Fetal Medicine Foundation – Nasal bone

in order to examine the nasal bone it is necessary to obtain the exact profile view of the face which is defined by the bright tip of the nose and rectangular shape of the palate in the front the dark midbrain in the center and the nuclear membrane in the back for assessment of the nasal bone it is necessary to obtain the profile view of the pedo face and the image should be big so at the head and upper thorax occupy the whole screen when these criteria are satisfied three distinct lines should be seen at the level of the fiddle nose the top line represents the skin the bottom line which is thicker and more bright than the overlying skin represents the nasal bone a third line in front of the bone and at the higher level than the skin represents the tip of the nose at 11 to 15 weeks there is absence of the nasal bone in one to three percent of chromosomally normal fetuses and in 60% of fetuses with trisomy 21 however the vast majority of fetuses with absent nasal bone are normal and have a normal pregnancy outcome you

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  1. My sister is 20 weeks pregnant and still there is absent nasal bone but All the test for down syndrome Nipt test are ok.We are worried what are your suggestions.

  2. Estos vídeos son excelentes y sin duda, me facilitan mucho mi aprendizaje de la sononeuroanatomia fetal.

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