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  1. Hey, so I’m working on a PSA for my AP class and I was wondering if you’d allow me to use your video as apart of me (being given credit of course). Would greatly appreciate if given the chance to use it.

  2. What kind of bullshit is this? That's not how an embryo is developed. Where is the amnion the chorion the folding and everything else…

  3. Hi Jared,
    Thank you for the comment. Of course we have to use some artistic license when creating this kind of work in terms of the look and animation. We work to blend art and science. 

  4. Very nice video! Did you take liberties with the science, in an attempt to preserve the baby's character? If so, in what way?

  5. hi, we are from a german school and need for a project (we will make a movie) some scenes from an embryo. of course we cannot film an embryo. so it would be so nice if you would allow us to use some parts of yours. our movie is just going to be presented infront of our class or maybe some other pupil.

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