8 Replies to “Fate of The Condemned-Dying Fetus”

  1. 1:52 i'm gonna end your hair, nothing will remain CUTCUTCUTCUTCUTCUT be patient, all your hair will be gone CUTCUTCUTCUTCUTCUT be calm, i won't cut it all CUTCUTCUTCUTCUTCUTCUTCUTCUTCUTCUTCUTCUTCUTCUTCUTCUTCUTCUTCUTCUTCUTCUTCUTCUTCUTCUTCUTCUT it is tricky and pictures how john gallagher deprives people of their hair

  2. anyway, great song

    my interpretation:

    'the thrust of fascist hair campaigns
    inspires my will to be a bald
    adversary til the end
    against all the rest of hair

    peaceful haireligious tolerance
    ends in baldening violence'

  3. their first 'full-length' release is Infatuation with Malevolance 'album', which contains Infatuation with Malovelnce and Bathe in Entrails demos. Their first real album is Purification Through Violence.

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