Finding out I was pregnant at 18

hi everyone my name is Bianca welcome to my channel this will be my first video okay let me just tell you guys I actually recorded my video already I was gonna I was doing like a get ready with me and Amy telling you guys how I found out I was pregnant that video just didn't last time because I've learned that I cannot talk and do my makeup at the same time I really was stuck on my eyeshadow for the whole story I didn't even try I was like am I gonna post that and I I was just all over the place because it's like my first try on recording so let's try again let's start with a little background story about me when I got pregnant I was 18 I was in college I was in my second semester I was in college but I didn't know what for I didn't know what I was doing I was kind of just taking my general classes seeing what I liked whatever whatever I kind of feel like I wasted my the money but not my time I did like college I loved school I swear to say that like now that I'm not in school I miss it so much I can't wait to go back hopefully I'm able to go back soon I'm gonna bring my baby in right now so you guys could see him I had him in here but he was being loud he was talking playing you know and I didn't want you guys to be like I don't know distract oh okay so I was 18 second semester in college whatever and literally got pregnant the beginning of my second semester so I was going through all kinds of things I give us bad like I was sick I was too tired to get up but I still went I did miss more than usual but I mean not enough to fill my grades like I would always do my work a lot of work was usually online if you go to college you know most of the work you do is on a computer I found out how do I say this I don't even know where to start so first of all I was the person who Ali would have never thought I would get pregnant I don't know if other people thought the same actually yeah some of my friends were like that me but like you didn't ever what I thought I would be the one to get pregnant I just I never saw myself having kids I always told everyone that yeah you know like kids me no I don't know why for I always thought I couldn't have kids or something ever since I was little I always thought I wouldn't be able to have kids or if I did I would have a hard time but obviously not I had my little angel one day but still when I got pregnant it was a total shock to me like told her I was like whoa I'm a mom whoa like it's crazy so okay have a found out let's get right right like to that actual story okay so we're gonna talk about periods here you know so when you don't get your period my probably means you're pregnant so having to meet but my pee was never like regular my period was always on either early or late never on the same exact thing II sometimes it would be two weeks like any period was just all around this was February like mid February everybody think it was supposed to get my period like February 14 uh-huh I was supposed to get my period around February 14th because I got my period last time January 14th so I was supposed to get around that time well that wasn't coming but I didn't even think I would be pregnant because I had all the symptoms when you get um so when you on your period for those who don't know you get symptoms I think everyone knows I don't even know I'm not gonna explain myself I'm just getting carried away so I had all those symptoms I had my soul my sore boobs I had bloating like a lot a few days here my boyfriend out there getting about his game just ignore him sorry about that my boobs were sold in they her Dean whatever I was bloated I was sleepy when I get my period I get sleepy and I also get nauseous I kept nauseous by can't really eat no yeah I get nauseous I just think of food and I'm just like I was like whatever like it's coming I feel it you know I have all the symptoms where whatever one week passed on my I'm still not even tripping I'm like whatever but my mom my mom wouldn't know when I would be on my period so she would be asking me have you got your period everybody period cuz our cycles were around the same time she actually will like pluck at my trash see if my pads were there I know this sounds crazy but she would do that she obviously saw that I didn't have him so she would ask me she said have you got impugn her beg no but it's coming like I could feel it like casually like I didn't even suspect that would be pregnant you know two weeks passed by and that's what my boy feels like I think you should take a test and I was like no sir and after I think that I should it's not coming and then I started to get feeling like that my head and pregnant I started I should next time getting feeling I'm pregnant I even googled like all types a way to find out I was pregnant without a pregnancy test like I did like this thing like I think I pee poop you know what about Oh sounds weird I think you leave it overnight and if it has like bubbles or something the next day you're pregnant something like that like something weird like that how I did all kinds of stuff like that in none of them we're actually like I don't know they was just I don't know why I did that I would literally wasted any time doing that it was anyone necessary so then I was like fine I'll take a test I don't even remember buying the test I don't even remember where we bought him from I don't even know I don't even remember I think I said my boyfriend to do that I don't know but so we got a test I think it was a Friday or a Thursday I took it really really like on the edge of the internet but I was like I need to take the test like I can't like I need to he's like okay so I went to the restroom and the second I peed on that test dude literally does millisecond not even a second millisecond that thing was positive like right away you know they know I know I know Impossibles like it's broken that's way too soon it's way too fast like because usually you're supposed to let a test set for 35 minutes and I still let it sit for two five minutes and I think it's probably was just a malfunction or something know if that thing was still positive it's still positive to this day and it was positive and I've literally thought oh no something's wrong waiting like I cannot be pregnant but I did get like in shock I was in denial I was like in denial for the longest like I did it I literally did not think I was pregnant and it's just weird to find out you're pregnant for the first time ever it's like weird feeling like I don't know how to explain it like it's it's a whole humanist I think it's just a whole big it's just crazy like whenever you think about pregnancy that I actually grew a baby inside my stomach it's insane it's like I goo everything and grew human hair I grew his hair his nails everything inside me and it's insane it's so crazy I always like I always get mind blown over that I don't know if other people think like me you think about it a lot but I do I went back to the room my boyfriend was asleep it was just like to him he's like anyway he's like I told you that's how that's how I reacted like he's like I knew it I already knew it like that then he went back to sleep in him and I told my friend Erica she facetimes just you know all types of emotions crazy and I was like I'm not like I'm scared I was so scared cuz I already knew like my family was gonna be like they would be upset because I was 18 I already knew how they were gonna react they're gonna be upset at me because I was in school and all this I told my friend hey Tina kids come sleepover with me tonight cuz I cannot go home cuz I am the type to wear my emotions on my face like if I'm mad you could tell I'm mad if I'm annoyed if you Tom I'm annoyed unless I'm trying really hard to hide it but who the hell can hide that they're pregnant thank that feeling of finding out who can hide that on your face so I was like a comes to flirt with me because mm-hmm and I remember we I think we wouldn't probably went to go get Dutch or something and we got home late on purpose so that my mom would be in her room or something we hit home and I was gonna take the next test cuz as they say we can take your test in the morning like a morning P your first P of the day it's the most accurate so I was like I'm gonna do that cuz I ain't no wait I'm pregnant was like I still had like a little chance to me that thought I stood wasn't pregnant he's the next day I took it the same thing happened the second I peed on him I was painting and I still was like no no I told my friends they can't hang me oh man are you lying in a lake if you pay me I was premiered I was probably by then I was probably already used to five five weeks along six weeks along that was pregnant yeah that's how I found out I was pregnant it was literally so many emotions like I feel like only those who have been pregnant know the emotions you feel it's insane let me tell you the motions that kick in while you're pregnant your hormones have you going insane I cried and I was like so many reasons I cried and I was so embarrassed I cried out at my boyfriend's aunt's wedding and people saw me crying it was so embarrassing but I couldn't stop it like it's just your hormones it's just I cried another time because my boyfriend dropped my french fries I seem to get some and I remember he dropped them on accident and I cried and it's like I didn't even feel no symptoms until I thought I knew I was pregnant like and it's so annoying I was like damn I wish I could have gotten a little longer without knowing I was pregnant because the second I knew I was pregnant I started getting um morning sickness I didn't throw up I just got super nauseous all the time always nauseous especially in the mornings and that will go to school in the morning so it was bad I would drink lemon with waters like squeeze the lemon and drop it in there with ice that was my go-to that was how that helped me the most and I was always so tired I'm yeah it's crazy yeah I'm gonna go bring my baby because he's young so here's my place we touch thinking see hi see honey so yeah he's eight months now so it's been a long time already so it's how you thank you for watching if you want to keep on seeing me in my videos subscribe subscribe to my mommy so yeah if you guys want to keep on watching anything let me know what you guys gonna watch could come in any ideas any videos you guys want me to do subscribe please like comment share anything anything I don't know I don't know how to do it I chose my first time so yeah thank you

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  2. Omggggg Keanu is the cutessssst😍😍😍 congrats girly loved your first video I agree do a delivery story ☺️☺️

  3. Girl let me hear your delivery story!!!! I like to hear a lot of girls delivery stories you and your baby are so cute💕

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