Fetal Development Week 32 (Pregnancy Health Guru)

holy weight gain by now you're putting on about a pound a week and you'll continue to do so until your little one is born don't worry too much about gaining weight at least half of that is going directly to your little one as well as to the developing placenta and increasing amniotic fluid volume in fact your fetus will gain a third to half of his birth weight during the remaining weeks of your pregnancy by now your baby weighs about three and three-quarter pounds rather like a good sized cantaloupe your baby is also between 16 and 17 inches this week eyelashes eyebrows and a full head of hair or at least a showing of peach fuzz are making an appearance on your fetus your little one also has toenails fingernails and the buds of tiny teeth under his gums yes you've got a real little person in there who will be out to meet you before you know it to get your next video developmental update you know where to come next week

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  1. 31 weeks today <3 only gained 8 lbs so far but hes a big boy, already has a head full of dark curly hair and chubby cheeks! <3 i cant wait to meet my son!

  2. or my lady parts..thought id still be the cute pregnant lady…still cute, just look extra funny walking like a duck…there goes my hip from the pain of my beloved daughter not so much wiggling and giggling, but doing the splits while on her head…its all for the little one we love that we sacrifice our unpolished toe nails

  3. is it just me or do these videos seem to be shorter every week?? 32 down 8 to go…yay!! All the family is looking forward to seeing our little man ,big sissy included! πŸ˜€

  4. my mom is pregnant and its a boy. an egg didnt form but the boy is forming and he is 16 weeks.
    Will the egg form? plz reply

  5. @arshini01 yes thats the feeling and with every week passing by you will feel more anxious πŸ™‚ just take it easy and enjoy the pregnancy

  6. @mirellandrade
    first of all congrats and Thanks for your reply, this is my first child and so nervous abt labour pain and all… hopefully everything will be fine..going on 33 weeks now, and very excited to meet my little one.

  7. Yes it does hun. but its worth it. every second of it. pain its just for sometime but your baby is forever. πŸ˜€

  8. @arshini01 you dont find out till it happens or like me if you have a bby already and was c section and hospital you are going to deliver doesnt promote VBAC then you will have a schedule c section but you can talk to your ob most of them will tell you if induction or c section is a possibility around week 36 on… πŸ™‚ good luck oh and by the way my c section was supposed to be on Nov. 29th and my bby arrived on the 19th due to early contractions πŸ™‚

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