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  1. It's a shame my grand baby was denied for the surgery at CHIP. He was born this morning. Having surgery in the morning. Praying God has his hand in n the surgery and All will go well.

  2. that is so awesome! I want to be a doctor one day and i would love to work with a team that focuses on the baby's needs even before the baby gets there. That is truly life changing stuff that they are doing. Just wow.

  3. I have the "rarest and most severe" form of spina bifida and I just looked this up to see the fetal surgery video since I was one of the first people in the world to have the surgery and im just sitting here laughing cause they're making this sound super dramatic and awful, which it can be, but like its all that the people affected by it have ever known so its not really a big deal so I just find it funny how theres like dramatic music behind it and theyve turned it into something it really isnt for most of us

  4. Wonderful :D. I did not find out that I had a brain herniation and what looked like a small spina bifida occulta until the age of 27! I am now 52. Modern medical marvels. The Op saves the child from further damage being caused by hydrocephalus.

  5. My daughter is pregnant with my grand daughter who has the worst case of spina-bifida. The doctors told her the baby won"t have control over her bowel movements or bladder movements. They dont know how much nerve damage there is yet. She has fluid on the brain and club feet as well. As a grand parent I am scared to death for my daughter and grand baby,

  6. hi everyone i am the mother in this video. kolby is now 2 1/2 years old and he is doing wonderful. no shunt, no other surgeries ,walking and running with no support of braces or anything, and also no bowel or bladder issues! this surgery is a true blessing!!

  7. So cool! I love the idea of fetal surgery, gives fetus more of a chance to heal inside mother's womb. I'd imagine the risk is quite large though but done right it's totally worth it. So glad baby Kolby probably won't need additional surgery besides the shunt. Good job baby, mommy, and the doctors!

  8. so glad to see such advancement on this defect i was born with spinal bifida back in 1972 was operated on when i was 4 days old the doctors told my parents i would never walk well  i showed the doctors up i walk just like a regular person and you cant tell theres anything wrong with me unless i show my scar which only a handfull of people have seen 

  9. I actually have the mylomenengocile (might be splled wrong) for of spina bifida and hydro sephilis (also probably spelled wrong)

  10. This is amazing! So glad that these doctors and the mother chose to do what was best for this baby… so many children with spina bifida are aborted, simply because of their diagnosis. I'm sure, because of the courage of this medical team and his mom, he will have a long, healthy, and beautiful life ahead of him!

  11. Would anyone know if Dr. Richter was involved? I had brain surgery and Bui and Richter usually work together

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