26 Replies to “Fetal Development Week 21 (Pregnancy Health Guru)”

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  2. then what you should do, is jump off a bridge and die. since you're a parasite, you might as well be gone off the face of the earth then right?

    you hide with fake names and no picture because you're AFRAID! keep using the computer to play a strong person or parasite if you're so into your studies, let others have an opinion.stop forcing shit on everyone. let ppl feel how they want. stop going on every single video bothering ppl. i have nothing else to say to you.reply if you want. dont care

  3. i said nothing wrong. i'm just stating how i feel just like how you did. how is ok for you to post an opinion but get defensive if someone else posts theirs?

    you were the one who said fetuses are parasites….so in essence, you are one. the only person who is lacking is you. if you're mother didn't abort a "parasite" you wouldn't even be here talking about it now would you?


  4. @ABC21642166
    It is different for every woman, i started feeling baby's kick at week 19 or earlier but more now. I feel the kick more when i lie down , be patient you will gradually feel baby's movement as the weeks go by, good luck:)

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