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  1. Starting my 2nd cycle this week, thank you so much for sharing your story. You both make me feel less alone. You two are so lucky to have each other ❤️❤️ keeping my fingers crossed for both of u xx

  2. my mama accidentally got pregnant at 45 😂 she says the key to getting pregnant is by not thinking about it at all cus if you do then you are gonna manifest the lack of not being pregnant.

  3. Guy can you please help me, I just had my frozen embryos transfer on March 20 we did 2 they are day 5 blastocyst 6 days later I got a positive home pregnancy test my hcg was on day 9 but the number was 44 please help is this too low? My doctor said its lower that she wanted it.

  4. Wher r yall. I miss y'alls videos .yall r the best.great videos girls .will be praying for yall both

  5. I'm so proud of both of you for sharing your stories. I'm so astonished by your grace and honest take on all of this. You're both amazing!!

  6. Hate what we have to go through to give life. My God, blessings to both of you and others have share this same pain including myself. Will be looking out of updates, xoxox

  7. I'm sorry to hear you both had to go through that. I know the struggle. People try to help by telling you it will happen or it will be easy, but it those comments hurts even more. People not going through it, or know the struggles from someone they personally know do not know. At least you have each other. U both are awesome!

  8. My bff had an ectopic pregnancy about 12 yrs ago the dr left it knowing it was ectopic for over 2 months it had grown massively in her tubes we saw pics they took during surgery..she nearly died

  9. You both are incredibly strong women. I'm so sorry you'll have to go through this. I had an ectopic twice and I know how it feels like. I try to pick myself up but it's hard. Praying for you to stay strong. The only thing that picks me up is a hug from my husband. Hopefully, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  10. Bless your hearts. 💗 I want you to do just 1 thing. Every single day, when you feel like you can't take the stress anymore…just give all your struggles to God. Just for 5 minutes. Give all your worries, and all your struggles, your anger..give it all to God and take 5 minutes to just breathe. Just breathe. And know, it will all be okay. He has an incredible plan for the both of you. I will be keeping you both in my prayers! Much hugs and lots of love. 😘💗

  11. Aw you guys!!!! You are so strong for telling your stories!! I’m praying for you both. No one deserves it more ! 💗💗💗💗

  12. I'm really disappointed and angry at Anis doc/nurses, how can they just let her suffer for 3 fucking weeks, pain is no joke, and if it wasn't for her having that horrendous pain, she might have died…Ani plz look into changing ur doc or give him a piece of mind that the asshole wont forget…but stay strong guys, I hope u guys get pregnant soon

  13. Thank u guys.Lost my first one at 5 months with downs.It took 4 years to really feel I should have another one.I am on my ivf journey.I am nervous and scared.This made me feel little better.loads of love ,hugs and prayers.

  14. I would have to do this if I wanted another baby. I wish I had someone to share it with. I'm going on 41 have a 17 year old. His dads was an awful boyfriend abusive. Found out I was pregnant after I finally left him. God works in mysterious ways. So I came back home at 23 had my son. Father in and out in his life. But had really no interest. Son hasnt seen father in yrs. My brother was like his dad. But We lost him right after he turned 30 in2013. I found my brother. He passed awY. Dated here and there. Wish my life was different or situation. But I would of def had another baby if I had someone. But I know I would have to go through this. I pray for you girls. Nowadays I dont know why its so hard for young women to have babies? Long ago women had baby after baby. I think its because of environment and foods. Idk.

  15. Thank you for sharing something so raw and personal. You are in my thoughts. I am pregnant with my first child after doing IVF and I truly know the journey. It's hard, but I am praying for strength in the meanwhile and a positive outcome. Hugs from Texas.

  16. Wow ladies. Ani, your story upsets me. I cant believe you went threw that for so long. How could they have not treated you sooner? I will be praying for you both. I cant imagine how you both feel.

  17. Girls don't worry about age between the two. One son is 23 and one is 12 and the 23 yr old babysits! Look at it that way! My love and prayers to you both! Let go a lil and let god💜

  18. I’ve had an ectopic pregnancy and I had to get my right tube removed. I feel for you. I had those shooting pain. I also had the MTX shot too and then it did not work, so I had to do surgery. I’m sorry you had to go through that many shots. I know what your going through. I stopped watching your show because you both were so happy having babies and the loss was to much. It is okay to be sad and grieve. Things will get better for both of you. I am back watching because you two are amazing. I am sending my love and big hugs.
    ~Things will get better~

  19. I miscarried at 11weeks we heard the heartbeat of 147 at 6weeks 4days and the baby grew normally. I don’t think if I get pregnant again that’ll I’ll truly be happy until the 3rd trimester.

  20. I was crying this whole time watching you both. I’m 28 years old and I’ve been trying to have a baby for 2 years with my husband… I’ve only been able to do IUI. Which hasn’t worked for me. And I’m so scared that being so young I’ll never be able to have a baby. The money to put in for IVF is too much for us. My heart is pouring out to you ladies. I hope you guys have your babies. You’ll be in my prayers.

  21. I love you both for sharing such tough times for us all to see. Nothing we say can help your situation but just know, you're contributing great advice to us all.

  22. Hey ladies I’m so sorry and praying for you both. You’re both very brave to go through this and hoping for the best.

  23. Sending you both so much love, hugs and prayers. My husbands cousin tried for years to get pregnant and it never happened. She went to see a Asian doctor and they put her on some special vitamins. She has two successful pregnancies shortly after. She was in her mid forties when she was trying. Love you guys XXXOO

  24. This is so heartbreaking 😥 I understand your pain 😭 my YouTube channel is all about infertility and I find comfort with sharing my story as well. Good luck you guys!

  25. Sending you guys a big hug💕 I went through a miscarriage acople years ago and can understand how are you guys feeling.

  26. Never give up! It’s a hard journey to go through, May God give you the strength to go through this and bless you with healthy beautiful babies💕

  27. Aww girls 😔😔
    Both of you are so strong 💪 I wish you all the best in this journey 🙏🙏🙏
    Thank you for sharing your story
    Love you 😍 💖🥰

  28. This is sad the pains women in general are going true God please help us and answer every woman who are looking for the fruit of the womb

  29. I was crying with you guys
    Is so hard life is just hard and annoying at times but we can’t complain god knows his timing and how is going to be for each one of us. At this point im scared to get pregnant bc i feel i wont after a STD. Im scared af but i will put everything in gods hand🙏🏻🙏🏻

  30. you guys need a new clinic what is happening is not good enough, red light ectopic signs where right there in front of there faces, and they let it happen. I am so sorry sweet lady that is awful, you should not have to have endured that pain.

  31. can I please ask why they did ti so fast, and why you did not opt for a day 5 blast transfer, my heart breaks for you all, we did 10 egg collections and 17 transfers to get Benny, we had 10 failed transfers where we got flat out BFN and 6 loses one which was twins. I know how hard this journey is.

  32. You both are amazing, strong women!!! Thank you for sharing your journey with us!! You both will be in my prayers!!

  33. I am sorry guys I will keep you guys in my prayers trust in Jesus nothing impossible for him to do,you girls are so brave

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