1. I have 4 kids and I would do IVF in a heartbeat if we had a chunk of money sitting around. I hope it works for you! Baby dust! 3 of my babies are clomid babies.

  2. I am about to start my first ivf round and my medication starts next month. I have been thinking about packing int he sugar and caffiene and try and start a "fertility diet" as such. I have such a sweet tooth as well so it's going to be so hard! I absolutely love salmon too and avocados 🙂


  3. Hi .. would you make a video talking about nutrition during pregnancy.. what you eat, is there any supplements, do you cut caffeine?

  4. My in laws say i should stop wasting money and pray or maybe its god will or timing… i`m an atheist btw

  5. It hurts my eyes to see so much plastic, I mean, sweet potatoes individually wrapped? Have you considered taking your own cloth bags to the supermarket maybe? And do you eat any plant protein or greens? It’s mostly meat.

  6. Completely wrong for someone to say you shouldn't do IVF…everyone has the right to do what is right for their family. Please dont ever be ashamed of your choices…..
    Also your videos have helped me so much!!!

  7. That lady can shove it secondary infertility is a thing do what you have to do hun you are doing amazing just remember that build that big beautiful family

  8. I'm not sure but ,if anyone else wants to learn about tips on how to conceive try Cypouris Pregnancy Expert Coach (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my cousin got cool results with it.

  9. You can try vegan diet acupuncture. ?? Its helped me get preg. But im know your going to get pregs fingers crossed

  10. Avacodos in smoothies! You'll need more produce in your diet… cabbage, kale, onion, broccoli, cauliflower etc….Add greens with flax, fruit and greens in a smoothie.

  11. When do you start your treatment? We go in to start ours at the end of this month. Stress or what? Fingers crossed for you xxx

  12. Good luck on your journey<3 Can't wait to see what happens next! My wife and I are doing our first IUI this weekend

  13. I don't normally comment but I felt that you are totally justified in moving forward with your fertility journey. Don't let people push their opinions on you. Fertility is such an emotional journey. I love your videos and don't take it to heart.

  14. We have been on a Fertility diet for about 6 months now and I can say (when we were doing it properly) it was amazing and I felt amazing! This video has really made me get organised and get my diet sorted before I start my first round of IVF meds next week!! Good luck darling!! Im here with you 100% xoxo

  15. That was such a rude insensitive comment this person said to you! You absolutely deserve to have as many kids as your heart desires, IVF or not! Wishing you lots of baby dust and prayers to you!

  16. Hello! I’m a newer subscriber. I’m also military so you’re video last week definitely hit home. I highly recommend the channels “Katekagood” and “Phil and Alex” they’re both going through IVF and have gone through a lot. They have fantastic information in their channels as well. I know you had said you were watching other TTC/IVF channels. Sending all the prayers, positive energy, and baby dust!

  17. Ok I gotta say I'm obsessed with avocado but don't like it on toast or warm for some reason. So if you don't like it on toast, don't give up haha! I like to mash, add lime and chopped onion or salsa and eat with chips, pita bread or on a salad

  18. Hi Anna this is my first time commenting but been watching for a while. I want to send you hugs about that nasty comment. People can be rude and you don't deserve that. Baby dust to you for as many babes as you wish for. I know the struggle as we have been trying for years for our first.

  19. Girl avocado toast is the BEST!!! Make sure it’s not hard or too mushy but just perfect. Salt and pepper it up and omg it’s the best snack. You can even put tomatoes or onions on it but I don’t. Avocados are really good to help your eggs grow too

  20. hi, i just had a quick question… I was wondering how many of the vitamin c with zinc supplements your husband was taking a day to improve his sperm count? I also have to say i absolutely love watching all your channel and don't worry about haters, they will always be there but its your life and you do what you think is best for you and your family! I see some other people suggested it to but, a really good thing to try would be castor oil packs. They are supposed to be really good for getting rid of cysts and removing toxins from your body. As for the avocados, they are really good mixed into salads and on sandwiches, the best place i have ever eaten them at was Parana Bread. That's how learned to love them. If you go there try their green goddess salad is particularly amazing.

  21. Avacado you may like the more you eat it. I slice in half….carefully..and sprinkle salt, and even better garlic salt on them and spoon it out to eat….they are variable quality, before slcing open pick off little stem, if slightly beige ready to eat and slightly soft. Fish oil, not cod liver oil capsule is good and coq10, though you are still young and may not need it. I have 2 TBS groundflax seeds, spoon of Maca powder, some milk, cinnamon and bit of ginger and bit of boiling water and this is tasty to down supplements with!! I never qualified for hormone testing for cycle monitoring or any IVF in UK as I had two losses, then a child…because we had one, not qualified. We lost eight more and never had a second, and we wanted four children. I still try for second child now I know about intralipids, thinning injections and steroids….I never got to try full combination treatment done now for autoimmune and alloimmune recurrent miscarriages. You go girl….and get some moonlight on you the 31st January for TTC best wishes and luck. X. PS porridge good made with tiny bit of salt, tsp cinnamon to sweeten and milk in microwave….tastes not so good made on stovetop as milk burnt taste.

  22. I also saw that comment it it made me angry as well. Don’t let them get you down you’re channel is so dang helpful! Can’t wait to see the whole IVF series, it’s going to be so helpful for me!

  23. How dare you be able to financially afford another child! And how dare your insurance have good coverage! 🤪

  24. I was also going to suggest protein balls with flaxseed! We're going to make homemade granola bars, I'll let you know how those turn out. & you're not wrong with avocado haha. I also saw the comment and felt the same way as you. My sister is my best friend & I can't imagine my life without her. Having siblings is truly a special, irreplaceable gift.

  25. Also that comment makes me mad too! I’m sure they were hurting cause maybe they can’t afford ivf… so they lashed out at you but how dare that person come on here and say something like that to you! Ugh.

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