1. Sir, but in Dutta it's mentioned that posterior fontanel becomesbony at term , please clear the confusion sir.
    Thank you for your lecture 😄

  2. Mujy ap ye bta sakty hain plz ky mary baby ky head ky uper jo soft spot hain to hard ni hua plzz mujy bta dye us ki age 18 months ki hain

  3. Sir aap ki teaching bhohat easy hai hum fast samz lete hai hum r.a.n.m. student hai aap ki teaching se hum top hai class me thanks sir. Aap hame god nazar aate hai.priyanka shrndge

  4. Great Sir. An another helpfull video for us.. we students from AIIMS PATNA always discuss about you Hindi lectures. lectures in hindi is always more easy to graps the content. Thanks for helping us

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