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  1. This Jane Smith person sounds like a real ass, people weather being a parent, a soon to be parent, or a grandparent who would like to see the stages of their pregnancy come to this site, they are excited, and this Jane Smith does not belong here as she has nothing positive to say about pregnancy. She must of lost a child or is just one of those mean, spiteful, hate children and infants, type of person. I am going to be a grandmother, and I am 57. I am very happy for my step son and his girlfriend, my son is 31 so I have forgotten what the fetus looks like at certain stages of pregnancy. This is why I chose to come here. But this Jane Smith person has real issues and needs help as she is warped and does not belong in any way shape or form on this site. I am a person who does not believe in abortion and this is what she suggest may she rot in hell. We did not have things like the internet or computers when I was in my 20's and got pregnant so this is very interesting…..May all you new parents be blessed with a healthy baby no matter what the sex is.

  2. 10 weeks tomorrow 😀 it is interesting to see the stages and I cant wait until I find out of its a boy or girl

  3. Jane smith why would you even comment. Sounds like you have some real issues. People who come to see the video are excited and interested in their babies development. You commented on the wrong video lady.

  4. Yea the fetus does do that but honey it's not "stealing" anything because it is a part of you and shares some of your DNA. The baby did not "invade" anyone. We as humans, when we become sexually active are pretty much inviting the possibility of creating a baby because everyone knows with sex comes pregnancy most times. What are you planning to accomplish? It isn't like you can convince someone who wants a baby to back out of it.

  5. What a f*ckin weirdo! This jane smith b!tch comments the same shit on every youtube pregnancy video! Omg do u not have a life? Why look up every pregnancy video talking about how babies should be aborted and how they're not considered a human life but bacteria!? U won't convince anyone of sh!t nobody cares about ur opinion so stop forcing it upon others and find something better to do with ur time

  6. Ok if bacteria on mars is considered life why is a human fetus not considered life. Jane Smith i think you need a reality check

  7. UNWANTED PREGNANCIES are bad for OUR society, so don't add another human to the prison population or add yourself to the welfare line…SO ABORT NOW.

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  8. "HUMAN FETUS IS NOT A BABY (HUMAN DEVELOPMENT CHART) but a parasite because of the biological relationship that's based on the behavior of one organism (FETUS) & how it relates to the woman's body: AS A ZYGOTE: it invaded the woman's uterus using its TROPHOBLAST CELLS, hijacked her immune system by using NEUROKININ B, HCG and 'INDOLEAMINE 2, 3-DIOXYGENASE' – so her body doesn't kill it, continue stealing her nutrients to survive & causing her harm or potential death"

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  9. "an animal or plant that lives IN/ON another from which it obtains nourishment. The host does not benefit from the association and is often HARMED by it"thefreedictionary com/parasite

    "When individuals of the same species parasitize individuals of the same species, they are referred to as INTRASPECIFIC PARASITES"krohde wordpress com/article/parasitism-an-introduction


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  10. "NO HUMAN has a right to life or any due process rights by the 14th amendment to use another human's body or body parts AGAINST their will, civil and constitutional rights: that's why you are NOT FORCED to donate your kidney&The HUMAN FETUS is no exception. This is supported by the equal protection clause of 14th & the 13th amendment, which makes reproduction slavery of UNCONSTITUTIONAL."

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  11. These ten weeks have been super long! I keep checking my progress and it seems like its taking forever lol. I guess I'm a little over excited.

  12. im 10 weeks and 4 days tomorrow!! my baby has grown so much from the last ultrasound. i cant wait till my next docotrs appointment!!

  13. Everyone's got something to say. Don't forget what your mother used to say! If you don't have something nice to say,don't speak!!!

  14. She should really learn the lines, it would give me more confidence she knows what she's talking about

  15. People need to stop criticizing the narrator and just pay attention to the crucial information she is providing for us curious pregnant women. I do wish she wasnt reading off a script but I guess that's the only Way she was able to make forty videos instead of having to memorize it for them.

  16. I'm 10 weeks 3 days today and when I think about my precious baby.. I never thought about him/her that tiny! <3

  17. my baby is ten weeks today !!! so excited. i love getting closer to the day i will see him/her (:

  18. The woman in this video has a confident demeanor when she talks, and has a very soothing and understanding voice. She is easy to listen to, and take in what she is saying. Also, these videos bring a smile to my face, I will be 10 weeks pregnant in 3 days. :]. I believe in the words every mother says to their child multiple times in their lives. "If you don't have anything nice to say, its best you didn't say anything at all". Okay, thank you. :]

  19. hello..do you think im pragnant…because my period did'nt come almost one month this day..pls reply…thank you…

  20. In England the embryo is considered to be a foetus and not an embryo at 8 weeks. Must be different in America.

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