(guitar music) – Hey guys, welcome to my
weekly pregnancy update. I’m so excited that you
guys joined us today. If you’re pregnant welcome,
I’m so excited to have you, and please share your
pregnancy journey with me below and so I can comment back and
we can follow along together. Sorry I’m a little bit late
this week, life gets crazy, and so I’m a couple days
late, but I hope that you can still find, this which is Friday, and I will try to be on
time posting next Wednesday. But I am so excited today
because I am 16 weeks along. This is just flying by,
and our little baby is about the size of an avocado now, which is about 4.5 inches long and between three and four ounces. So right about this size,
which is really crazy to think that our baby has already grown this big and that I’m gonna be carrying
this baby for so much longer and how much bigger it’s gonna get. I’m so excited to have this
little baby in my belly. I’m feeling really good this week. I got over that nasty sickness that I had. I still have a little bit
of stuff in my sinuses, I don’t know if you can still
hear that from last week, but I had a fever for like a week and it hurt in my chest and my throat and then still in my sinuses
and being pregnant it is hard to kick this stinking
sickness that I have. So if you’re pregnant I
hope you don’t get sick because it’s really
extra hard to get over. But I’m feeling so much better. I’ve had more energy, less sickness, with morning sickness
and the cold that I have and so I’m starting to feel
really good again this week. I’m very happy about that. I’m still just kind of craving
junky food, which is bad. I mean I love healthy
food, I still eat salads, and vegetables and, you know,
good meats and things too, but I do, like I had a doughnut yesterday, I still crave nachos and things like that. With this baby it hasn’t been
like a really specific thing. I think nachos has been
the most specific thing that I’ve craved, but I also
think it’s very important to listen to what your body wants. Like sometimes you don’t
eat doughnuts all day, but I think your body’s saying,
“Hey I need a little bit of sugar” or “Give me something so that I can get some energy”. And yesterday my girlfriend
who is also pregnant she brought me water
with frozen fruit in it and the delicious crushed
ice that she got at the local little soda stand, I don’t
know if you guys have those where you are, ours are called Swig, but they’re super good and
it helped me drink way more water during the day
and it was nice to have kind of that sweetness of the
natural sugars of the fruit to kind of keep me
going throughout the day and keep me drinking water
and so that was really good. As you can tell, you’ll be
able to tell from my picture that I am definitely
looking like I am pregnant. I can definitely tell that I’m pregnant, but it’s kind of that
really awkward stage where when you look in the mirror you go, “Okay, my stomach is definitely
bigger than it use to be”, but when you go out in public
people are just kind of at that stage where they’re like, “Oh, she kind of looks like
maybe she’s getting bigger, do you think she’s
pregnant, I don’t dare ask because what if she’s not,
what if she just gained a couple pounds”, and it’s kind
of that really awkward stage. This stage is really hard
because you don’t know if you should show your belly or
if you should try to hide it or everything’s just kind of
fitting a little bit different and it’s really awkward. I’m just kind of wearing
loose stuff, I’m not ready. I like when my stomach
finally gets to that point where it’s like that nice hard round tummy where like you can tell
that you’re pregnant. It’s not squishy anymore, you
can kind of wear tighter stuff and kind of show off your belly bump, and so I’m excited for that to come, that point to happen within,
you know, the next month or so. And so the other thing that
I wanted to talk about today is feeling your baby
move for the first time. Which is one of the most
exciting things that happens during your pregnancy, to
be able to feel oh my gosh, there really is a baby in my
belly and it’s moving around and it’s alive and it’s real in there and it’s just such a
wonderful, amazing feeling. Right now at about 16 weeks is where you start to feel your babies. If this is your first pregnancy
it could take as long as like 20 to 22 weeks to feel your baby, but the more babies that you’ve carried usually the earlier you can feel them because you kind of know what to look for, you kind of know, okay,
that’s my baby moving, it’s not just crazy gas bubbles or my tummy rumbling because I’m hungry. Actually for me the first time
that I felt the baby in there was at our 12 week appointment
when my doctor put the sonogram thing on there
trying to find the heartbeat and when she was pushing down
I could feel the whole baby just kind of shift out of the way. And the more she chased
it the more I could feel just kind of that hard
rolling in my stomach, which was really cool and it’s like wait, I feel the baby, it’s
moving, it’s over here. And that was really fun. And then the other night
we were laying in bed and Josh had his hand on my stomach and he could actually feel that hard lump where the baby was and as he press down you could kind of feel
that baby roll around too. Their little arms and legs at
this point are so tiny that it’s really hard to
feel like hand movements or kick movements, but
you can just kind of feel this whole baby rolling around
in there, which is exciting. When you start to feel the arms and the legs moving
they call it quickening and you kind of just feel
these little tickles. And some people compare
it to popcorn popping because it’s just like (quick popping noise) like this little tiny feeling that if you pay really close attention
then you can feel. One of the best ways they
say to be able to feel your baby move and to get it to move is to drink some orange juice
or like a sugary drink and then lay on a certain side or like right now you can still
lay on your back until you’re 20 weeks, so I’ll
just lay down in bed when it’s completely quiet
and I can really focus and just put my hand down there and feel. And it’s amazing the
things that you can feel when you really focus on all those little tiny movements that you can feel. So if you guys are close to me, like 16 weeks, let me know
if you’re feeling your cute little baby moving
around in your tummy because it is so exciting. Let me know at what stage
you felt your baby move and how amazing of a bonding
experience it really was, because I know that that’s
one of my favorite things that I get to look forward to. So you guys, thanks so much for watching my weekly pregnancy update. I’m so excited to see you
guys next week at 17 weeks. That means we’ll only
be three weeks away from finding out what the
baby is, I am so excited. I’m not sure, I’m so torn
if it’s a boy or a girl. Every time I kind of talk
about the baby I’m like, okay, it’s a boy, but the
other day I finally saw a girl. Like I was just thinking and I was like, wait, I see girl stuff, I see a girl. So I don’t know if it’s just
my mind playing tricks on me or what, so I’m super excited
that we’re getting really close to finding out what the baby is. But anyways, we’ll see you
guys next week at 17 weeks. Thanks for watching, bye. (guitar music)

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