35 Replies to “Fetus Tyler and Josh compilation”

  1. “I see kind of this Asian-Justin-Bieber kind of feel” made my laugh so hard and my sister thinks im insane now

  2. Most teens these days: getting pregnant, drinking, going to parties, doing drugs

    Me: watches videos like this at 3 AM, wrapped up in a blanket like a burrito and eating chips

    why are my parents so mad at me? I’m turning out great

  3. All my friends are at school and I’m sitting here watching fetus TØP…this is so much better than social studies

  4. tyler and josh's entire (im assuming) high school techinically went to a free top concert. they should feel honored (from the first vid)

  5. Ngl Josh has been the love of my life for the past 5 years

    (one thing I have in common with Tyler lol)

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