Family Planning Centers Prevented 760k Abortions In 2010

there was a new study released by the
got mark to institute and I think it’s fair to say that progresses
can go ahead and take a victory lap well I mean by that quote publicly funded family planning services the kind currently being gutted by state
lawmakers across the country seemed the government 10.52 billion
dollars and helped women prevent 20.2 million
unplanned pregnancies and 760,000 abortions in the year 2010 alone if that’s not a
success I don’t know what is now understand
something if the show you anything it’s that
evangelical Christian fundamentalists and the far right should be pushing for publicly funded family planning services why because the proof is in the pudding the statistics are in the date is here
we know beyond any doubt that if you want to
limit the number of abortions and you want to limit the number of unwanted pregnancies how
much to the right when your scream of the disintegration of the american
family having babies out-of-wedlock this is not acceptable terribly gotta
stop have to stop okay we know how to stop it so I do it force
the response like a service firm mean yeah I know she would like
people to not have babies out of wedlock and not
have abortions but also never used the pill and never
use condoms under any circumstances and don’t go to family planning centres but well I know some people who like
fairies and unicorns and to hold hands and sing Kumbaya I with a live version I’ve Scooby Doo when
there are other favorite cartoon characters but that’s not possible so if you want
to live in the real world if you want to be an adult if you care about backs and you care
about actual results we know the answer and the answer is
what the progressives have been saying for years and years and years you
publicly funded family planning services and you sit back and watch the 6s that
comes about from it

7 Replies to “Family Planning Centers Prevented 760k Abortions In 2010”

  1. Remember O'Brien from 1984 – he wanted to abolish the orgasm all together. The conservatives are O'Brien. It's not about family planning, it's about hating the enjoyment of sex. Especially women enjoying sex. They believe, much like Winston's wife, that sex is only for reproduction and that any enjoying of sex at all is inherently immoral.

  2. @Kyle: Dude,please go trade in one of those nice suits you have and buy a fugging mic with dual channel output,preferably optical.1 channel H-phones sucks.

  3. What is the difference between preventing pregnancy (2.2 million cited; presumably with contraception) and preventing abortion (760,000)? There were 760,000 pregnant women who chose not to abort because of these centers? I doubt it. What does that number mean? And how many abortions performed at those centers during same time period?

  4. The 1st Amendment states that Congress(or any State) shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.Why do they keep doing it?The answer is that the 80% of god-worshippers think that religious laws are good laws. I refuse to live under Christian Law the same as I would in no way live under Islam's Sharria Law!

  5. They want there to be consequences for enjoying sex. I guess they don't have fun, and they don't want anyone else to have fun.

  6. It's like they believe being happy is immoral. Must be why they're so damned determined to make everybody else so miserable.

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