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  1. I’ve refuse to serve pregnant woman when I worked in nightclubs. It’s caused a lot of hassle but in the uk we reserve the right to refused anyone without giving a reason. They usually give the reply “ my doctor says I can have a Guinness/ red wine /insert drink here” . And I always replied we’ll do it at home, I’m not having that on my conscience.

  2. Another thing to consider, FASD has been around for a long time. Think of the people living in the early industrial age in Britain who regularly drank beer because the water wasn't clean or drinkable and then gin came along. The cheap cost of gin greatly increased the alcoholism in both men and women.

  3. My son was diagnosed with FASD when he was about 6 years old. He came to us through foster care at 7 months old. Thank you for this video. We need to raise awareness. There is so little help available to us from professionals who know anything about FAS & FASD. It’s so stigmatized and kids like my son just don’t get the right help.

  4. It's never talked about because we live in a society which puts women on a pedestal, even those who destroy their children's lives because they can't stay off the bottle for nine months.
    If we started locking these monsters up, it might save a lot of suffering.

  5. Thanks so much for speaking. All of us in the diverse world of Child Welfare need to speak up about issues like this.

  6. Even of you think or have been told you have had a miscarriage do not drink! I haven't been diagnosed with fas and I don't think I have it but my mom drank while she was pregnant with me because she, from what she told me, thought she had miscarried me. It could have been worse for me.

  7. This speech brought tears to my eyes. I remember learning about FASD for the first time in my high school class a few years ago, but this vid gave me a whole new perspective on it. Bless this woman’s soul. This definitely inspires me to do whatever I can for people with FASD and to help bring awareness.

  8. What is this Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder I have fetal alcohol syndrome disorder the left needs to stop changing words .

  9. you are a strong woman to over come and understand the mother that made these choices
    i dont know if i ever could see it that way but i do hear what you are saying

  10. Fas is preventable, and yes I have it thanks mom you are just selfish and I doubt you will ever change. People who drink chose to drink and it's all they care about drinking, but if they would be some sort of penalty would slow and maybe stop it. Stop change the laws lock up the idiots who drink while they are pregnant we want a chance to better ourselves not be a victim

  11. A school friend had FAS and looking back, my teachers knew but didn't see it as something she couldn't change 100% and treated her really badly. She would have just needed the right support in school. Thankfully she now happily works with animals, because animals always treat her well, she says.

  12. I dated a dude who was on the fetal alcohol syndrome (not a horrible case but still a case) and he was just….not all the way there. He became addicted to drugs and everyone was blaming him for it but I know it’s not 100% his fault because of the choices his mom made when he was still a fetus.

  13. Apparently there's this big thing going around of suicide rate with the mothers of children that have fetal alcohol syndrome I have a case of fetal alcohol syndrome and what I say to that who cares about the mothers what about me and the problems I have

  14. FASD is a horrible byproduct of the addiction epidemic in America. I really appreciate the compassion this speaker has for addicts/alcoholics because thats the way to get through to people so they can be helped. I 100% agree that as a society we need to put more support systems in place for these mothers to get help. Access to medical treatment & rehabilitation for pregnant women could prevent a lot of FASD cases. Its so sad and so preventable.

  15. I come from a mother who drank throughout her pregnancy I was two weeks over due severe yellow jaundice full blood transfusion now i am 47 4ft 10 all my hormones are stuffed and i have multiple illnesses those who drink through out there pregnancy need help in the first trimester

  16. This was really eye opening, and seriously – God Bless this woman, she is an angel on earth!! So, I have some questions about FASD that I would love to get some insight into… After finding some old pictures of my mother when she was pregnant with me, and pretty far along – I noticed that she also had a cigarette in one hand and a martini of some sort in the other…

    I was pretty shocked at this, and after asking her about it, she explained that it was a different time back then – that nobody really knew about the dangers when it came to women drinking and smoking while pregnant. (I have my suspicions about how truthful that is, after all I was born in 1980 – not 1920.)

    So, anyway – My mom went ahead and drank and smoked throughout her entire pregnancy with me. She drank hard liquor every night after she came home from work, and if she drank anything like the way she does today, it's wasn't just one or two – it was to get nice and tossed. Yet – somehow I was born weighing in at a healthy 8 pounds 3 ounces – with all my APGAR scores in the normal healthy ranges.

    It absolutely baffles me as to how and why I wasn't born with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder? Why is it that some babies are affected by their mother's alcohol intake – and some aren't??

  17. The poor child needs to be euthanized. No one deserves to be forced to stay alive in that much pain. It's very selfish to keep her alive, not when she's in that much pain.

  18. As lovely as this speech is, it is extremely distracting how out of breath she is.
    Her body is struggling to literally stand there and talk, jesus christ.

  19. You cant control because for one. Some fasd are caused from a woman drinking before they know they are pregnant and for two. Ive never seen a pregnant woman drinking. What are you going to do…catch a stranger when they are drinking at home or force birth control on them? Unless you hang around the crack house then you probably wont see it but in documenteries. I thought this talk certainly vilified fasd instead of like other fasd specials that focuses on people make mistakes and trying to use a better approach the does not focus on stigmas

  20. What a powerful message delivered with such heartfelt sincerity and factual knowledge. Great speech about a hugely important problem. I will never forget this.

  21. One in twenty? Jesus, alcohol is poison man. People like this woman deserve so much recognition for what they do.

  22. What alot of people don't realize is that FASD can be an invisible disability and kids can have average intellect with healthy bodies. They aren't in hospitals aside from those first few months, perhaps, or even less… and you would never know to look at them that they have any type of disability at all. The damage isn't always health or IQ, Its executive function – managing conflict and relationships, time management, understanding cause/effect, memory retrieval, learning from mistakes, managing money, knowing who to trust and how to prioritize…. really, the ability to live a full and happy life – with an education, good friends, a job; these are the areas of deficit and make them very vulnerable in society.
    An alcoholic drug addicted mother can pass this on but so can a college age girl who likes to binge drink on the weekends, or someone who drinks moderately (not to excess) and does not yet realize she is pregnant. That's why the O 4 9 movement is out there – zero alcohol for nine months – and I encourage any woman of childbearing years who is not using birth control to not even tempt fate.

  23. I was born with FASD in 1999, my birth mother was a drug addict and alcoholic and did prostitution. I was adopted by my foster parents at 10 months which I’m grateful.

    Growing up I was a very happy girl, until I reached middle school I had anger and depression.

    I still have learning problems, and I can’t pronounce most words properly without a struggle. I still get really bad tempers, but I think to myself that I am very lucky to have such great parents. That were always there for me since I was born, and know that I’m just like everyone else.

  24. Once you become pregnant, it is not just your body. You are sharing it with a being that is undergoing a journey towards birth and becoming a whole human being if left to nature. I do not want to get into an arguement or discussion about abortion, but it is absolutely wrong to drink, take certain drugs and eat certain high risk foods dependent on your earth geography. To ignore to choose the damage any of these things cause to your unborn child is basically CHILD ABUSE. It is illegal in the UK to smoke in a vehicle with children in it. I was born with mild FAS. There is no excuse for not knowing about it. We live in an age that has access to all the information we could ever really want. FAS should not be happening.

  25. I had a friend with FAS. It was an experience. He had the worst judgment and maturity level of all time, but he had a great sense of humor and told great stories. He could only deal with menial retail jobs. He had a hard time learning and had no plans for higher education.

  26. All rehab facility and treatment costs should be free for pregnant women.. For people with addiction issues, it's not as simple as 'just abstaining'

  27. Having worked in schools with children with Fasd I can tell you this woman is the closest thing we have to an angel on this Earth.

  28. Loved her. She's good and even though it's a sad subject, she made it interesting. I know very little about FAS until now. It needs to be taught in high schools, Churchs , ads…..

  29. not trying to compare the seriousness of alcoholism /drugabuse with this but , a lot of fish oil supplements (whether targeted for pregnant/nursing women or not ) contain amounts of ethanol (ethyl esters ) . there are prescription ethyl esters and in the boxes there is a warning that it must not be used by pregnant/nursing women . so where are the labels on these "supplements"?

  30. Okay but it actually isn't okay for someone to go knock a drink out of a pregnant woman's hand. You have to drink to give your kid FAS. I don't drink ever, really, and I didn't at all when I was pregnant – but the amount in a single glass of wine in a day isn't enough to harm an unborn baby. Go look it up and let mamas be.

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