Filming Your Pregnancy Announcement

– [Man] What’s this, babe? – [Woman] Open it, babe. – It’s not my birthday. – [Woman] Just open it. (upbeat music) – Jesus Christ, did my
son get someone pregnant? – No, dumbass, I’m pregnant. It’s like you’re old, so it’s
just a really great joke. I’m the young, cute mom, and you’re the really, really old dad. – Whatever, holy (bleep),
we’re having a kid. – Okay, no, first off, I’m not recording, so I need you to save that
energy for the camera, and second off, I just have a couple tweaks to your reaction. – How do you want me to react? – Other dads cry and (bleep). What am I doing wrong
that you’re not crying? Do you not love me? Maybe do you want me to
lose the baby or something? – What, babe, no! – Okay, because last I checked,
I am carrying your child. The least you could do
is shed a few tears, so I can get featured in a Facebook video with some subtitles. – Babe, I’m sorry, okay? It was hard to be organic
with the camera in my face, but I’m here now, we’re having a baby. – Wait, this actually
really good energy, save it. – Did you buy multiples? – Yeah, for multiple takes. Oh, I’m sorry, did you think that Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman just nailed Black Swan in one take? Uh, no, it takes practice
to be that hot of lesbians. – Yeah, okay, I guess
we could do it again. What’s this, babe? – [Woman] Open it, baby. – It’s not my birthday. – [Woman] Just open it. – Oh my God, I’m gonna be a dad. – Keep going. – Number one grandpa,
that’s really, really funny, ’cause I’m old, the joke is that I’m old. – Cry. – Just, on command? – Cry. – I’m not an actor. – I don’t know, think about, you’re old and you’re gonna die soon. (upbeat music) Okay, cut. – Babe, I’m sorry, okay,
I’m trying my best here. Can’t we just celebrate and be happy? – Yeah, we can, and we can also not be featured in Buzzfeed’s cutest proposals and promposals of 2020. – What’s a promposal? – Jesus Christ, you are so old. You know what, we are finito here. – Babe, c’mon, we’re
having a child together. – Maybe we are, I don’t
know who the father is. We’re not official, you haven’t asked me
to be your girlfriend. – I’m an adult, I don’t do that. – Oh, whoops. – Babe, are you serious,
you’re cheating on me? – No, I just said that to
manipulate you, use it. Action! – I’m so happy. (upbeat music)

95 Replies to “Filming Your Pregnancy Announcement”

  1. i love collage humor so much and i wanna say something , collage inspired me to start doing my own original content videos , and thanks to him am doing really good

    my dream is to be someone , be someone who makes people laugh
    i really hope one day i will achive that

  2. What am I doing wrong to make it that you're not crying?you not love me or something? Is it that you want me to lose the baby?
    Any argument with your SO is like this…..if she's female.

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  4. Glad we didn't record ours… 'cause i certainly cried.
    And wailed.
    And screamed that my life was over.
    Then begged to 'Talk about options'.
    Then I cried again.

    Good times.

  5. "You haven't asked me to be your girlfriend"
    "I'm an adult, I don't do that"
    lmaooo stop I feel personally attacked being in this exact same position (minus the baby) XD

  6. I'm gonna get pregnant just so my pregnancy announcement can be featured in a Facebook video with subtitles. Now all I need is a man to be the father and weep with joy on command

  7. "Buzzfeed's cutest proposals and promposals of 2020"

    Oh wait, there is a word here that I don't know .

    Is there anyone who know what "Buzzfeed" is?

  8. I genuinely hate when people post everything to social media. I will literally stop talking to you if you do that.

  9. Real talk , I can't find this show for the life of me 🙁 no Pop TV app? Cuz I couldn't find it. How do I watch season 2?

  10. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 the only thing ur missing is the paid sponsorship

  11. i have GOT to get a copy of the book they wrote together
    "You up?, how to turn your booty call into your emergency contact"

  12. Fuggin millennials. Back in my day we didn't have such luxuries as putting up our special moments in a glorified hall of shame for incels to cringe at and post on Reddit! All we had to do was to bounce on our homies' dicks and use money as fuel for steam engines in trains, am I right guys? Up top if you hate your wife! Too bad this "fayve jee" is gonna turn us all into dead bees any day now so I will never achieve my dream of crippling the legs of every zoomer in America that dares walk the streets with their disgusting phones in their hands, bet if I gave one a letter they would think it's some kind of ancient artifact. Anyway the Jews killed Kennedy with this spaceship 8============D~~~ <— that's brainwash juice, and don't even get me started about the gays! I think they're cool. I think the gays are cool.

  13. Emily and Murph are hands down some of my favourite comedians, all there characters feel so legit.

    And Murphs little beard is weirdly funny.

  14. CH videos should have SJW warnings in the title. That way I could avoid videos with thrash SJW propaganda.
    Spoiler warning would be nice too.
    Maybe that way I'd actually subscribe.

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