13 Replies to “Female Menstrual Cycle – What is Endometriosis?”

  1. I have this disease fr0m genetics, but he's right. N0 matter where it c0mes fr0m, eliminating items such as gluten, milk, and plastic boxed meals is a g00d idea. Has helped me immensely al0ng with the pill

  2. I'm 55 yr old female had a total hysterectomy and appendectomy, cholecystectomy, and I have eczema only in my left forearm. I'm not taking any HRT. Slightly overweight high cholesterol what can I do?

  3. Thank you so much for the information, you are the only one who I have seen really knowing about the topic!!!! Can you write me about the thing to disintoxicate the liver? I know a little bit of english but I can not understand the word of the chemical you said. Thank you so much for all the information.
    Hugs, kisses and best regards,

  4. Id say dont use opiate drugs i nver did but many do and thats half the problem ..with tummy pain and bowel issues ..and other dependency problems . I nevr took any drugs ..but you have to exercise it dosent mean your infertile i was fine to have the mirena fitting at my age and im still single ..i can take it out to try for a baby 43 plus if i like ..sex orgasm 3 to 3 times day ..in some cases you carnt that means see a doctor you may need surgery i dont have imbalances.

  5. This is confusing info . I have a vid on of myself a 43 yo woman who had RV build up since age ten its hsowing a typical *body shape* it matters in the development or likelyhood .you did not mention never using oral contraceptives like me or never having a baby by choice ..all factors ..you didnt mention mothers or sisters ..and you didnt say that in mod to severe surgery is often the only option with adhesions or advanced bowel endo or bladder ..

  6. thank you for this video. i have endo, i was diagnosed 3 years ago, and i think this is one of the best videos that talks about the basics in a way that make sense and can also be helpful and realistic!!!

  7. Thanks for YOUR experience about yourself while watching my video! It is easy, I educate women all the time towards erradicting this and bringing themselves to recovery. It just takes personal effort and getting rid of the programmed medical system beliefs of you have to live with it, you have to take meds, you can't heal it, etc.! I have to disagree, I love the video, most love it and I apologize that you are letting your pain speak for you!

  8. That is very common in this world today. Do some research in the depot, its side affects, how it makes matters worse presently and will for your future. The pain, yes it will most likely stay the same or get worse affecting having a family. YOu need to do a hormone saliva lab, get on bio-identicals and get some 1:1 nutritional holistic coaching.

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