50 Replies to “Family Guy abortion talk”

  1. I’m sorry but when he said “but a abortion helps me get my homework done”I fell out😂😂😂

  2. It's funny how many people here actually think the MOST Retarded show that's ever existed in history is apperently the "BEST" information source for politics

  3. This video is showing up due to the algorithm 😂😂 shows how many people are talking about abortion right now.

  4. Think of this. A fetus (or how to write it) already has a brain also fingers. „My choice with my body“ abortion threatens your life more than the life of your infant. I can give you sources: rp-online.de A Woman died after taking abortion pills with already following the dosage that her doctor has given to her.


    FDA shock after reports that at least 22 woman died after taking abortion pill that was considered safe.

    Now comes the Issue „what if their parents cannot afford him“ can you imagine a parent saying that to their kids? „So yea live a normal life and I actually can‘t afford you“ it is clear that the father or parent doesn’t want to work, if he or she does, then you don’t have to say that, go work for your kids, im sure they will understand growing up.
    Okay if Rape now, that is a different case, but even that I would still consider Pro life. Oops I didn’t respect woman? Being pro life it’s different than from being anti woman. And if you are thinking that abortion is necessarily decided by women I have some other facts. A Women died after forced abortion by Men.

    If you are a feminist, you do believe in equal rights don’t you, so don’t you think the infant inside of you have the rights to live?.

  5. I can hardly believe it. Peter literally spells out the hypocrisy of pro-lifers and people still support him?!

  6. My opinion about abortion is: Nyeh! Leave me alone! I'm busy playing Super Smash Flash 2 and killing/eating millions of bronies.

  7. Christian are conservative whitch are Republican i stand against abortion all child deserves to live. Don't come with that rape bullshit she shouldn't have ask me for directions.

  8. You know, watching this is just making me more and more convinced that having a child is just not for me.

  9. “Once they get out of the vagina they can go fuck themselves” this episode had no chill whatsoever

  10. Sperm on itself doesn’t turn into a baby. And the baby isn’t Lois’ body, it’s a separate body. And being conceived through rape doesn’t make the child’s life less worthy. Endangering the mothers life or birth defects is a solid reason though.

  11. Ok listen dumbass liberals I'm pro life but allow in cases of rape, incest or endangerment to mother or child but listen if a woman is fucking dumb and doesn't use a fucking condom then no they shouldn't be able to have the abortion

  12. "Okay Peter if you're so pro-life let me ask you this. Would you go down to the orphanage to claim an unwanted baby?"
    "No, Lois. I'm here to save the unborn. Once they get out of the vagina they can go fuck themselves."

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