FDA approves drug to treat postpartum depression

there’s now a first-of-its-kind drug to treat postpartum depression and it’s just been approved by the FDA 10 News reporter I reached John spent the day talking with those who work closely with women who are experiencing the crippling condition it’s supposed to offer new hope to women after they give birth the FDA approves a drug specifically to treat postpartum depression the first in history Tara Daystar is a certified professional Midwife but right now it’s mainly working as a doula this drug seems to be useful for psychosis and it can provide some immediate relief there’s the possibility of lost consciousness it doesn’t sound like it would go well with breastfeeding the drug called Zuri so it’s a ministered as a single 60 hour IV drip Dave star prefers a holistic approach having four hours of sleep where you can complete a sleep cycle as a new mom it can improve with better blood sugar balance studies show the drug was effective regardless of when postpartum depression begins Mandy Irving the birth nurse calls the drug a breakthrough you she knows how difficult postpartum depression can be a postpartum medication really does sound great especially one that works almost immediately that is awesome and I can see it definitely saving lives but on the other hand she says it can be overwhelming since it requires a hospital state to get the medication she likes to see how the drug advances I think the study sizes are small and the FDA is not given the okay for breastfeeding I see it as like a last resort medication it’s expensive the medication will be available in June is unclear if insurance will cover the drug in Roanoke Ayesha Jones 10 News working for you

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