45 Replies to “Fetal Development Week 36 (Pregnancy Health Guru)”

  1. i m 36 week pregnant but still my baby is in breech position what should i do to keep my baby in normal position and is it posible to have vaginal delivery

  2. my bby is 36 weeks ….doctor adviced tht she ill give operation date on 7 th of mrch …..i am sooo nervos

  3. sabaay badiyaa tarikaa no doctorss purani kisi dai maa ka pass jaao ultay bachay ko vo sidaaa kar day ti hai..unn kaa haathoo ka kamaal say ya sab possible hai..its called handmoveing child taraypew hai aaj say 1000 saalo pahai lay dai maa he sab karti thi ..ya drs to ab padaa huaa hai.. goo to dai maa .
    specially momdun daimaa ji

  4. i gave birth at 36 weeks. I went into labour at 4 am and gave birth at 11.53 pm the same day…first baby..all normal.  She didnt have any vernix…

  5. I'm 37 weeks pregnant and the doctor told me my baby is facing down but it's vertical is there any chance it could still change position? I don't want a c-section and this is my third baby I had my other two normal

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  7. Each week in the whole course of pregnancy has its own fetal development' knowing this would help us better understand the things that pregnant women undergo during their pregnancy

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