9 Replies to “Final review on yogi detox tea – depo detox after stillbirth”

  1. I had the same experience with the Depo shot many years ago. The Doctor gave me 3 birth control pills to stop the bleeding after 13 months. Peace be unto you sis!!! 💕

  2. It's most likely not progesterone and you shot that caused the problem it's most likely Mercury or some other toxic metal that was in the shot. Look up the word chelation and I would recommend chelating with flax and cilantro. You have to take a chelation treatment every 3 hours and then replenish your minerals daily.

  3. I'm Sorry about your loss. I lost my son May 13, 2016 . This has been a hard year for me . I'm glad that you have the support . You are in my prayers

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