FAQ #7 — BC Rich Guitars, Infant Annihilator, Slipknot vs System Of A Down…

thank you Tom thank you Tom what's up guys in training it's that time of the week it's that time for another FAQ video I always hate starting these videos because I don't know what to say and then I ramble and talk about a bunch of your relevant things like I'm doing right now before we get started on the questions I just want to mention a couple of things first and foremost I want to give a big thank you to all my patreon subscribers as always their names are on the screen right now these lovely people over here second of all I want to let you know where you guys can comment your questions so that I will answer them or will potentially answer them in a future video so there's two ways to do this number one very easy just comment your question on this video and I will pick some questions that I think are interesting and I said them next time number two if you're interested in joining my discord server it's completely free and open to anyone that is linked in the description below so you can go check that out as well and in my discord there is an FAQ submissions a channel where you can do the same thing let me know a question and I will try to potentially answer it if I think it'll be interesting so I think that's pretty much it so let's get started with the questions the first question comes from my discord server from 12 the string of bass boy and he asks what is your opinion on the new lineup of bc rich guitars so bc rich guitars if you guys don't know they are the company that makes the ridiculous pointy metal looking guitars like the mockingbird and what's the other one that's super popular the Warlock our DC Ridge guitars I think when I was like 13 to 60 and I like wanted a warlock so bad that was like my dream guitar and then as I got older I stopped liking the whole metal pointy guitar just looking thing and yeah I've just got a not really interested in BC Ridge at all at this point in time however with that being said the new models that they've been posting actually look pretty good apparently they're trying to like revamp and reboot their brand so I don't know maybe I'll see more of that at NAMM this coming winter or maybe they're due right now it's summer name I don't know because I'm here and not in Nashville obviously yeah so BTW rich metal guitars not for me but the new ones maybe next up is another question for Mike discord suitor from roots it's a two-part question he asks a beer or wine and have you ever laughed at the wrong moment the beer wine is a super easy choice for me obviously I choose beer every time I don't hate wine my fiance Sarina drinks wine not all the time but she always will choose wine over here but me personally I don't know I just like beer better I don't do anything too crazy with fear I'm not into like craft beers or whatever I don't really care that much I personally really like 1664 which is like a French beer or Corona pretty basic stuff as long as it's like a light beer I'm happy and I don't really care that much as for laughing at the wrong time yeah obviously that's happened to me tons of times a good example is just like when I was younger I would always like laugh when my dad was mad at me which obviously was a terrible idea because that made him even more mad at me so that's really the only thing that comes to mind is it was usually stuff to do with like school or homework or whatever I can't really think of any recent times where I laughed at something inappropriate and got caught at least the text questions from YouTube from Alonso Ponce and they asked loved the FAQ series and what is your favorite bTW Bam song and album so for those of you that don't know bTW Bam stands for Between the Buried and Me my favourite Between the Buried and Me album is colors of course hands-down no competition my favorite song on the other hand is a wait harder choice because if you've ever listened to that band you know that basically when you it's hard to pick a song because all their albums go from like song one to the end and it just kind of sounds like one cohesive piece of music it's not like song song song song if that makes sense damn and that's a really tough one I think I would have to go with Sun of nothing for my favorite bTW bad song of all time again off the colours album next question comes from discord from decaf i decaf iced tea and they asked on a scale of 1 to 10 how much of an epic gamer are you I'm not much of an epic gamer I like playing a lot of video games but I'm really really bad at them I don't play like online games basically at all anymore I used to play like Call of Duty when I was in high school when that was like the super puppet I guess it's still a super popular but I lost interest after high school so I don't like online game and or I definitely no competitive league in because I got my ass kicked but I do play a lot of video games I can't remember ever showing you guys my game collection but I'll show that on the screen right now so yeah me and Serena together have a ton of video games we have almost every console frog what is it like the n64 onwards the only one we're missing is like the Dreamcast and the original Xbox because neither of those neither of us had those but other than that we have like one of almost every console that I can think of at least we have quite a lot of games I personally play xbox more than ps4 so all my games are digital though so I don't have any physical games because I just stopped caring about going to the store I figured like why would I go to a store and buy a game and come home and install it when I can just like or it and have it download while I sleep and then it's ready to go like exactly what the game launches but I digress so I don't know how ever much of an epic gamer that makes me that's what I am I don't know I don't have a real answer for you there my dude next question is from British panda on discord and they asked what is your favorite guitar that you don't own I feel like I answered this already in one of my first ftq videos but whatever so I got two answers this time the first answer is the same one that I already gave which is the Ibanez FTM 33 which is of course for tanam there sorry important with the book Frederic thorn dolls from meshuggaas signature model I just think it's like the coolest one of the coolest looking 8 rings I've ever seen even though the finish is super playing just like that body style on a string I've never seen anything like it I think it's awesome I really really love to own one of those one day and number two would be an Ernie Ball Music Man majesty these guitars are more common like I've seen them a lot more in person and I know a few people that have them but I always thought that they're beautiful and now that I have an Ernie Ball endorsement maybe I'll actually get a majesty someday next question comes from Randy F shout out to Randy he runs a YouTube channel called guitar lessons that I've featured on a couple weeks ago so go check that out if you're interested in learning about guitar lessons obviously I'm also going to be doing a couple more lessons with him in the future so keep an eye on that channel for those but anyways his question is I listen to an absolute ton of fortress when it came out ahead of blasting them on their tour in flames and Killswitch Engage so he's talking to purchase the hero in regards to my last I pick to you and then he asks if you could only have one guitar for a year how many strings would it have so if I was only allowed to play one guitar for a year I would obviously choose an 8 string guitar just because then at least I have a seven string and a six string all in there just in case I want to use less strings that's probably what I would choose so that I could do drop EE dropping a and drop D I guess if I wanted to of course no standard tuning is because standard tunings should be illegal next question guys from discord from Carson and he asked how was your day sir I'm doing pretty good today yesterday was my birthday and I also received this package from Ernie ball and I'm proud to announce that I am endorsed by Ernie ball now so this is a little bit of a change for me I think that their strings are great I've used them occasionally in the past of course I was endorsed by stranger I previously so this is again a bit of a change but already they've given me like a ton of new strings to play with if they give me like a bunch of new guitar picks to play with a few new guitar straps bunch of other stuff so I'm really looking forward to this relationship and then of course it also has the potential to the perhaps turn into and the instrument thing as well like I was saying earlier maybe one day I could get my hands on a majesty or something like that we'll see but yeah very excited about the Ernie Ball thing and yesterday was my birthday which is great I don't really do too much on my birthday I usually keep it pretty low-key so I just had like dinner with my family my aunt formal Terios in town so that was nice to see her again and yeah and then other than that today I'm getting ready for my little brother's wedding which is in two days so it's been a very busy day but a very fun day and yeah it's going well thanks for asking next up comes from a synth Chris on YouTube and he s pumped for the new infinite and I know that our album comes out in September yes I cannot wait to hear the new infinite I letter I absolutely love that Ben and I dearly miss Eddie and Aaron I haven't seen them in like five years now which is depressing as hell so shout out to Eddie and Aaron I can't wait to hear what crazy stuff they come up with this time because their last album was insane and the one before that was insane and they just keep getting crazier and crazier and I love it also this element has a feature from Alex who is the vocalist of blacktone so that's gonna be awesome overall I'm just really excited to get this album and yes I'm very excited to hear your name from an Idolator ex question comes from discord from dill tate and they asked what do you look like with a mustache well I look like this with a mustache which nobody probably ever wanted to see in their life so I'm never gonna do that again fun fact I look like that when I opened for periphery like five or six years ago so that was my first time playing guitar live with my bag black to Pegasus because I used to get vocals and also that's what I looked like when I opened for crew free which is a terrible life decision and looking back on any but it was pretty funny at the time it was also the day before I met Serena so luckily I shaved this immediately after the show otherwise we probably wouldn't be getting married next question comes from our Romeo tried on this board and he asked what do you prefer a multiscale or normal and why this is another question I think I'm answered in the past I have both male scale and straight scale frets I kind of I don't know it's a tough question because there's benefits to both I've definitely mentioned this before cuz my answer is gonna be the same and as I'm thinking about it I already know what I'm gonna say so the benefits to multiscale are obviously you get better tension across all the strings so that's a plus but the benefit of the scrim scale is it's not such a pain in the ass to swap pickups so that's really kind of my opinion at this point in time I don't know I don't really use any weird tunings anymore that often like again it's usually drop a drop in your drop see so having multi scale like it helps a little bit but it's not like that big of a deal but on the other hand since I have an agreement with Seymour Duncan they don't make you know off-the-shelf fan fret pickup so for that reason I would rather have straight skills so that I can swap pickups and try new things because it's a lot harder to do that with a multi scale guitar so that's kind of it personally in terms of playability they both feel basically the same like I don't find there to be any adjustment period to learning how to play a multi scale guitar I guess for the feel I prefer smaller scale but for the convenience I prefer straight scale if that makes any sense next question comes from a low-budget Nisha man sewer on my discord server and he asks will my question ever get answered alright moving on next question comes from fear on my discourse in Vernon he asks what is your favorite non custom guitar company brands such as Ibanez Shechter Ltd etc and why well my favorite is solar guitars which probably is pretty obvious because I have three of them so Ola England and solar guitars would be my personal choice for non custom guitars cuz look how goddamn beautiful that is it's so simple just one color but those cutaways and these guitars are so awesome for the price the stock pickup sound great even though they're you know just OAM pickups they sound awesome everything about his guitars or sorry solar guitars is just great so this is my choice for non custom production model guitars personally other favorites would be like Ltd because their stuff is pretty good and you like punches kind of about its price range like I don't know like the ec1000 the EC 400 like all the four hundred and a thousand Series guitars that L TV makes are always good prestige Ivan is are always good Schechter's always yeah I don't know man like with production guitars there's lots of good ones so it's really about finding the one that you personally like the feel of whether that be like the neck or the sock pickups or whatever but my personal choice would be solar guitars next question is an impossible one from zen on this chord in PS slipped off your system of a down i literally don't know how to answer this question because i cannot imagine not listening to either of them those bands were such huge influences for me and they were two of the first bands that I ever got into it was like Lincoln Park System of a Down and then Slipknot in that order I'm pretty sure and then of course it spiraled out of control from there the some of it out is so good and so unique but Slipknot is more like to do with how my writing style came from because I don't write anything that sounds like your system down that's for sure but so if not I took more influence from so now I got a good system of it down even though Slipknot technically has done more for me in terms of my play style system of the I'm just I don't know man there's something else there's never even another band that sounds like that so I would pick system of a down next question goes from Paul King on YouTube and TAS hey Andrew do you like the TV show stranger things yes I love stranger things I just finished watching the new season I guess last week probably that means you're gonna finish it I thought it was great spoiler alert so if you haven't seen the new episode of show you things did not listen at this part of the video I thought that they did not really explain the connection between like the Russians and the gate like why were the Russians doing that that wasn't really explained so I thought that was kind of lame unless I'm just stupid and there's something but other than that literally everything else about the new season was awesome I almost cried on the last episode I have like never cried for a TV ship before so yeah it was very very good also my dishwasher just you're not so sorry about that sound quality though yeah it's done now the final question comes from Phil Marquez on YouTube how's it goin Phil long time no talk he asked what is the weirdest compliment you've ever received from a fan so I can't remember a compliment but the last time that we went on tour we played in Alberta at this festival and the day that we were leaving like fit for an autopsy was playing who were amazing bad and I was like sitting there watching and this kid just like came up to me and was like hey man I saw your cover of dark horse by Katy Perry and it's like an abomination to music like to my face and I was like what the fuck like why would you say that to me then he's like yeah but like all your other music is awesome but look man you should like delete that cover cuz it's really bad anyway is nice meeting you bye and like fucked off and I was just like why what makes you think that I would want to hear you say that like how is that an okay thing to say to a person like I don't know not really a compliment I guess it is a compliment but like a very underhanded one that really pissed me off fuck that guy wherever he is I will not delete my Katy Perry cover because I love that cover all right okay so Ciara asks what does your fiance think about the leggings and your face on them I think they are a glorious masterpiece that everybody should own in their closet that's like a staple piece of fashion you definitely I will never wear them but you need them alright that's it for this week's FAQ video hopefully you guys enjoyed once again leave your questions in the comments below or on my discourse or either way I'll be picking from both sources hopefully you guys enjoyed this video if you did I look forward to reading your questions thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you guys next time

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  1. Hey Andrew!
    Any news about that Chinese brand NK guitar ? If I recall they intended to send you a 7 string for a review.
    Cheers from Greece!

  2. Hey Andrew,I just watched the faq 3 and as you were talking about your old picking style using 3 fingers, and that’s how I hold my pick. Is there any way I can correct that.

  3. Back in 2001, System of a Down and Slipknot did a tour together called Pledge of Allegiance. Mudvayne, Rammstein, American Head Charge, and this little known band from Chicago called No One. At the time, I had some connections to No One and they wound up hooking me up backstage passes. Got to meet Shavo and John from SOAD, saw the majority of Slipknot without masks on (this was a big deal in 2001), and got to fistbump them as they headed out on stage for their set. Mind-blowing night.

  4. I am a 12 year old who’s first guitar was his dream guitar
    My dream guitar is either a bc rich stealth or Ibanez xpt700

  5. What strings do you suggest for a multi scale 8-string? Something I can use for drop E/F# standard and F standard?

  6. That intro gave me a good laugh.

    I have a Question: have you ever dreamed of specific riffs or even complete songs, woken up and wrote them down or made them into a song later? Asking because this has been happening to me lately and I find it disconcerting for some reason.

  7. What's your favorite thing about me? ( I know it's a long list so condense it down if you need to <3 )

  8. Do you have a cheap live rig solution? Also I met a red handed denial after watching Lauren on my break at work the same day.

  9. what is the very first song you learned to play on guitar? and how long did it take you to master/perfect that song?

  10. Dude your channel decent ,but you gotta stop with the i got this i got that in endorsed by! Who cares man just make music bro!!!!

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