Fetal Medicine Foundation – Nuchal translucency

Nucor translucency is a black space seen by ultrasound behind the fiddle net and is produced by the collection of fluid under the skin nuchal translucency is observed in all fetuses between eleven and thirteen weeks and six days of pregnancy in fetuses with trisomy 21 and other abnormalities the size of nuchal translucency tends to be higher than in normal fetuses in the measurement of nuchal translucency the ultrasound image should be big so that the fiddle head and upper thorax occupy the whole screen and the profile view of the fiddle face should be visible about 5% of euploid fetuses the MT is above the normal range as shown by the blue band about 75% fetuses with Down syndrome and other chromosomal defects the red dot the NT is above the normal range the blue band increased fiddling T thickness is associated with trisomy 21 and other major chromosomal defects more than 50 fetal abnormalities and genetic syndromes and fetal death however in the majority of cases the NT resolves and the babies are born healthy you

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