Fetus Vernon Chwe (read description)

hello my name is Hansel do you know what I have for is I learned the word pad furred from one of my English teachers met a cool guy from Los Angeles California a hacker is a person who is half Korean and have something else with them Matt and I are a scorvian and half American I learned I considered a hacker because my dad is career and my mom is American I look more like Western than convient because of my lighter skin hair and arms so in Korea when ice but when I travel in public people always stare hey I feel like we're all the same people but they fix their eyes on me as though I am an outsider one of my friends are at first too my friend danielle is half Korean and have Iranian my friend Habibi is half Korean and have Pakistani people tend to treat them badly because of their darker skin I think people should give other people more respect and they shouldn't judge them by depth yet by their appearance

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