Fatal Attraction (4/8) Movie CLIP – Alex Is Pregnant (1987) HD

I’m pregnant. I saw my gynecologist
on Monday. Here’s his card.
You can call him. You don’t, uh… Use anything? No. I had a very bad
miscarriage last year. I thought
I couldn’t get pregnant. How do you
know it’s mine? Because I don’t
sleep around. I…I apologize. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Don’t worry.
You’re not going to have
to handle this alone. Handle what? An abortion. I’ll…I’ll pay for it. What makes you think
I want an abortion? You’re not going
to have the baby. Why not? There are plenty of
one-parent families. They don’t
end in divorce. I don’t have a say
in this? I want this child. It has nothing
to do with you. I want it
whether you’re
involved or not. Why are you telling me? Just go do it. I hoped you’d want
to be part of it. This… This is crazy. This is totally insane. I’m 36 years old. It may be
my last chance. Alex… Just think
what you’re saying. Just think about it. We are going to
live with this For the rest
of our lives. I know that. I’ve thought
of that. I know how you feel.
It’s a big thing.

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  1. Everyone is trying to be the contrarian and say dan is the villain but he's not. sure life is full of grey areas and neither side is fundamentally good and evil, but one side is more in the wrong than the other, and that's Alex. she's a clear borderline personality, and while that doesnt ahtomatically make her a bad person or make her the villian, it speaks to her motives, and her approach. She likely avoided using protection to try to get pregnant, its possible it wouldnt work, but shes proven throughout the movie to be calculating to get his attention. and she's keeping the baby SOLELY as a manipulation tactic to get his attention and force him into her life. sure he fucked up by sleeping with her, that was dumb and wrong, but she HUNTED his ass down during the courting process, she was the AGGRESOR in the courting process, and she threw herself on him sexually despite KNOWING he was married. despite all of that she was determined to get what she wanted, BABY OR NOT. even in an affair the vast majority of side chicks wouldn't jeopardize a marriage and a family over it… she did. Does dan deserved to be terrorized, have his child kidnapped, his marriage and family threatened, have a dead rabbit cooked in a pot, and be the victim of constant harassment and attention seeking behavior by ANY MEANS NECESSARY, because of one mistake where they BOTH knew the stakes? nah. is it not morally wrong to sleep with a married guy as Well? at least on a lower level? I think so. she's the villain, even if she didn't try to murder him and possibly his wife at the end. she intentionally forces a situation that would have a dead end for herself because she doesn't have the sense of self and self love to pursue a relationship that could possibly work out.

  2. Wow see how this turned messy really quick? I don't why she wanted to get pregnant by him? He was a jerk and very mean hearted towards her, she was trynna to bond wih him but he didn't want that. She really liked him and seemed very nice, like a peach but he ways made her rotten. Alex was using the kid to hold him close to her, but she should've clearly saw that he didn't want that. If she would've had that kid, she would've regretted it. Why? He would've been a jerk to her and the poor child! He was outta line anyway and he got what he deserved….Sadly those two women had to pay for it. 😓😓😓😓😓😓

  3. I've written a fan fiction (Power Rangers) where Alex Forest does give birth to her child, which turns out to be a boy. She uses him to get to Dan and he rejects both her and his son, which causes the son to resent his father for rejecting him and plots revenge.

  4. It was his mistake. I get that. Even if she was on something, he should’ve worn a condom to prevent any STDs that he could’ve brought home to his wife, but then again she’s pretty damn crazy for her persistence.

  5. When she says “what makes you think I want an abortion?”, the look on his face is such a perfect reaction. Michael Douglas is an amazing actor.

  6. “You play fair with me, I’ll play fair with you.”
    That should’ve been part of that clip! Creepy!!!!!!!!

  7. Life is SO complicated isn't it? Watching this is so bad. This is why you don't do what they did. We all make mistakes, but … They are what they are. She was a crazy stranger, and he cheated.

  8. I bet if Alex had the baby Ellen would have had a half sibling and Alex as her step mom/second mother. Dan would then be trapped in child support with the woman he had an affair with. I wonder if Alex would buy Ellen a new rabbit as a gift to her stepdaughter.

  9. In all honesty, I am not on Dan's side. Tthe more I think, the more I empathise with Alex and feel that they created her into this monster but that the truth of the character is that of tremendous pain that she has felt.

  10. Yeah I haven’t seen the movie in a while… was she actually pregnant with his kid. I mean that sucks if she was cause well I for sure remember the ending lol

  11. If you're going to cheat, do it with somebody hotter than your significant other. Anne Archer was the smoker in this movie

  12. I was hoping for an open debate as to whether the baby is actually there. Since Alex is mentally abusive I wanted to know everyone's thoughts.

  13. Look at the ad in the background with the man and the woman toasting each other with the caption "A glorious beginning" underneath. How ironic.

  14. At first I thought she was lying or at least up to something shady (maybe giving a fake 'dr.' #) but absolutely believe she was pregnant. He banged her *multiple x w/ out a condom. Again..my initial 'reasoning' was a product of the x (80s, 90s) which was the same way of thinking the Oscars screwed her over in '88. :/

  15. When she said with that smile “ I know that, I thought about that. I know how you feel it's a big thing”. If you didn't know up till then you know now this woman ain't going away quietly.

  16. impressive as it remains current, all the cast very young, beautiful and talented. This film proves that the old films still have something to say, i think it overcomes many current romantic dramas.

  17. The most painfull, crushing, devastating and depressing thing for a wife to deal with us to know her husband has created a child outside of their marriage with another women. Many wives have been brought to their knees in despair over this. Dan's reaction is priceless, not just in this scene but many; that the other woman/one night stand doesn't mean anything to him/men. Dan's reactions and dialogue with Alex show, he is not and will not be emotionally connected to get at all because he doesn't really want her , he only wanted the thrill in the sack. Dan like most men who cheat does it out of opportunity and availability. Douglas played the role very well.

  18. This was scary you never know what kind of person you cheated with I knew a girl the wife. Drove by the other woman's house shot a gun at her I guess that's what happens when you mess with something that doesn't belong to you.

  19. Nothing justifies her actions. She’s a psychotic and dangerous person, and dans infidelity is no excuse for her tormenting his family. What is wrong with some of you? YouTube comment sections are a wasteland of immoral fools.

  20. See selfish men out there????? This is what happens to your loyal women at home when you want to stray and show off! There are crazy’s out there! Jealousy kills

  21. Yes Dan is a cheating jerk but Alex isn’t innocent either.
    She had no business getting involved with a married man.

  22. The fact that she felt the need to tell him is a notion I agree on. It's better to tell him now then to wait later on when she's walking around with that baby and he overreacts…..but…..what threw her over the edge was after all that cheating, one little mistake made him go crazy because his lifestyle was over.

  23. Good movie. He let his eyes control him and look he got her😂 Can't be out here playing with people emotions

  24. Everything he’s saying to her is real life. If you the woman is in this situation, this is what he’s going to say to you.

  25. She says it might be her last chance to have a child and yet Dan wants to give her the money to take that chance away

  26. I love how he asks her 'You don't use anything?' Honey, if you don't want to impregnate someone you can always wrap it.

  27. It’s wrong that he cheated but he felt he wasn’t getting any love and attention from his wife because she was busy taking care of their daughter. Bottom line, he had needs, he acted on them, thought it was gonna be a quick fling with Alex and it put him and his family through hell.

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