– [Voiceover] I’m trying to figure out what is she saying? What exactly is she saying? Find out in Vlog number 29. ♫ What you won’t do ♫ What you won’t do ♫ Won’t do for love ♫ Won’t do for love ♫ You tried everything ♫ But you don’t give up ♫ What you won’t do ♫ Do for love ♫ You tried everything ♫ But you don’t give up ♫ – Good afternoon, huntys and huncles. So, I put together a
collage for my husband. It is father’s day. I love and appreciate that man. I am so obsessed with him. You know, I value him, he’s my husband, he’s the father of my
children, he’s my best friend. I just value everything about him. He is so hard working, he
works so hard every single day to just provide for his family, and I just wanted to
share something special with you guys and show
him how much I love him. Adam, I love you so much,
and thank you so much for being a part of my
life, God has truly blessed me with the man of my dreams. You are the man of my dreams. And I love you. (laughs) ♫ You are heaven sent ♫ Smooth ♫ Just like this melody ♫ And you make me smile when I’m down ♫ And you make me sad
when you’re not around ♫ You’re a superstar ♫ I know you’ll make it far ♫ And you’ll make me proud for trying hard ♫ I’ll love you no matter what you are ♫ And you know I’ll
still be here when I cry ♫ And you know ♫ I’ll be right by your side ♫ No matter what you say or do ♫ I’ll still be here when you need me ♫ – Hey, what’s going on, everyone? Guess who I see right noW? I see Ezra and Rock. How you been man? – Good, how are you? – Good. Were are you running? Uncle Rock. How have you been brother. – I’m just here, man,
living, working, yes sir. – [Adam] Yeah man, you know
we’re wrapping up the vlog. This is the very last vlog, you know? And I’m like, yo, let me come say what up. – Yeah man. – [Adam] Last vlog of the
season, the season end. The ant killer priest. What’s new, how you been? – Good. – [Adam] I like your
haircut, looking fresh. He runs a lot man, I can tell. – He’s weird too, he’s a weird eater, eh? He doesn’t eat a lot of what
you would think kids would eat. – I only eat healthy stuff. Like, I love healthy stuff. – [Adam] Really? – I won’t eat chicken much. – [Adam] Oh, wow. I was about to give you this fried chicken that’s in my pocket. – I still wouldn’t eat it. – [Rock] What do you like? – I like salad. I like strawberries. – [Adam] So he eats clean, then. – Yeah, he does. – [Adam] Good for him. You’re training him well. – That’s him. At his age, like, I don’t try to really.. – [Adam] It’s hard to moderate them, but if he’s doing his thing? – [Rock] Yeah, just. – [Adam] Pro athlete right here, yo. You got a skateboard now? – Yeah. – I just walked in here, and I’ve seen him on the bike, I’ve seen him play baseball. Now he’s gonna skateboard, he’s probably gonna do some soccer. And then, most importantly, he’s gonna do some Tai Chi and bust up his dad. – Wind Shu? He doesn’t do it no more. – [Adam] He doesn’t do it no more? – No – [Adam] What’s it called, Wind Chu? – Wind Chu? Wind Chong, Wind Chu? How’s it going though? Like, last season.. What are you doing for the next season? You got anything planned? – [Adam] You know what? – Like, trips or.. – Yeah, yeah, we’re doing
a lot of trips, man. We’re doing a lot, a lot of trips in July. Actually from the next couple of days, so. We’re gonna change the format. We’re actually just
gonna do highlight vlogs recapping where we were. – [Rock] Oh, okay. – You know, just highlight vlogs. We’re not gonna do three
times a week vlogs, just for the month of July. We want to enjoy summer, you know? That’s really the plan for July. We’re potentially planning
on going to London, again. In August, so we’ll see how that pans out. We’re going to Bahamas,
going to Los Angeles, we may go to Atlanta. – [Rock] You gonna do a promo anywhere? – Well, wherever we go, we
connect with the supporters, the huntys and the huncles. So that’s a given. It’s important, you know,
to connect with the viewers. And it’s important for us because, sometimes we create these videos, and it becomes such second nature that we actually forget that
people are watching the videos. – [Rock] Right, right, right. – Like we just worry about
putting the content out, and then we forget that
there’s actually people behind there watching, and we
go out to different places, and we see them, and it’s like, oh wow. There’s people out there. You know what really amazes me? When people tag me on photos of where they’re watching the video. So, like, in their basements, they’ll take a picture of the
TV and stuff like that. And I’m like, man, this
person is in Brazil, in a random place, watching our vlog! So shout out to some of the places we’re planning to go this summer. Man, your street is so calm, man. I would just, literally just chill here. – [Rock] Yeah, it’s pretty chill. This is it. – [Adam] This is it, like,
it literally feels like those movies scenes where people live. – Right? Hi, say hi, Dal. – [Sudalia] Bye, love you. Say hi! – [Sudalia] I said hi! Sup? – [Adam] Hey, what’s your name? – Sudalia. – [Adam] Sudalia. – Hello. – [Adam] You’re LaToya’s cousin! – Yes. – [Adam] How come you never visit? – Well, how come LaToya never visits? – [Adam] Ooh, shots fired. – But I love her. – [Adam] Take care. Who was that, her dude? – Nah, it was her friend. – Homeboy just came and took her away from us just like that. – He didn’t take nothing! She’s spending her time, that’s all. She’s getting older, that’s it. I mean, she’s got friends. What.. – [Adam] That’s it, dog! – Hey, man. – [Adam] Your daughter is gone, bro! – She ain’t gone. Nah, she’s in good hands, bro. – [Adam] She’s in good hands? – She’s in good hands. – [Adam] She was so quick
to dash outta here, brother! – Oh yeah, she’s got plans! She’s got big plans. She’s a grown ass teenager, trust me. – [Adam] I gotta expect
that from Samia too? This is why I talk about these two. This is such uh.. This literally feels like a
movie, this street right here. A traditional north American street. – This is what you’re supposed to do after you get out of the hood. You’re supposed to be
able to get to a level where you can just relax, legally. Just live life. You don’t have to watch over your back. – You know, I’m gonna give you guys some major keys, some major doors. I want you guys to take
the word “project,” what does project really mean, right? It’s like, project is an assignment, it’s usually for a short period of time, you do it and then you
get a result, right? – [Rock] Right. – So, when you’re in the project, if you’re watching this from the project, wherever you are, I’m talking specifically to people who are in these
government built complexes. These platforms, these
complexes were designed for you to be there, temporarily. Because you are in a project, you are there for a
temporary time, to get out. You know what I’m saying? And I know at times it gets tough, and we get complacent, and we get stuck. And we adapt, but it’s a project. That’s the word, it’s a project. You have to come out of there. – People in the project,
have a commitment, a feeling commitment to that project, because they’ve had to
connect with so many people in that project just to eat,
just to live, just to breathe. It’s like being loyal to a farm, because you’re in poverty, but it’s like, the togetherness– Out here, yeah you say it’s
a nice suburban street, but where are my regions? Where are my friends? Where are the people? Everybody’s in their house,
they came home from work, who’s not tired, who’s not stressed out? Everybody’s in their
house, in their backyards. In the project, everybody’s together. It’s more of a together thing. So, it’s like give and take. But really, and truly, if
you’ve been through so much in the hood, like in the hood,
you deserve to get old, man. Don’t forget where you come from. – [Adam] Exactly. – I’m saying you can’t
forget where you come from. But you deserve to get out, man. – [Adam] Why are you
in the fetal position? (laughs) So, okay, we’re gonna
get this youtube channel on and popping, start
brewing some ideas, okay? And start recording. Come August, we start recording. You guys heard it here first! Youtube star coming. I believe in you, do
you believe in yourself? Gimme one reason why
you believe in yourself. – Because I’m cute. – Bruh. That’s the most logical reason
you believe in yourself, cause you’re cute? (laughs) – [Rock] He said it’s cause he’s cute. – Just when girls see my face, they’re gonna like it already. – [Adam] You are the
most conceited son of a.. Son of Rock. – [Rock] Haha, you are the
most conceited son of Rock! Yeah, that’s funny. – [Adam] Oh my God. This is what you’re producing out here? – Well, that’s him, you know. I don’t do it, man. I make him read books and do
push ups and stuff like that. He.. This is.. Telekinesis in a beast. – [Adam] When the girls are watching you, what are some of the things you do? – I dunno. Play video games. – [Adam] Play video games. For them? – Some girls like video games. – [Adam] I see, you’re not
snitching on yourself no more. You’re getting smarter. I’ve been on two vlogs, like I ain’t snitching on myself no more! I’m not gonna say it no more! He’s laughing too, he knows, eh? You think you’re in the nice, now, eh? My boy Zayn, Zayn better
not be like this man. He is.. – [Rock] Dog, you were athletic then. – [Adam] I’m athletic too now, man. I will out run you. – [Rock] Probably could. – Oh, I’m talking to them. – [Rock] Oh. (laughs) Are you faster than Stud? – [Adam] Stud? I’ve seen Stud run. Stud is a hooper, right? So, he probably has a quick,
40-meter dash over me. – [Rock] No, 100 meters. – 100 meters? I’ll run with him. – [Rock] You’ll run with him. – I’ll run with him. I don’t wanna talk and say I’ll beat him. – [Rock] I’m tryna get
you to say I’ll beat him so I can say alright, so when’s the race? That’s what I’m tryna to do. – Next time I see Stud and
we’re out here in these sneaks, we’ll get it on, that’s just what it is. – [Rock] Yeah, you heard that. I wanna see that. That’s a race. I wanna see the thoroughbred horses. – [Adam] I feel so childish
saying yo, yo, yo, Stud. Come on, let’s race, like
who does that anymore? Those days are gone. Like father, like son, man. How is Father’s Day? – Good. Just spent it here in the backyard. – [Adam] Exactly. Here for the kids man,
that’s what it all about. Shout out again to all
the fathers in the world. All right Ezra, talk to you soon. Brother Rock, take care. What is going on, huntys and huncles. I am chilling with the family. Hi, LaToya. – Hey, what’s up, boo? – [Adam] Here with baby Samia
and baby Zayn, just chilling. So, I will be giving the final update of Zayn in season nine. He’s not three month yet,
but because we’ll be wrapping up our vlog, today, I won’t
have enough time to do it on the exact day he turns three months, so I’m gonna do it today. And these are the new updates of Zayn. So much has happened in the last month. He is already bigger than
Samia as you can see. – He’s growing. – [Adam] He’s grown
substantially, is all I gotta say. His face features are popping out. He’s not smiling fully, but
you know he has a little smirk. He has a little smirk happening, so the smile is coming in at any minute. Eyes are wider now, he’s a lot more alert. His neck strength is really strong. Look at that, keeping up his neck. Woo, look at him! He’s doing much better over
the night sleeping more. LaToya taught me a new word today, he is what, kanui? – Koowee. – [Adam] Oh, he’s koowee. – He loves looking at
himself on the selfie cam. – [Adam] Oh, does he? – He loves it. – [Adam] I wonder where he got that from. I get lost looking through
his eyes, at times. I find myself just, reflecting
about life through him. – [LaToya] Yeah, I’ve seen. – You’ve seen me do that? – [LaToya] Yeah, all the time. I just see you staring at him. – Yeah, again, lost, it’s crazy. – [LaToya] Because you can’t believe.. Like, wow. – I have another baby.. It’s not even about the
son, it’s just like, another human being that
will rely on me for a bit. And I have to show up. I have to be the best father. I have to be a great representation. I think you should give
an update on Samia, it’s been a while. – Samia is.. – Samia is Samia. She’s almost two years old! – [Adam] Yay, she is growing up. – And she says so much. Samia, where’s your nose? – Nose. – Blow your nose, blow your nose. Let me see, blow your nose. She can blow her nose. You know, sometimes when she
has to go to the bathroom, she’ll be like “Poo poo,” right? – [Adam] Yeah. Thank you Samia. – And then she’ll poo
like ten minutes after, so that means like put
me on the toilet mommy, I have to go to the bathroom. So I feel like she’s almost
ready to potty train. She’s talking. – [Adam] She says a lot more words. – Hi, bye. – [Adam] We use the cards. – The cards, the flashcards, so she knows if we show her a picture of something she knows exactly what it is. And she loves outdoors,
of course they know. She goes, “Outside! Outside!” And then she wants to put her shoes on, she says, “Shoes! Shoes!” Where are your shoes? – Shoos. – Are they downstairs? – Yeah. – Yeah, they’re downstairs. She understands. – She’s really good at
sleeping over the night, she doesn’t wake up, she
hits the bed around nine, 8:30 I would say? Eight o’clock? She’s gone til like seven. 7:30, and yeah, she’s been consistent, so I think it’s official,
that is her routine. – She’s hyper, she’s definitely hyper. She’s definitely independent,
and she wants to do what she wants to do
when she wants to do it. – You know, I was thinking
about it the other day, and I was like, man Samia’s a handful. But then I was like, what
is the opposite of that? Like a baby, a kid who just
sits in the corner, quiet? So you know, I would rather have this. We’ll take it all, we’ll
take it all for what it is. Hope you guys enjoyed
today’s update on baby Zayn, who is now vomiting all over LaToya. – Oh, Lord. – And Samia. Say bye bye, Samia! – Bye bye. – Hey, LaToya, we love you so much, and my favorite moment from season 9 is when baby Zayn was born. – Hi, LaToya, my favorite
part is where Adam prayed. – Uh, my favorite moment of season 9 was when you gave birth to Zayn. – Hey LaToya. My favorite episode of season 9 was when you all pranked Simi, not. – So since it’s Father’s
Day, I decided to call Mike. This is Mike, say hey Mike! – Hi, everybody. – What’s up Mike? – How are you doing? – This is Mike, this is Adam’s barber, and I called him and I’m like yes. Adam needs a Father’s Day haircut. So I called him. Adam, let’s see your haircut. – I was shocked to see him, man, cause usually I’m in line at the shop waiting to see him, so he’s in the house. – [LaToya] Isn’t that so annoying? – Don’t get me used to that though. – Don’t you feel special? – [LaToya] Yes, at home
visits man, at home visits. – That’s how we do it
in DJ Callie’s tower. – [LaToya] Aaaay. – [Adam] How is he even
sitting up like that? – [LaToya] I know right? Mike, you did that? You put him up, sit up right like that? – It’s all the swag, it’s all the swag. – [LaToya] Swaggy swaggy? Hi, baby. You sitting up. And you’re watching what? NBA stuff. Yes, Lebron James! Woop woop! – Nope, nope! – Woop woop! Lebron James! I got three.. – They shoulda won. – They shoulda never got it, bro. – [LaToya] Shoulda, woulda,
coulda, Lebron all the way. Are you a Lebron fan or
are you a Steph Curry fan? Lebron. They put him at work, huh? They truly deserve that. – Three games, in the hole? – Yeah, they did, they did. No wonder I won at Golden State. But it’s all good. – Forget Golden State. – Next year, next year. – One day at a time. – [LaToya] Carmello’s turned for a ring. Enjoy your haircut, booboos. – Haircut before LA. – [LaToya] Yes, Mike, come at
you with the clippers, boy. Don’t jack his dome up, huh? – Don’t Lebron me right now. – You laugh. – I feel like DJ Callie right
now, you know what I mean? – [LaToya] Trust me man.. That luxury life. – It’s nice. – [LaToya] Getting a cut. – Getting haircuts in the dark. Once I’m out of here, my hair is jacked. – There’s a bit a shadow still, but. – Yo, bro. (laughs) – [LaToya] Don’t play with the hairline! Don’t play with the hairline! – Is there a shadow for real? – There is, but it’s okay, I’m good. – [LaToya] There’s a shadow. Yo, there’s a shadow man. Yo, your hairline is– – You’re cutting it dark? – Yeah man. – Brother, ain’t nobody
got time for feedbacks. – [LaToya] No seriously though, Mike. Be careful with those clippers, huh? – Oh, I got him. – [LaToya] What do ya’ll think? Your hand is steady. Your hand is super steady. That’s skill right there. Cause you know how guys
are with their lineups. If you jack that up, that’s the end of your clippers right there. And your career. – And your career. – [LaToya] End of your career. Because that would be plastered
all over social media. – I witnessed like,
dudes go off on barbers. – [LaToya] Yeah, of course. – They go off. Like, yo I felt bad for a barber once. This guy just went off. – [LaToya] Well that’s their hairline. That’s a man’s pride
and joy, their hairline. – If a cousin’s not even so
so, the lineup has to be ready. – You know, one thing I
notice a lot about barbers– I’m not saying that’s you,
that’s an issue you have, but barbers in general. They’ll do it right, but then
they like to play with it. They’ll keep going with it. – [LaToya] Yeah, just keep extra. They’re trying to perfect it too much. – Like they’re trying to find.. Like, they do it proper, and then they’re tryna figure out what’s
better than that, you know? Like, there is nothing better bro. – [LaToya] Just relax, chill out. – Move on, man. – [LaToya] Take your clippers
to the next client, move. – Alright, we are wrapping this vlog up. We are wrapping up season nine. It’s been a really fun one for me. You know, lots of pranks,
a lot of memories. You know, of the first almost
three months with baby Zayn. A lot of great engagement
and fun with you guys. And you know, it just felt more family. We never traveled very much.. – Right. No drama, really, just smooth. – It was an easy going
season, it was full of fun, and it was cool. And I appreciate you guys
rocking with us consistently. I look forward to doing it soon again. We’re actually gonna
take the next month off. Like, not essentially completely off, we’re gonna do more highlight vlogs just showcasing the places we’re going. There’s a lot of travelling happening, and we’re just gonna
document those experiences. LaToya’s gonna be super
busy on her main channel. – Subscribe to my main channel, youtube.com/LaToyaForever. I’ll be posting my story times, you guys have been loving the story times. And I’ll be banging out
a lot of collaborations, in LA and Bahamas and stuff,
so that should be fun as well. – So, check out the channel there. And yeah, we’ll be back
for the next season. Just stay in the loop,
you know, season 10. Whew. It’s not season 10. That sounds crazy. But yeah, we should definitely.. We’re gonna do a giveaway. We’re giving away $1000. $1000. We’re splitting it up into four winners, so four winners will get $250 dollars. All you have to do is, one, I’m pretty sure you’re already doing it, subscribe to the channel, and we can check from the
back end so make sure you do. And number two is, what would you have to say if this test was positive? – That’s all there is. I already took one of these tests. Like a week ago. – Oh, okay. Okay, what was the result,
if you did it a week ago? Well, obviously we’re good. Whew! Lord of Mercy, I’m good. – Are you good? – I’m good, dang. Anyways, yeah, that’s a good. Number two is if LaToya
was pregnant again, what would you say? Don’t say another one. – [Voiceover] Another one. – Just let me know. – Tell me something hilarious. – Oh, my god. Why did you think about doing the test? – Because, your pillow
game is not off on me. – Oh, this thing. – I don’t control you. – Nah, my ninja. I was just triple checking, you know. I’ve been really good lately,
if you know what I mean. – Have you? – I have, I was just
doing it just in case, you know, any slippage. – But then why would you get this? (stammers) What’s the point of getting
it just in case if you know? – I was 95%, that 5%,
you know, needed a test. – [Voiceover] Really, nigga. – Oh god, you guys have no like.. I am so relieved. Lord knows a third one? Oh my god. I would get off Youtube. – We would have to. – I would be like, this is embarrassing. – Right, it’s just too much. I would have to kick you off the show. – So you guys like my haircut? How does it look? Would you be in a polygamy
relationship with me? – Are you stupid? – Oh, why? Why must you use the hands? Why must you be physical? – I’m just asking if I look – Why you have to act stupid? – good enough for them to want a polygamy. – Don’t ask stupid questions. – Polygamy relationship. (laugh) With.. Oh, my god. – Oh, my god. – Guys. – Wrap it up, you’re getting
too comfortable nowadays, huh? – Thumbs up if you would be in a polygamy relationship with me, shorties. – [LaToya] Adam, don’t
make me come at you. Chop your ass. – Oh, just chill, man. Why you gotta be like this, man? Just breastfeed the baby man. Anyways, love you guys, take care. – Love you, mwah! See you soon. (R&B music)


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