Feel Your Best: Why I Think I Have Postpartum Depression

hi guys welcome I welcome back to my channel this is dia with look exquisite why I encourage you to feel look and be your best self because if you don't do it nobody else is gonna do it and then you're gonna end up looking at raggedy feeling raggedy I ain't dirty so recently I posted something about having postpartum on Instagram and Facebook and I just wanted to take some time to kind of really define what postpartum depression is and why I feel like I have it and why I feel like I should share it with other new moms let's start off with a definition because I'm a millennial and I need to know what the real thing is so I can make my assessment I looked at postpartum depression and the first thing that came up was postpartum depression symptoms and causes and the source is the Mayo Clinic basically we want to know what it is what it looks like the birth of a baby can trigger a jumble of powerful emotions from excitement to joy fear and anxiety but it can also be it can also result in something you might not expect depression mostly moms experience postpartum depression after childbirth which commonly include mood swings crying spells on anxiety difficulty sleeping let me just give you a little background on Who I am if you don't know my name is der Linde The Shard I'm from Orlando I went to Cypress Creek High School graduated moved to Tampa and ended up at USF I graduated with a degree in mass communication so I like to talk a lot and convey my thoughts with art I also had a minor in leadership which explains why I'm such a boss and I'm a student at West Virginia University and the integrated marketing communications program so one day you know I want to be like you know being Marketing I'm a well I like to pick myself of myself as a beauty influencer I have my Instagram page right here then my website under construction and my youtube channel those are my three mediums are my outlets where I communicate my thoughts and messages and what I feel like the world should know so let me give you guys a timeline so graduated college got my first job worked there for two years pregnant with my boyfriend who have been with my fiance who I've been with for seven years and shortly after I went back to work after giving birth to our son she came Junior I thought I found my dream job and then I ended up losing it and now I'm a stay-at-home mom that's the timeline there in common with the definition is basically feeling really down depressed after the baby whether it's because you didn't want a baby or you weren't ready or just for whatever reason it is you just feel down all the time well here are the symptoms sadness irritability anxiety lack of sleep like a lot of hopelessness and yeah that's the definition of it symptoms definition roughly one the next question I want to answer is how do you know you have postpartum depression well I don't know how you would know but how I knew was I'm really into myself I really know who I am as a person and there are just little indicators that something was wrong the first one was I wasn't taking care of myself the way that I want or claim to and that's also with financial stuff and all that good stuff too so that's also a factor too that can play a lot into postpartum depression but even then before whenever like I just Know Who I am no matter what the situation is I always made sure I look good and I wasn't doing that after the baby so that's how I knew something was wrong that was one so the second thing is irritability no I'm not that's our net irritability sadness I've never had sadness as overarching feeling or an underlying theme for me I at the end of the day no matter what's happened I always find the positive in something and that along the way that went away so that was an indicator that something was wrong another one if the third one is lack of sleep I've never had problems sleeping ever that showed me that something was wrong and the last thing was my family members just interacting different with me because they could see that something is wrong Beyonce let me know like hey are you okay so him asking if I was okay also indicated something because my my family is very calm cool and collected like he doesn't really let things bother him so when he said something that's when I knew something was wrong my mom also me feeling ill towards my parents I've never felt felt ill towards my parents or family no matter what's happening so that was also two indicator to and one of the most popular indicators is not bonding with your child I've never had that problem because I know I've always wanted kids I think maybe the timing was off that could have been an onset for it but I made that decision and I knew I was okay with that people have really really set things off for me was losing my job the way I see myself I see myself as a business woman and I don't have the business that I want now but if I'm working at least I have income and I've always been that type of person so when I lost that I kind of lost a sense of my identity and looking back I didn't know what when it was happy happening it's not that I can look back and see that something was wrong I wanna make this too long and I don't want to cry or anything like that I just wanted to send this out to the new moms because I know there's a lot of people I went to high school with I went to college with who are having their kids the first time and who are having their kids for the first time and I just wanted to express some of the things that I was feeling and I felt bad for feelings so I just want you to know you're not alone that's why I'm here with my channel don't think of my place as just a beauty or makeup page

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  1. You are beautiful !!! whatever you go/going through is okay as long as you are aware of it so you can bounce back when you are ready <3

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