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  1. To stop periods which is a detoxification process useing accupressure point below the centre of lower lip stimulating that point is important to get rid of bleeding and all the painful cramping without having any pills.
    Else drinking hot water and avoiding spicy meals are the best ways.

  2. Sorry but Distilled Water WOULD deplete most of your minerals to the extent that your teeth can start decaying, breaking and your bones becoming brittle. Drink spring or mineral water.

  3. I have done dry fasting for 2 months in a row now for my period and have been pain free every time. I thought there was something wrong because they were very clean heavy periods  how can there be no pain. It really is so amazing how much easier it is if you simply stop eating the day before, no water either, nothing. Dry fasting just keeps surprising me every time.

  4. If Ramadan or lent. Take a multivitamin at night. When eat at night. I don't intermittent fast. I and white skin but I heard Ethiopian the African have their own culture. And they go a week fast by no meat. I was a vegetarian for a week before I learned that.

  5. Hii.. I started my fast yesterday am on day 2.. And i just got my period.. I dont know if is a good idea to keep going? Or not.. But i was really looking forward for this fast to lose some kilos.. I enjoyed ur vídeo so much.. Thought that made be I could ask u.. Thank uuu 💚

  6. Gosh I am on day 6/40 of my water fast and started my period day 5…. the pain is there but I am really trying to ignore it 😔

  7. Yesterday should be my 1st day but i eat because i am afraid I faint in school 😩 but now i am going to start 😉 wish me a luck 🥰

  8. Im 3 days in and going strong but i can feel my period coming on, I'm going to push through. Side note, where'd you buy your cardigan? I love it!

  9. You are such a lovely and radiant woman! I really enjoyed your video. Thank you so much for sharing your process. Bless you ❤

  10. I love this video! I was so happy when you said you were plant biased (I'm vegan 😊) so that's super cool!

  11. Are you also eating healthier in general while being plant based….. I mean, are you also avoiding junk foods, fried, alcohol etc; as opposed to when you were including animal proteins? This can greatly contribute to your over all health improvement.
    For those of us who are carbohydrate intolerant and cannot do just plant based, we can gain improvement by having healthily prepared (no frying) animal products ad vegetables. We don't have to go vegetarian to obtain great health.

  12. Great video. You did a great job of explaining our personal experiences. I’m going to experiment with this very soon. I have a lot of believe in my body to do what it needs to do and am not going to approach it with a deficit based mindset. My body can handle water fasting with grace whilst I’m on my cycle! Will keep y’all updated!

  13. I'm on day 14 and I got my period 3 days ago, and I haven't lost any weight for the past 3 days. Is this normal?

  14. My only concern about water fasting during my cycle is that I’m usually bloated during my cycle. I would hate to retain more water than usual. Hopefully that won’t be the case. I’ll be starting in two days!!

  15. Great video!!! You provided excellent information, pointers & insight into your experience! Just what I was looking for!!!!

  16. I also got my period on the 4th day and I didn’t even think about it .. Ugh I’m like dying now … I’m not hungry … I just feel awful

  17. I couldn’t drink water after 20 plus days of fasting. After pausing during my period now trying to do sea salt flush daily so I won’t reach my water /salt balance soon . That may help as I try to do a more extended fast this time around. Plus side I had incredible energy after couple days into the fast!

  18. I don’t think we should fast on period. Iron and other nutrients loss during bleeding … if we cut our finger then it’s recommended to eat to heal .. magnesium is good for period .. that works

  19. Period I eAt a ton of fruit and 90% cocoa chocolate bar and spinach cooked in tomatoe sauce with sweet basil and garlic with brown rice pasta- cooked spinach is super high in magnesium which regulates period symptoms

  20. I dry fasted on one of my cycles and felt the best I have during s cycle in a long time. Becoming plant based also has helped me actually get my periods regulated after two years of it getting off track. Granted, I started doing cleanses and liquid fasting and dry fasting in January which has helped me heal stuff I set out to heal. I wasn’t able to fast my last cycle although I’m really telling my body I want to fast / dry fast on my next cycle coming in a week. Thanks for sharing your experience and insight! I realize I need to prep better before fasting. I can’t live without electrolytes and especially magnesium citrate on my period cycle so I decided to make sure I’m taking more throughout the month on my non fasting days.

  21. I've been doing an extended juice fast, (30+ days), and my period disappeared. I've never ever skipped a month and lately I've been incredibly regular, bleeding with the dark moon for the past six months. I was really concerned until I heard from a profesional a female body builder that when people diet it can happen, especially if you are overweight. It happens in conjunction with the weight loss.

    Ironically I am drinking beet juice while watching this. I have to remind myself to drink as well. It helps with dizziness if you have enough water in your system.

  22. When I did the water fast on my cycle it was very late then it stayed up to 8days when I'm normally 6days. Never happened before and it hurt so bad.

  23. I got my period within the 2 day of my fast I was panicking like omg. How am I gonna handle the cravings. But somehow I was determined not too. I did slip up and had a couple bites here and there but mainted drinking mainly liquids. My bleeding wasn't as heavy no cramps a slight discomfort that's about it. I love smoothies and one bite of something to make me satisfied with the act of chewing. And that's good enough for me. I think I'm bit orthorexic. I'm overly critical about fasting dieting.

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