FDA approves new postpartum depression drug | Cronkite News

it's nicknamed the baby blues but that doesn't really capture the difficulties women with postpartum depression deal with the condition is described as intense sadness anxiety or even despair some others feel up to the first year after giving birth according to the American Psychological Association are on one in seven women experience postpartum depression symptoms can appear days or even months after childbirth and without treatment these symptoms can last for several weeks or months Parker a news reporter Madeline Haller talked with experts about the condition and how this new drug could help who experience postpartum depression often feel alone or misunderstood while dealing with their newfound feelings for some it's a challenge to pinpoint that they need help outside of their home I spoke with professionals who recognized that the FDA's approved postpartum drug is a major medical innovation the FDA's postpartum drug Zhul réseau is marketed to cost between 20,000 and $35,000 not including the cost of the hospital stay Deann Davies of Summit health says the medical community is excited about the FDA's decision to make this drug available the drug is administered through IV over a two and a half day period Sharla best chief executive officer of women's health innovations of Arizona says there is not enough resources with those suffering with postpartum depression in Arizona bedtimes moms have a hard time kind of talking about what's going on there's such a stigma associated so if they talk to their doctor and their doctor doesn't know where to send them we have created those relationships so that way the doctors know exactly where to send moms women's health innovations of Arizona was created to better serve men women and families including those who experience disorder after pregnancy the combination of supports medication counseling those are usually the best kind of method in terms of getting families and women as well as possible so quickly in Arizona the rate of women who experience postpartum depression fare slightly below the national average at nearly 13% based off the clinical trials the approved drug is said to work within hours of post two weeks or months in the broadcast Center Madeleine Haller Cronkite news

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