39 Replies to “Fathers can’t take the pain of childbirth”

  1. Lol many women are dying and some are even dead while laboring and all you care to rant about is who is tougher and stronger? Precisely the mentality of ignorant scums! Not to mention that it is men who do the years of research and innovations to provide safer, healthier, less painful labor process and to fight back mortality during childbirth.

  2. I am not trying to be offensive but… this does not prove girls are stronger. What I am saying is that they have to do this. There is no option. I am not trying to be offensive btw

  3. Hmm, wonder how many women should endure coal and metal mining and loading 20kg weights all day long, getting cancer and metal poisoning…. …

  4. But you know what? Women can't give birth after 45, don't don't have mens, but men has balls till they die.

  5. Pfft….. Ive had my dick head stuck in my zipper before!
    I was numb for 2 days straight.
    The same thing happened to my balls and it felt like it was bleeding.

  6. You know the reason women don’t move around is because they have instincts to cooperate. This shouldn’t be used for debate.

  7. Stop trying to find things to compare you dumbasses getting hit in the balls does not compare to childbirth women die from it or are left permanently damaged not the same moron

  8. Its all fun and games but i would rather suffer a few minutes of that than to court a woman for 1 year while the woman doesnt really have to do anything to get a mans attention

  9. I feel like men gets a taste of that pain when they get kicked in the balls the difference is, ours is equivalent to continuously being kicked at the balls at regular then faster intervals until the attacker is satisfied. (baby is born.)

  10. Funny to me being an observor as the world crumbles while the two sexes fight to claim the dominant ground

  11. ''mothers are tougher'' boy o boy the double standards in todays world is justttttt out of control. Claiming men as tougher would label that person a misogynist lol yet we're suppose to glorify mothers as if they're some sort of super human eh. ok

  12. It's probably not even the same amount of pain women get, maybe they just decided to put them through as much pain as possible. Just to prove a point. Different people have a higher or lower threshold to pain.

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