I want to take a pregnancy test. I’m honestly really nervous about this really. Okay. I’m very curious now. This is crazy. *Intro music* Good morning, y’all. Welcome back to our channel! If you’re new here, I’m Heather and I am pregnant with our Technically, our fourth baby. I had two miscarriages earlier this year and then I immediately got pregnant with our little rainbow baby. Today, I wanted to do a video that is kind of a a little weird, a little different and That is, I want to take a pregnancy test. The reason why I want to take a pregnancy test when I am clearly I mean, I’m not sure. Maybe not, but I’m like clearly pregnant and I’m actually 34 weeks pregnant But I want to take a pregnancy test today because I wanted to test out the theory that if you are Really far along or you have high HCG levels that the pregnancy test could show negative? even though you are pregnant and This is called the hook effect I am very interested in this and me being in the third trimester. I’m very pregnant and I could give birth any day. I’m very curious will it show a Very bold positive pregnancy test. Will it show a Faint positive pregnancy test result or will it be negative pregnancy test? We will find out today and if you have ever tried this out Let me know in the comments below because I’m very curious about your experience as well. I started a YouTube channel Pretty much from the start I shared my trying to conceive journey with y’all and a lot of y’all have subscribed to me because of that and I’ve shared so much of our journey. I know that taking pregnancy tests in the trying to conceive journey It it’s part of it. It’s a huge part of it obviously and I ended up taking probably 200 or more pregnancy tests. I really don’t know because we tried for six months and I got pregnant. I had a miscarriage. We tried again the We skip the cycle when we tried again and I got pregnant. And I had a miscarriage, then and then I got pregnant immediately after that baby with our rainbow baby. So there was a lot of pregnancy tests that I took. I shared everyone of them with y’all. Pretty much all of them There were some with this pregnancy that I didn’t share just because I was so Very upset that I kept having miscarriages and I just I didn’t really want to record them But y’all have followed me along in this journey And I just want to do this today for anybody who is curious about this… the hook effect. Whether if you do get a negative test, are you still pregnant if you are certain far along in your pregnancy and if your pregnancy hormones HCG are so high that it’s actually making it a negative. And the reason why this happens is because Your HCG is so high that it confuses the test and it doesn’t bond To the test as it should and then it shows up negative So I’m going to test that out today with y’all and I’m really excited I’m sure I have an extra pregnancy test in here somewhere. Oh yeah, I think there’s one in here There’s one in here and It is unused. I’m going to be using the Equate brand. I believe this is from Walmart. This is a really really really good brand to use if you are trying to conceive because it’s like 88 cents and they’re very very reliable So This feels so weird to take a pregnancy test. I haven’t taken one in a long time but it Became my routine really with trying to conceive, but Here is the pregnancy test. It’s not going to focus. Here’s the blank pregnancy test and it comes with this dropper and I’ve got to pee in a cup So that’s what I’m about to do Okay, so I did Do the deed. Nah, huh? I did urinate in the cup, and I’m going to Put a Few drops in here And I will show you. I’m honestly really nervous about this really, okay One Two three Four. I don’t know why I’m nervous because I think just Everything that’s happened. It honestly has me scared of pregnancy tests, but Here’s the test See what it looks like To test this theory out You really wouldn’t think I’d be nervous, but truthfully I took so many pregnancy tests in our journey that it just Stresses me out. It looks like it’s immediately showing positive pregnancy test. I’ve kind of been avoiding this video for a while because it does kind of stressed me a little bit. Okay, so to me it looks… I mean I can’t see except in the screen But it’s looking like Extremely positive pregnancy test results Extremely positive ,so Yeah, it’s Obviously not dry but it’s Very positive so for based on my experience the hook effect Is not true But Let me know in the comments below if it was true for you whether you’ve got a negative pregnancy test and you were still pregnant. I have heard of this happening, but I think everyone is different and Everybody is probably going to get a different result But I’m kind of actually shocked because I kind of expected it To be more faint and I think that’s why I was so nervous is because I was like, like obviously I’m very pregnant but it’s still I think there’s just a lot of Everything that happened It yep, but that’s so weird. That’s so strange. It’s extremely positive, so There you have it. How crazy is that? Okay, very positive pregnancy test results. And it will continue to get darker as it sits. It’s very positive. It keeps getting darker and darker. Every time I wait for it, so this is the test line with the teeth. And this is the control line and you can see It’s just as dark as the test. I mean, it’s… well The pregnancy test line is actually probably darker than the control line Yeah, it’s very positive pregnancy test So, I don’t know if the hook effect stops working after you get to a certain point in your pregnancy and it only happens as more so in the earlier stages of your pregnancy. I don’t know. I don’t know. So let me know in the comments below if you If you had a different result than me and you were pregnant. I’m very curious now. This is crazy, okay. but Yeah, that’s crazy, huh, that’s really crazy. I don’t know. But thank y’all so much for watching. I am so thankful for y’all and following this journey with us it’s been truly incredible. And doing this pregnancy test definitely reminds me of all the negative pregnancy tests I used to get and The struggle that I went through. And the struggle that y’all have went through with me. I know a lot of y’all are still struggling to conceive And I just want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers I really do love y’all and cherish y’all so much. I was going back last night and looking watching a lot of the videos that I had posted about a year ago and stuff. It’s just amazing to me to see Just how far I’ve come to see how it was then and Just to read y’all’s comments from then And it just is it’s just incredible that I’ve been able to share this journey with y’all But I am due in December, so I don’t have much longer but I’m really excited and I’m really excited to continue sharing this journey with y’all I just want to show you again really quickly what the pregnancy test looks like now that it’s been a few minutes and This is what it looks like So super super super positive pregnancy test result.


  1. Your hair looks beautiful and I hope ur feeling better today I did the same thing I was bord and I tested at 38weeks and it was a vary dark positive also #Morganfamily

  2. I'm on my fifth pregnancy (4th baby) and never heard of the hook effect. I was 35ish weeks on Sunday, got bored and took a test. It was a cheapie strip test and I went on it instead of dipping like you're supposed to. It was still VERY positive.

  3. The hook effect only works during a time before your placenta takes over when your hcg is incredibly high. Your hcg levels out after your placenta is in charge! It is very interesting though! You should do a test with colostrum!

  4. I hadn’t heard of the hook effect til this pregnancy (I’m 9 weeks 3 days). I experienced it this time. My tests started getting lighter. I had someone in a miscarriage support group suggest the hook effect. They said to test it take one test with regular urine then dilute the urine and use it for another test. The diluted test was darker for me. When I had my first beta drawn my hcg was 214,314! If I could figure out how to add the pic I would. I was 29dPo / 6 weeks 5 days when I tried it.

  5. I have experienced what I believe to be the hook effect late in both of my successful pregnancies. I found both times that my tests went quite pale, so I tried using a very diluted urine sample and had very dark lines again.

  6. I actually knew this could happen on the fancy HCG monitors that they have in the lab rarely but I didn't know they could on a regular urine dip test! Wow!

  7. I have never heard of this until now. I wonder if this is why my urine test didn't show positive until I was 3 and a half months pregnant. That was 13urs ago.

  8. mine is the opposite. I'm not pregnant but my test shows that I am. My ovulation tests also show that I am at my peak every time I take one. I miscarried over a month ago and my hcg is going down so slowly.

    Oct 1- 13,269
    Oct 7- 2007
    Oct 21 1447
    Oct 23- 1487
    Oct 28- 904
    Oct 30- 727
    Nov 7- 579
    I go back in a few weeks to have another blood draw and a meeting with my OB. Have never been as frustrated in my life

  9. I’m curious how long after you have a baby would a positive show up, I had my daughter December last year a month after I had her I got a kidney stone and the test was still positive, I’m just curious if that’s normal.

  10. I tried it a couple weeks ago when I was 7 weeks and I did my urine untouched and In another cup was my urine and some water to dilute it and the untouched(not diluted) was super super faint and the diluted was way way way darker almost darker then the control line. It’s very interesting

  11. My sister in law would take a pregnancy test and it would show negative but she was pregnant. Hers never did show a positive, even at 5 months pregnant.

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