do you both (and walnut size baby human) deserve a good SNAP Really really wanna meet the little Yaya You are growing 😀 SNAP <- ok one more and then I'm done 😀 SNAP 😀

  10. I feel you…my sister didn’t show at all when she was pregnant with my niece

    Anyways congratulations ^^~

  11. What a beautiful video! The journey through pregnancy just keeps get better- the third trimester was my absolute favourite. I hope that you have safe travels back to visit your family and I look forward to many more loving videos.

  12. Im excited to hear about your breast feeding journey. It's difficult but so wonderful. I truly miss it. The female body is amazing.

    I used my breast milk in coffee or cooking sometimes. My husband actually liked it in his coffee. Also helped when I was sick and didnt want the rest of the fam to get sick. Passing antibodies to my husband and baby. I nursed until my daughter was 1 and then she slowly weaned herself. Almost a year after weaning and I'm still producing. I still leak when she cries or other babies cry. And I leak if I lay on them funny. Creating a human and then sustaining it solely from your body for the first year (or longer) is mindblowing. Being pregnant and breastfeeding made me feel so connected to women and all women before me. So beautiful!

  13. I really identify with the crowd who lives very differently from the both of you, but I love your vibe. I watch your videos when I’m experiencing a lot of anxiety, self doubt, and panic. Your relaxed views on everything in the world around you really calms me down and helps me see things from a greater perspective.

  14. You guys are so pleasant to watch. And I can relate totally in both my pregnancies. You're going to be wonderful parents.

  15. I was not able to conceive – which I have peace with & seeing you two talking so excited about being pregnant, warms my heart. I will follow every step.

  16. I didn't really show with my first until 28 weeks. My second….I looked pregnant at 15 weeks. The first I gained 45lbs but my second I only gained 15. Our bodies are so bizarre and cool.

  17. A big part of the variation in tummy size is also how the baby is positioned inside of you. You’ll definitely notice this when you get further along & you’ll be able to guess on if that’s the baby’s foot or butt sticking out. I know that you’re choosing not to have a lot of medical intervention but what do you guys think about having one of those home Doppler devices (a device that lets you hear the babies heart beat ❤️)? Would you guys want to use one? Also, if you end up being a large producer of breast milk would you guys donate the excess? Thank you so much for sharing so much about this beautiful baby. Sending lots of love & BIG hugs.

  18. Marie Fonder, yep I had the same 2 experiences, a shot after miscarriage and during full term pregnancy. So important! wishing you all the best with your baby!🌟

  19. I'd love to know what your exercise routine looks like now and later down the line in your pregnancy! Is it the same as usual or different and how etc 🙂

  20. It’s so interesting to learn about a pregnancy from a intentionally non-medical perspective 💛 I’ve always wanted to have a pregnancy that is as undisturbed as possible but I’m unfortunately high risk so I’ve had to compromise that in many ways. Question: has it felt very natural for you to not have “prenatal care” with a medical professional or have you had some struggles being that it’s often so engrained in our brains that we’re supposed to do this/that, be concerned about this/that? Has it been difficult to unlearn and approach pregnancy as you are?

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