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  1. I am pretty sure I've read somewhere else that baby does NOT breath in fluid, but takes its first breath when it feels air touch its skin. that is why water birth is safe to keep a baby under the water a long time, because the baby is NOT having a breathing reflex yet. if the baby actually got fluid in its lungs before birth it would remain there and cause an infection after birth wouldn't it? the oxygen certainly does come through the cord, but I'm pretty sure this info about it "breathing" amniotic fluid is incorrect. the do swallow it. It makes sense that they would also have certain reflexes in the lungs to help them get a little "practice" for breathing, but idk. I have read anything Gon that

  2. Dude, what's wrong with you? The only parasite here is you, get your stupid copy pastes and brain washing/stupid new age shits somewhere else.

  3. @FREEAMERICANOW69 wtf is wrong with you? Most people come to this video because they are celebrating their 19th week of pregnancy, and then have to look over and read your pro abortion comments. Take it somewhere else like a pro abortion forum. You don't see me posting anti abortion comments all over your profile, or any videos you enjoy. YouTube wasn't made so you can preach. Take it somewhere else.

  4. I'm 19 weeks , I feel the baby move mostlyy at night . But the thinq is , my stuffy nose and headaches are killinq me . This is my first .

  5. im sure the baby is fine… some ppl feel it sooner some dont…. some ppl just cant feel it because they dont know what to feel for… mine feels like someone is flicking me from the inside…. some feel like gas bubbles (without gas of course) and some movements tend to feel like pressure.

  6. I will be 19 weeks on Wed. August 10th, 2011. I've been feeling my baby move since about 16 weeks as well. But now I feel him move all the time. He moves a lot when I'm sitting back relaxing or laying down. I love when I feel him move. It makes me remember when my I felt my daughter move inside me. I love this part of the pregnancy. I can't wait til' I start really seeing him move even more to the point you can see your stomach moving.

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