Fertilizing (Side Dressing) Corn – This Week in the Garden

– It’s time to
side-dress the corn. You typically side-dress corn
when it gets about a foot tall, about knee high, a
little less than knee high. We have some varying sizes here,
some of this corn has been more successful at grabbing
fertilizer than the other. So we’re going to try to
equal things up a little bit. General rule of thumb on the
amount of side dress nitrogen, and nitrogen is the only element
you need to apply in a side dress, we’ve already taken care
of the phosphorus and potassium needs out here,
is one pound, 16 ounces of 34-0-0
per 100 foot of row. We’ve calculated we have
about 80 feet of row here, so 12.8 ounces, split
into two right here. I’m going to try to put
a half out at a time. And 34-0-0 goes a long way,
so you want to be as even with your application as you can. If you put out too heavy in some places you can
actually cause a burn. Now I’m going to
apply the other half. I want the fertilizer
to go on the ground, not on the plant because it can
actually burn the foliage if you get it on the foliage. Well that should give us the
nitrogen that we need to make a good crop of sweet corn.

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  1. I have a rust colored spotting on the under side of my blackberry leaves, I just planted 100 red raspberry plants, what is this rust stuff, how to deal with it and are my raspberry plants in danger?

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